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Dream About Marina meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of "having" twins? I'm a Man?

I was in dream and all of a sudden I am having twins, out of the blue, as in I gave birth to the twins w/o being pregnant, but I am a guy. I did not experience any pain or anything I was walking and out of the blue I was having the twins. I remember my aunt in law (one of the very few people I consider family and which I haven't talked to or seen in a while because she is overseas) helping me with the whole spontaneous labor thing. So long story short I had a boy and a girl. The boy was just like a normal baby (looks and behavior) but the girl was quite smart and clever( still looked like a baby, it's hard to explain). Anyhow so I had to name the babies and after not much debate I named the girl Sophie, for some odd reason I requested to use the French spelling of the name. as for the boy I never named him but I considered giving him my name, as my father and his father had the same name but I never made the choice. I was really enchanted with the girl but not so much the boy. Like I would put extra effort and attention to Sophie but not the boy, nonetheless I'd still cared fro the other one as to not let him in danger. I was dreaming that we were in some sort of marina and I was carrying Sophie but the boy would roam and I'd have to try and avoid he fall of the deck. Also Sophie kind of "walked" but the boy could only crawl. Weird *** dream and I wonder if it means something?

The meaning of the name "Sophie" is wisdom, so hopefully I can impart some here for you.
Your dream is pure symbolism. To give birth is to have something that has been forming for sometime through gestation, so 'babies' in your dream are like the product of what's been forming within you on a psychological level.

However, while you are pleased with the girl twin, the boy twin disappoints. So I think that there are two things in your life that are real issues with you in your waking life. One issue is about expectation of reward for something that you may have put a lot of effort into (labour), the other, alas is a 'product' that has come as a result of the course through life that your efforts have taken.

An example of what I'm getting at.
A person has responsibilities/concerns in life ie through family/relationships/work etc. He/she has decided to forsake a certain area in their life, like for instance, forstalling a marriage/work commitment because of a need for personal fulfilment in an area of study/personal acheivement. You could say that the girl (Sophie) is the reward for that effort. The boy, however, could be what's been forsaken or appears as a disappointment, because one specific area of that person's life has been favoured and pursued over the other. However, the boy is still an area that needs fostering well because of its delayed development. Both are your 'children' - you know the saying "that's my 'brainchild', well I think your dream, symbolically could be like that :)

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

In the dream I am in a seaside town I have never been to. I have to drive over a small bridge to get from one part of the town to the other. I can see a marina with different types of boats on the far side of the bridge. Sailboats stand out in my memory. I am on my way to visit a woman I have never met or seen before. I think she works in some small town coffee shop or bookstore but can't say for sure. I also have a feeling that the town is somewhat too "country" for my taste even though I grew up somewhere similar.

I have had the dream several times and it is the only recurring dream I have ever had. All the people and places in the dream I am completely unfamiliar with.

Example: Does anyone know what it means to dream of a white dress.?

i just woke up from my nap and i remembered my dream somewhat clear. I was in my room, when my brother came in and for some reason his wardrobe was in my room. So he was getting clothes to go out and I asked him where he was going and he said to marina's party. Now i was confused as to why she hadn't invited me because Marina is my friend as well. So then I remember being at the party and it was suppose to be a sweet sixteen but I only saw marina's sister, my other friend, marina's dad and marina. Now marina was wearing a big white dress and this is what seemed different to me during the dream. And I saw as Marina's sister and our friend bring in the cake and they seemed sad almost bored now I was watching this entire "party" but they didn't see me I was invisible to them. If anyone knows what this strange white dress and weird mood was please let me know, it was very strange.
Then i also remember seeing this painting and i was looking for the man in the painting but I think this was a separate dream.

Example: Dream meaning, sort of recurring?

When i say recurring I mean its the same dream but with different endings.
Basically I'm in a sort of prison but its an island and not a proper prison just sort of heavily monitored town that you cant leave. I don't recognize any of the people from waking life. it starts when I'm walking down the road with someone and he says hes had enough and says "headcam off" or something like that. So i do that same and we both run down the road with some guy chasing us. We run down on to like a little jetty and hide underneath it in the water.
Sometimes the guy I'm with makes a noise, the guy finds us, I have a mad fight with him in the water which I win but then we get out the water and i wake up. And sometimes We wait under the jetty quietly and the guy leaves so then we leave and end up finding ourselves sort of in a marina and the guy chasing us flys round on a big boat and starts chasing us again, but then i wake up. and there's never any sort of real ending, and dreams are normally hard to remember but i can remember this one is detail.

