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Dream About Marina meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How do people react or feel when you tell them that you are going to Marina?

I mean people who have never gone there and wo don't own anything there, do they tend to feel that you are arrogant? Is it better to say that you are going to Alex, or the North Coast instead of mentioning Marina by name?

To be honest - and it's good to be honest here - there are many many Egyptians who can easily afford to go to Marina but wouldn't dream of going there and have very different and less crowded and less 'popular' summer destinations. So those Egyptians would feel a little disgust or even feel sympathy for you! I hope that helps cure any feelings of guilt you might have!
As for the average Egyptian I think they are too good to feel any jealousy - maybe just a little warm envy and perhaps when they hear something like this they will be jolted by worries about how they will pay their next food bills.
So to be on the safe side I suggest you only state your destination in front of 'Marina style socialites' only and do not talk too much about where you are going etc.
Islam also teaches us not to 'boast' and this type of comment would be considered boasting in front of people who could never afford to go on any summer break at all.
Keep your holiday plans private and mysterious - that might be hard but it would be far more classy!
Have fun!

Example: I lost my ipod 2 months ago and I keep having dreams of it?

Hey I lost my ipod 2 months ago I on't know were and I keep having dreams of me finding it what does this mean but I don't remember were I find it

Example: What does my dream mean! Open to any opinions.?

I had a dream that a girl I like, and have been seeing for a short while now was fishing. She was fishing at a marina that I go to often and she caught maybe 100 fish. I was not in the dream. Any thoughts?

Example: What is the meaning of the song "Mowgli's Road" by Marina and the diamonds?

Example: Can some tell me what this dream means?

So my best friends name is matt and for a long time i liked him a lot but now i am over him. but last night i kept having this dream were i walked in on him and my friend rocio in my bed together. and then it sapped me back in time and i opened the door agian but this time it was my friend emma. It keeped doing this with my friend eileen, alix, denise, marina, and carina. Then it got even weirder and when i walked in i saw him with my friend brandon and then agian with my friend justin. and ever time i saw this i started to cry.

Example: What could this dream mean? It's disturbing..?

I had a dream last night that we (me and my boyfriend) were in a marina and a friend was giving us a tour of his boat.
I looked over to the boat next to the one we were on and there was a little girl out playing barbies on the stern (back of the boat) but she was covered in bruises.
I was worried so I looked over into the window and noticed another little girl handcuffed to the bed.
Then I heard a door slam, an older larger man (probably 38 or so) came out and told the little girl to get inside now.
He glanced over at me, looked angry and slammed the door shut. Next thing I know the curtain is closed.

What could this mean?
It's been bothering me all day. I can't get it out of my head..

Example: Someone please tell me what this dream means?

I had moved to New York City and I saw one of my friends there. The friend lives here, but i saw him there. We started walking and then he left. I saw my cousin leaving a place and then walking down the street. I was with a group of people I didn't know, but in my dream I saw them as friends. Later on, the friend I was talking about before was with me again, we can call him D, and another girl I know at my school was there. I don't really know her well, but we can call her A.

I walked with then a few blocks (it looked like Manhattan). I was shocked to know that D & A were also in New York, because we all live in the same town in the real world. D left to go to a party and we could hear a concert in the background. I asked A if I could hang out with her, she said yes, so we got on a train to go somewhere. The train stopped and she quickly got off. I tried to get off, but i couldn't I was stuck, like I was being sucked back into the train. The Subway Train stopped on a open platform, this seemed normal because it was actually a subway station.

The concert I was talking about was still playing. The song switched to Valley of the Dolls by Marina and the Diamonds. The train started to malfunction and it was slipping of the platform into a lake and it seemed that we were all going to die. We all started to like push the train back onto the platform from the inside. I worked and then all of a sudden everyone was fine. I ran towards where the song was coming from and then I woke up.

This dream is somewhat relevant to my life right now. I was arguing with my mom about if I moved to somewhere like New York, I'd have more friends and I'd be more sociable.

Wat does this mean?
Thanks :D

Example: I saw a fish in the marina that had a large diamond pattern to its skin. It was long and thin fish?

and thin about 3 to 4 ft in length. was this a barracuda possibly? I could not see its head. it was cornered in the slip like it was looking for food in that area of the docks.

Example: Who sings this song and whats the, sounds like Marina McBride or Jo De Mesina, some grl counrty singer?

It goes somehow like this:

shootin; down time, holding you close just figuring out what it all really means, baby giving you my heart cus thats a real fine place to start.

Example: Dream Significance_Turtles & Sex?

Had a strange dream last night about 2 turtles. In my dream I was coming upstairs & saw 2 tiny turtles. If you were not looking you almost might not see them at all; but a I was coming upstairs they were on the next step.

Now here is the really weird part of my dream, I was about to move them off my stairs when I noticed that one of the turtles (the smaller one) climbed on the back of the slightly larger turtle & initiated sex.

Now I have gone on different websites & read what the turtle symbolized, slow & steady pace, being self sustained as turtles carry their homes on their backs, being an introvert, not facing up to reality or avoiding conflict all of that. However, did not find anything about what occurred in my dream except that turtles eluded to fertility & longevity.

Any thoughts out there (I expect I will get a lot of comedians to respond) but really am serious about this would like a real answer if there is one. Thanks.

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