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Dream About Mashed Potatoes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream of mine mean?

I dreamed that I saw Garfield being chased be blueberries. I followed him until he reached the White House and he told me to hurry and get OJ Simpson. I found a floating door right behind me and I opened it and found a huge box of Crayola crayons. I opened the box with a vaccuum I found on the floor and found OJ Simpson trying to kill Cap'n Crunch. I threw the vaccuum at both of them and told them both to follow me. I followed Garfield insided the White house and when he opened the oval office door, we fell in a bowl of mashed potatoes. Then I found Dick Cheney with a gun. I asked OJ Simpson to do something. He kept on killing Cap'n Crunch. I ate a blueberry and some mashed potatoes and then asked Garfield if he had some gravy. Then a penguin came above me and helped me out of the mashed potatoes and gave me some gravy, a bowl, and a spoon. We just ate mashed potatoes peacefully after that. WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN? DOES IT MEAN THAT MY PET DOLPHIN ATE MORE CHEDDAR CHEESE?

How wrong of you to make fun of people asking serious dream questions on this forum--get a freakin' life, loser.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My sister and I were at a family dinner. Everything on the table was our favorite foods (turkey, brownies, mashed potatoes, ham, bread, chocolate cake and cheese on crackers) and everyone was drinking ginger ale except for my sister and I, we were drinking white wine.
We have a very wealthy family so the dinner was all fancy and all the men were in nice suits and the women were in dresses. Dad had on a top hat and mom had on a crown.
My sister and I were dressed up like guys. We looked really convincing too. We had on nice suits and my hair was slicked back and hers was tied up (she has long long hair) and we had on top hats. I had a cane and she had a diamond bracelet on. Everyone was talking about family stuff and my sister stood up and said "Let's have a toast!" in a little boy's voice and I said "To family and gold and lace!" in a man's voice.
During the dream my mom was talking to me and she said "Well, you've done a good job, Patrick!" my mom always told me that she wanted a boy and she would've named him Patrick after her mom Patricia.

What does this dream mean? And, don't say dreams don't mean anything, please.

Example: Food in dreams. what does it mean?

i kept dreaming of food lastnight. i wasnt eating the food just lookig at it...
i dreamt of mashed potatos with a sweet chilli dip (ive never tried this).
i also dreamt of a rice salad and a warmed grapefruit.

i wasnt hungry when i woke up.

does this dream mean anything?

Example: If you dream about blowing up potatoes, what does it mean?

My friend is a little odd.. and had a dream that her friends were blowing up potatoes without her.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I dreamed I was back at school.

I had a large bucket of mashed potatoes and fried chicken. I was eating my mashed potatoes, and talking to my friend. However, when I looked down, my chicken was gone. Angry, I asked the guys at my lunch table, "WHO ATE MY FRIED CHICKEN?!" Looking scared, they pointed to Oran, my friend, across the cafeteria. I got up, took their tray, and confronted Oran.

Oran appeared startled, saying, "..Yeah, I ate it." I screamed, "DON'T EVERRRR DO THAT AGAIN!"

Without hesitation, I took my tray & began beating him with it, aggressively. He cowered into a ball, fell onto the lunch table, and I continued to beat him until the tray broke. Feeling accomplished, I returned to my lunch table, proud, where everyone looked at me in horror.

Then, the principle came, and announced I was going to have to get my figner prints taken. And then I freaked out & woke up.


Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night one of my dreams consisted of a family event happening at this pretty but unknown it resembled a red cabin with a long bench with tables in the back and it was weird it was like I was really there like I could taste the potato salad and mashed potatoes...anyways there were these two ppl whom I've never seen before two boys seem to be my age (19) or a bit older this gets weird so it seems like everyone leaves and the two boys are walking by this fence on the side of the cabin I remember the lights they looked like ancient Chinese heritage and the fence looked like from the sandlot(I wasn't watching the movie tho) and the boys hop the fence and something happens like something attacks and only one of the boys makes it out there alive with his face messed up and he comes towards the table and sits down I ask him what happened to the other guy he says he died can someone explain this dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was attending a boarding school in Adelaide, Australia for a couple of weeks (I live in Sydney, also in Australia). I was taken to my dorm, which I was sharing with 2 girls I know in real life (Emma, who used to be my best friend but we haven't talked in years, and Nina, a girl who goes to my school and who I don't particularly like but in the dream was quite pleasant) and another whose name was Arianne. She was a bit of rebel but funny and kind and we quickly became best friends.

One night we were at a school dance in which I met a boy called Chase. He was beautiful and mysterious and a little bit quirky and we quickly connected. Arianne later told me that Chase hardly associated with anyone which meant he must really liked me.

During the dance, Emma called me over to her and we danced for a while. It was a bit awkward for me as she had changed so much and I didn't particularly like her anymore. She warned me that Chase was bad news and told me to stay away from him. I ignored her and later went with Chase through a series of tunnels in the school. At one stage, there was heaps of cockroaches, which Chase just ran through. I was scared senseless by all the cockroaches (though I'm not particularly scared of insects in real life). Chase gently encouraged me until I squeezed my eyes shut and ran through them. I ran into him on the other side and he caught me like in a cliche Hollywood love scene.

