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Dream About March meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so it was weird. i was with my friends and family shooting these things that were trying to kill us. and they told me to run up there and hide and shoot them all. so i went up there and did but there was one weird evil guy who was just walking towards me and i was out of ammo. so i ran bake to my friends and they had all left. and i couldn't find them anywhere. but that guy was closes every time i looked. so could this mean anything or is it just a weird dream?

shooting dreams are easy in most cases,your rejecting something unknown,or aspects of rejecting yourself.is there something that you want and can not get or do?you run out of ammo while shooting,shows you have a goal, and you even know that your falling short of getting your goal.you may need help from family and friends to get to that goal.the stranger is time marching on and catching up to you.sorry to say it is not weird.you sound very smart so i hope the thing you are after helps you in your life.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

So I just met this girl who I really like and I never thought that would happen after I had my heart broken by this other girl last year. But last night I had a dream that this new girl and I were going out on a date and the girl I used to like approaches us and the two of them start fighting over me. What does this dream mean?

On a funny note, my new girl plays trumpet in a marching band and the girl I liked before said, in the dream, "So, he tells me you play trumpet. What else do you blow?" No joke.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was sitting in my music class, my crush is next to me.she leans back to pull up her pants a little, and i see right down her shirt. Then she yell "Hey this little perv was looking down my shirt." I think quickly and say "no i wasnt i was looking at the...clock"So i get sent to the office. Later i run into her brother i tell him i was falsely accused(even though i wasn't)of looking down her shirt.He laughs and said "Well that's quite a pickle youre in huh?" Then i see her parents walking fast in anger up to me. For some reason her mom looked exactly like lois in malcom in the middle. I cower in a corner because she scared the bloody crap out of me. She slapped me and said
"what do you know about my daughter." I said "born on march 21 1995" she slaps me again and then i wake up. What does this dream mean.

please don't say dont be a perv

Example: A meaning about a dream?

What does it mean when u dream of an angel ( the angel is someone u knew but had died ) kissing u ( to be specific then kissing u on the cheek )? I was just wondering because i knew this kid ( he was a sweet kid. Almost like a brother to me.) and he passed away last march because of an motorcycle accident but last night I dreamed of him kissing me on the cheek but he didn't speak so I was just wondering what the dream might have meant?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so I have 2 questions. My Granny died when I was 3 and I barley knew her. I only remember her calling me silain (my name is celine) She pronounced it silain. She was VERY VERY religious. Anywho this summer I had a dream about all the saints walking around a big flowery area. BTW Im in a choir and we where singing in this ceremony while the saints where marching infront of us. I ran away from the place and I came in this white place and I so my grandma lip saying to me: 'Never give up' and then the dream was over.
So my questions are:
What is the meaning of the dream?
Did she appear to me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream my mom took me to go visit my favorite classic actress are actors grave and i said that you inspire me and you are my inspiration and i admire you as a person and actress are a actor but i got a little nervous and i started to get choked up a little and then i said rest in peace to the classic actress are actors grave i visited what does this dream mean in march i am going to visit a classic actresses grave for my birthday

Example: Meaning of this dream?

ok so i was wondering what this dream might mean cause it was extremely vivid in some ways and seemed like i had some sort of purpose in it also its a long dream

so the dream starts with me finding a woman and we seem to be in the desert in a diner and i Guess i had just found her and we decided to go to the diner and talk i don't know what had happened previous to this but i assume it was some thing odd cause this woman is "special" in several ways that will be explained later in the dream so we talk and she leaves saying that i will not see her again or some thing to that effect perhaps in not so definite manner so i am walking in the city now and i seem to have no purpose in the walk just to walk for fun or such i am able to clearly remember the cloths i wear for some reason i wore a brown hoody old but good jeans and i also wore some sort of thing over the hoody sort of like a belt but not the same after several hours of looking i stopped in front of a building because some thing about it was different nothing any one would notice but in my mind some thing about it was different and important so i go in and a fat lady sat at the reception desk and i ask her for a person by name and its a female name of which is the name of the woman i met previously at the diner but she gave me no name (i don't actually know what the name was )
i say some thing else and the receptionist quickly asks for the woman to come and from a door on the right in a hallway comer's the same woman that i met at the diner she sees me and with a face of shock stares at my blankly for a moment she walks over to me and almost in a hiss asks what i am doing here and how i found her i say i didn't try and just did she asks what i am doing here then and i said nothing but then after a moment thought of it and produced a piece of paper and handed to it and now in my dream mind i think what was on this paper i don't remember writing it i see a flash of what it is a and its a list of thing that have been done by the dream me like a resume of sorts and they were magical feats and she looks at me again and then at the paper and she seems sceptically but apparently the paper had proof she signals for me to follow i do and we go through a hallway and signals me to wait i stand out in front of a broken wall that looked out over a huge space where people marched about from place to place this place was odd i noted to my self for it was to big in side for the building to hold it the wall looked like a bomb had hit it soon the woman came back and their was also a man leading a "tour" of kids and teens to this spot and he told them to do some sort of magic and she indicated i should join and struggled to preform the same acts but at one point i had been asked to do some thing and it was some thing to difficult for any of the people present to do and some thing went off in my i did the task and some explosion occurred and it knocked down the wall they bring me to a bed room for me and i stay their till indicated to leave and some Development occurs and apparently i am able to fight now and the woman i met is in danger from a large group of people attacking her i go their and i use a shotgun to defeate the people i meet her again and i say i am so sorry for letting her get attacked and i hug her tightly and say i love you (apparently their was some sort of development between the two of us sense she left me at that building) and that's the end of the dream but now when ever i think of her my heart races like that of lovers separated never have i had a dream effect me in the waking world none the less in such a manner so i ask about it here

Example: What does my short dream mean?

I had a dream that I was watching a parade at night time and saw marching bands which looked like high schools.

Any meaning to this?
I've told that seeing a parade means I'm being sidetracked to my goals in life. Is that true?

Example: March 33,2006 means what in a dream?

Example: What could my dream mean?

Ok so I just woke up all confused because I just had a weird/scary dream and I want to know what they could mean. well my dream was about aids & this is what happened: A guy with aids tries to get at me but I didn't want him so he got mad and wanted to give me aids. he knew we were'nt going to have any sexual contact so he thought of sticking a tiny needle in his palm and passing his disease by shaking my hand and letting the needle go in my palm. and one day he tried to shake my hand and it got into mine but i took it out quick. so what could this dream mean? sorry if ma grammar bad im still kinda seepy

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