Can anyone shed ome light on this and why its recurring at all lol?

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream that you have a sibling?

I have never had any brother or sisters, yet I had this dream that I had this older brother. He had this disease, and it was a disease that you could live with. Like he lived a normal life and in the begging of the dream we hated each other and around the end we became best friends. What does this mean?

Example: What Does this DREAM mean? What can I get out of it? It so random!?

i had a dream that i was at a party with a close girlfriend of mine (i dont go to parties) and at the place I accidentally knocked into this guy, i turned around and said "oh im really sorry". And the next thing is the guy slaps me with the back of his hand. And all the guys at the party (some of my friends) were like "whoa that guy just hit marina like that?. and ya thats were it ended.- i have been phychally abused befor by my dad. But this dream was very random!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was at a marina that my grandpa used to own. i was standing on the docks and all of these little boys were swimming in the water and i was watching them. All of the sudden, a bunch of drunk people in their 20's were about to take off really fast and i noticed that two of the little boys were riding in between the boat and a metal bar connected to the boat. I told them to get out of it so they wouldnt get hurt. One of them got out of it and the other one got stuck by his neck so i could only see his head. I kept yelling at the people on the boat so i could tell them to wait for the littleboy to get out but they wouldn't listen and they sped of and the little boy was beheaded by a saw that came out of the back of the boat and his head flew across the water...i saw his head floating and all i could do was stand there, shocked. All of the other little boys got out of the water then i noticed another head, it was the guy off of that show The Mentalist..Cho..or whatever his name is...idk it was really weird and i woke up almost crying. What does it mean!?!?

Example: What Could This Dream Mean?!?

Alright, it was me, and my two best friends janet and marina, we are in the field next to my old home, and we are scared to death running from planes dropping bombs, i thought it might be war or something i don't know, we are the only ones around. it is very terrifying bombs are dropping all around us, we can look up in the sky and see them coming right down near us, no one is hit, but it was truly terrifying. towards the end of the dream i try to convince my friends to come inside the house with me, but they wont. the dream ends with a member of the church i used to belong to picking us up and dropping us off a few blocks away from our homes. now i'm starting to think this is a religious dream im very confused. please help.

Example: Pregnant dream?

my bf told me that she had a dream that i was in school and i was pregnant and i was bending over crying in pain by the bathroom and my baby daddy(supposedly the guy in my school who really really likes me and i like him too)whispered in a soothing voice, "it's okay, it's okay. don't worry...you'll be okay." and he walked me 2 the bathroom and waited for me right there to make sure that i was okay. wat does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream the death of a close friend?

I've never been one to be able to remember my dreams.. sometimes I feel like I'm not asleep long enough to dream because I'm usually up every 45 minutes or so and I don't usually sleep more than 4 hours most nights, but recently (the past fortnight, maybe) I've been having incredibly vivid dreams, and the past 3 or 4 nights I've been waking up crying every hour or two, after dreaming my best friend has died and have been getting up to check his Facebook for R.I,P messages. We're really close friends but, lately, we've hardly seen each other because his girlfriend doesn't like him talking to me. In the dreams I never actually get told he's dead, for example, in one dream, I was sitting in my sister's kitchen with my mum and my sister, and my mum is using her phone, I see her type in a number, and I recognise it, I ask who she's calling, and she says no one, she dials the number and asks
"is Andrew there?" and after a few seconds she just starts crying and says "Oh, Andrew!" and her face just kind of melts away, and I know what's happened, but nobody says that it has, then I woke up. In another, I was walking along a bridge in the marina, which one of my cousins jumped off drunk last year and died, and when I read the notes on the flowers, I saw my friend's name "Andrew" my cousin was called "Adam" name, and a stranger walked by and said "did you know him?" and I said "Yes, he was my best friend" and the man just said "Stupid boy" and walked off..

Is this because I haven't been seeing him much? I've been so worried about him since I've been having these dreams.. any interpretations appreciated :) thanks xxx

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