I can't remember the rest of the night but time passed and Chase and I became closer. There was another dance that went similarly, minus the cockroach part, with Emma again warning me about Chase but I didn't listen.

The rest of my stay went pleasantly and eventually I had to leave. As I was saying goodbye to everyone, Emma and her father (though this man isn't her father in real life) interrupted and kidnapped me along with two other girls, about 8 and 10 years old. They drove us away and eventually had to stop for petrol. Emma's dad got out to pay and warned us not to try and escape. I knew I could escape if I wanted to but for the sake of the 2 younger girls, who were terrified, I stayed.

We kept driving until we reached a hotel. Emma, her father, the girls and me got out and I was again warned not to attempt escape. However, somehow the girls got away and while Emma and her father were checking in I made a run for it. I ran as fast as I could though a restaurant-filled courtyard, knocking down chairs and tables as I went to try and stop my pursuers. Eventually I ran into a small two storey white house that was having a party. I stopped a waiter and grabbed his plate of food, smashing it into Emma's father's face before running up the stairs. I dashed into a bathroom in which a man in a suit was sitting in the bath, which was filled with mashed potato. I didn't question this though, and the man left, telling Emma's father that he had not seen me when he was asked.

I quickly opened the window and climbed a ladder to the roof and hid in a ventilation shaft until I was sure Emma and her father were gone. When I emerged, it was dusk and I realised that I had no one's number, I didn't know where the school was and I didn't even know the name of it.

I wandered up the beach for about an hour or two until I miraculously found the school. Chase had been worried sick about me and quickly embraced me when he saw me and we shared a passionate kiss. It was a bitter sweet ending, though, as I had to return to Sydney.

I had this dream about 6 months ago and it's one of the longest, most vivid dreams I've ever had. I was just wondering what it might mean. I don't know who Chase or Arianne are (although Arianne has been in another of my dreams) and I thought it was weird that I would dream of having such intimate relationships with people I don't know. Also, in a few of my other dreams I've had relationships with people I don't know and they also seem to end in us being separated by something. Any thoughts?

Example: I feel no emotions when i dream i kill my family. What does it mean?

I dream i kill i kill my family and friends with a knife and then i watch their blood flow out. In my dream i feel no emotions when i do it. But when i wake up i feel dangerous (like i might actually hurt them in real life), sick (like about to barf sick), a cold sweat and a headache. its a repeating dream and its taking away my sleeping time. Sometimes a stay awake all night so i wont have that dream. I need to know what it means.

Example: I had a really weird dream... Meaning?

So. I had this messed up dream. I was wondering if it meat anything:
So my friend was a stripper who wouldn't come out of my closet, and she was always eating mashed potatoes in there, and making dirty, sexual noises. Then I went for a walk, when a white van with tinted windows pulled of beside me, and a dwarf Mexican ran our screaming "Im gunna kill you!" threatening me with a rusty spoon... But then Obama jumped out and was like "NO PABLO! come back! We're on the wrong street!" so Pablo gave me a sombrero. It was pretty. I want it in real life. Anyway. So I went back inside and found a dog in my house, so I started petting it, but then it turned into the grudge, sat up and screamed at me.
Could this mean anything? Thanks! :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had severe sleep paralysis lastnight. It started as a dream with me standing on a street corner sidewalk, watched a small car drive twards me in reverse as it got closer I noticed that it was my pastor. He stopped & rolled down his window with a calm cool look on his face he just said "Fallow me" so I got into a unlocked car n started fallowing him. It was dusk outside Keep in mind that he is still driving in reverse I was driving forward fallowing him so both our headlights faced each other. After a few seconds in my peripherals I noticed a large dark figure against the tree line running on all fours keeping pace with my vehicle. When I turned to look both our heads turned at the same time but it's eyes were amber orange. I looked back to the road and highbeamed my pastor to pull over but he just kept going. I tried speeding up but the car stayed at whatever speed I was going. This whole time i could still see to my side the figure was still keeping up with me looking at me then looking straight ahead repetitively. Then all in one motion switched direction n leaped fearlessly from the sidewalk straight at the car. The roof just disappeared. Then I noticed that it was a massive male Lion coming down on me mouth open n ready, all I had time to do was put my arm in front on my face & watched his teeth clamp down on my forearm. He shook his head violently trying to rip it off. I took my other arm and punched him in the face. When my fist hit him, his teeth disappeared out of my arm n there was just his gums on my arm. Thats when I woke up stunned n paralyzed from the nose down. I was the only one in my house. I could only move my eyes then I heard the front door slam open & smack the wall, same thing with the back door. I could feel something horrible right beside me taking big breaths I could feel the heat. Then it whispered in my ear "hey...HEY Hey HEY HEY HEYYY just got louder & louder. Then after a big struggle I broke out of it. Any insight will help thanks!

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