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Dream About Manifest Character meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: DREAM? what could this dream mean?

The pass few days I've been having these weird dreams, and not sure what they mean. My last dream I was in a car with my BF and we got hit by a giant wave and I saw myself drowning. I've been having problems with my BF lately and maybe this is what's triggering my dreams. Last night I had another dream where I was at a play of some kind. The minute I walked into this place everyone there was wearing a mask, and of course my BF was there to. My bf started running away from me down some stairs, and I was crying following him telling him to wait for me. When I finally reached the bottom floor of the staircase my BF was no where to be seen. I then heard a very scary voice the said to me " YOU"LL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN" I pushed a door and walked out running and everyone was still wearing masks. After I opened the door I felt relieve

For starters (not only with these dreams, but all your dreams that pique your interest), try your best to identify the i) characters, and ii) circumstances (situation).

For example, in your first dream the characters are a) you, and b) your boyfriend. The circumstances are a) car, b) giant wave c) you observing your "self" drowning, and d) problems with boyfriend.

In this dream, you and your boyfriend in the "car" can represent where you have been (so far) together and also where you are headed (future). The giant wave is "something" (person, situation, etc) that swamps you, your boyfriend, and your car. Pause and consider what has occurred lately (real and perceived) between you and your boyfriend ... the notion of a "giant wave" indicates whatever is troubling you has been building for some time.

You watching your "self" drown reflects a sense of detachment (quite possibly a necessary emotional state) as you come to realize that your relationship with your boyfriend is no longer viable and once this "drowning" is complete, you'll need to move on without him ... in a sense, a "different woman" than the one that drowned.

In your second dream, the characters are, a) you, and b) your boyfriend, c) anonymous people with masks, and d) a disembodied scary voice. The circumstances are a) a play (theatre), b) bf running down stairs, c) bf disappearing, d) voice warning you that "you'll never see him again", e) door out leading to relief.

It seems reasonable to believe your problems with your boyfriend get manifested again in this dream. The difference here is that your relationship gets "played out" in front of others --most likely family and friends, but also strangers (that's where the masks come in).

Your BF running away seems to indicate his reluctance or resistance to confront the relationship issues head-on and instead chooses to run away -down some stairs- indicating (in your unconscious, dream state) that you're interpreting this as him wanting to push it under the rug, bury it, hide it, -in all cases, he simply doesn't want to deal with the issues!

Your crying and pleading with him to wait for you seems to be saying that as bad as things may be, you have HOPE that both of you can work this out ... him disappearing indicates that your BF does not feel the same as you.

The disembodied, scary voice can be another part of your conscious trying to frighten you into your sensibilities about your relationship ... not only warning you that your BF is gone forever, but that, in a taunting way, he is gone and there's nothing you can do about it. Not because you haven't tried or you don't want him to stay ... but because he made the decision not to stay and work it out.

The door represents your "escape" from the dilemma of working this out ... while inside, you're in turmoil and your sense of fear keeps getting elevated because you lack control. Once you open the door and leave that specific setting, you gain a sense of relief even though "everyone was still wearing masks" because you immediately realize that you have control once again.

I hope this is helpful.

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean?

I only remember bits and pieces but towards the end I was in what I thought to be a gun range circling a shooter and her targets while being followed in this circle by Michonne. Yes! The fictional walking dead character in her usual short hairstyle with the sword and everything. I asked the shooter for a gun as I was getting pursued by michonne and she responded by saying it's not 2 O'clock yet. I looked at michonne getting closer and I started ro flee again as she was getting really close. I looked away while fleeing to watch my step, looked again and she reached and grabbed me. I also realized that I was really short/dwarf sized when she grabbed me and she started to throttle and shake me. I woke up shaking like like I was in the dream. That means anything? I don't understand dreams too well. Thanks in advance.

Example: What does it mean to dream about vampires?

I had a dream that I was a princess named daisy
And a group of vampires were trying to
Attack me in the woods . By the way it was night time . What does it mean

Example: What may these dreams mean?

I had two bad dreams last night, one right after the other.
The first one I was with a friend and out of nowhere a red-skinned, hairless demon appeared and tried to rape me (the actual act wasn't in my dream), and I could not push him off of me. At one point its eyes disappeared and he made this.. indescribable face. Then I woke up.
The next dream my twin sister and I were by a dumpster, which was also a mailbox, at night. There was this sketchy looking guy around and I had a bad feeling about him, but my sister distracted me at some point and then he picked me up and tried dragging me behind the dumpster, but I held on to it and was kicking and dragged myself closer to my sister and told her to run, but she was basically frozen like a deer in the headlights, and I started screaming help. Then these mutant looking creatures came running out of a building towards us, but they were the guys friends and were running to join/help him. I was still being held and kicking/fighting, and yelled at my sister to run again, but she said she was stuck on something. Then I was able to get close enough to kick her, so I did and got her unstuck, and told her to run again, and she did. And then I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep after that.

So, I was just curious if any one may have any opinions on what this may mean because I'm not sure what to think about them and am curious.

Example: I had a very vivid dream about getting a heart transplant? what could it mean?

in my dream i was given a heart transplant, i woke up and for a moment i thought i actually had a 15 in scar in the middle of my chest. in the dream i could feel the bandage on my chest...and the open wound. what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so i had this dream. It was extremely vivid. It was about this group of very peter-pan's-lost-boyesc people ( i believe they were fairies) any way they would just kind of hang out in the forest and perform whatever they felt like. Skits, songs, monlogues, plays, whatever. This one little boy who was about 4 and a very good actor decided to leave the group to become a banker. He got older and accidently stumbled upon the group again. They asked him to hang out and put on a performance. He said he was kind of rusty and that he would rather just kind of tag along in someone else's performance. One boy named John voluntered to have the other boy mimic his performance in his one man dance-thing called "I Am John" which i remember thinking was very funny. John was really conceded and he put on this strange monologue interpretive dance thing that started with "I...Am...John" and then he danced and explained how he was the best dancer actor and fighter in the land. The other boy just kind of stumbled through it. And the leader of this group ( who was a woman) asked the one boy to do the " to die would be an awfully great adventure" scene from peter pan before he left because she used to love his performance of it. Oh and when they weren't acting or whatever they would play pranks on people.

Example: What could this dream about Guinness, Jack Nicholson and The Virgin Mary mean?

I already realise just how surreal and crazy this dream is going to sound so please bear with me on this one.
In the dream I was walking down the street and I couldnt stop staring at this person who was carrying this huge plastic novelty Guinness bottle.

I head to my chosen destination being that of Jack Nicholsons home (at this point I would like to say how in real life I perceive J.N. to be of awesome power and charisma) hes in a rolls royce and says to me "What the hell do you want!" I explain how I want to be friends again he replies with "I want a goddamn apology!" my pride goes right out of the window as I apologise.

Its at this point I'm almost looking through a glass partition (the kind they have in food stores although I'm guessing this could be attested to that Kebab I had last night - or attempted to have) as I saw the selection of salad including tomatoes in this dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Here's a description. "Mole people started invading my city… Before that, me, a friend, and my Mom were in my house, and me and my friend switched chairs, changing our spots around the room randomly which has nothing to do with my dream's meaning, by the way. I kept hearing things, then I saw something weird and I pointed and we looked at it, seeing a torn and twisted laundry basket. After that, I went to school and that's when the mole people attacked, trying to attain full control of the city. Everyone was in panic, and after school, I went to my dad's house. I told him about the mole people and we drove out of town at full speed in his truck to escape. I think that around the city limits, I woke up." What does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

All these people were in a house, one of them being me. Something happened outside of the house and we all started locking all the windows and doors because someone was coming to murder us. Then we were all sitting in the top room. I was fiddling with a window making sure it was locked when someone said that was enough locking up, we should play a board game. At that point one of the men took out a knife and said something about you should be more fearful about danger from the inside. Then he started stabbing everyone, one at a time. At first he stabbed me and I thought I was dead, but then I realised it wasn’t even painful. I lay on the floor pretending to be dead. Then when he had his back turned I snuck out the room down to the kitchen and got a knife. When I got back I hid behind a wall and realised he was in a corner stabbing two little children that had been hidden on a couch, wrapped up in blankets. He would see me from that angle so I waited. When he was back in the middle of the room with his back turned I ran in and he turned. He started coming towards me but I threw the knife and it hit him. He was still alive. He came up to me, laughing and kept stabbing me but I realised that it didn’t even hurt. I grabbed the knife and kept stabbing him until he was dead. Then everyone in the room started sitting up and I was amazed. I asked if anyone had died and they laughed. Only the children had died.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Does having a dream of becoming a werewolf mean anything?

i keep havingthe same exact dream of becoming a werewolf and running through the woods. isnt that wierd? or normal? maybe its strange but i always wanted to be able to change into a wlf. i have the same dream of the wolf i want to be. any explanations? lol srry its a wierd question

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