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Dream About Man'S Food meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream i went to the hospital for surgery. My sister and i got a crazy doctor that kept cutting us in weird places for his satisfaction. then we went into the cafeteria in the hospital and i thought me and my sisters surgery was done until he came in and said why are you eating we have work to do and started taking our food. then i blew up in anger and started screaming so other ppl could hear. then the attention was on us. i yelled this man has been cutting us repeatedly with the knife for the wrong reasons. then people started attacking him. he got the polices gun and people started acting like their on his side b/c he had the gun. one guy tried to take it from him and he shot him then he dropped the gun. I hurried and picked it up and pulled the lever twice nd it didnt shoot. the 3rd time i pulled the lever then i pulled the trigger and shot him in the head.

Guns are often attack and kill relates in together, and appear in the dreams of guns, a setback. If is woman dreamed that he shot, herald she realized her boyfriend or husband character has a tendency to violence; If dreaming that I killed a man with a gun, it means that the dreamer will be affected by public opinion, face failure or the threat of unemployment; If dreamed someone opened fire to oneself, is safe, it heralds the dreamer will face criminal charges, but in the end can be immune from criminal punishment.
If dreaming that I wanted to pull the trigger, the gun burst, it heralds the dreamer's most trusted people cheat myself will be in the key period, if the dream of gun carelessly, it heralds the dreamer will encounter misfortune, must be careful. If the dream of gunfire, it heralds the dreamer's mishandling in property in some places, may have loss; If it is women's dream of gunfire, then suggests that the dreamer behavior is not enough to behave, at ordinary times like to quarrel with people, loss of reputation.

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Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night I had this weird, crazy dream. My dad and I were going to this lady's house with all her relatives. When we got there, I noticed her house was like a light avocado green color, with darker green vines wraped all around it. We didn't go inside for some strange reason, though. Then, my dad makes me stay inside this giant dark blue-green van that he drove me in to that lady's house. Suddenly, he starts burning my leg with his big fat marijuana joint. It's funny, because he's never been abusive, and he doesn't smoke marijuana. Then this other transparent hand near my other leg holds a marijuana joint just as big as my dad's, and it too, starts burning my leg with it. Suddenly I realize that The lady my dad and I were supposed to visit stares at us with a huge tray of food in her backyard, just glaring atus, but saying nothing. Weird. Then for some reason, I decide to run away for a while. When I came back to her house, Megan Fox is there, and all these old, ugly men start staring at her while she's wearing nothing but a white blanket while she's doing a photo shoot. Then I feel sad because of that scene, so I run away again. When I come back, I find myself in my bathroom of my house on the toilet while I'm watching Megan Fox on my bathroom tv doing the same photo shoot. Then I also see her wearing just the white blanket on a magazine cover. I also hear a reporter's voice in the background saaying that she is just wearing a white blanket in her photo shoot, ha! Then I look down, and I see that I'm also holding a newspaper, weird. Then I look to my let, and I see a transparent dude sitting on another toilet while also reading a newspaper and watching the same channel I'm watching! I honestly don't have a tv in my bathroom. Please tell me why I had this crazy dream, and also please tell me what it really means. Please don't laugh at me, becasue I really need your advice on this dream. Thanks.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have recently entered into a new relationship, but I haven't told him that for six months, I've been having romantic dreams about another guy. I never actually clocked who the guy was until last fortnight. I was lying by the Eiffel tower with him on a picnic blanket. He gave me a bunch of roses. We leaned in to kiss, and suddenly I looked right into his eyes, and realised that the guy in the dreams was, and had always been, my new boyfriends elder brother!
Then I woke up.
Now I can't be in the same room as him, which makes things really akward when I have dinner at my boyfriends house. His brother studies late and usually comes down about half way through the meal, at which point I shovel down my food, decline pudding on the front that I'm dieting (this is begining to worry my boyfriend as I am a recovering anorexic) and call my dad to pick me up. This not only makes me look like an idiot; it also makes my boyfriends mother hate me because she has about five banoffee pies taking up all the space in her fridge. I am still having the dreams, and they feel so right. What should I do? The worst part is that my friend's older brother is my boyfriends brother's best friend, and he says that he has a massive crush on me, but he is too loyal to his little brother to act on it. Sometimes I even prefer the brother to my boyfriend; he is more mature and considerate- not that my boyfriends isn't those things. It is just that he is sometimes the opposite too.
Please tell me what all this means! Do I love the boyfriend or the brother? What should I do? Help! :(

Example: What does my dream of my ex mean?

I was with my ex and my son's dad for almost ten years. Three years ago we broke-up and soon after I met and married my new man. My ex just recently moved to our neighborhood, which my son likes, but my husband is pretty upset about. My ex is doing so well money wise because he has no job and alot of times does have food. I rcently had a dream about him where he was buried in a glass coffin and in the ground and we (my husband, son and I) were standing over his grave and we were talking to him and he was slowing dying. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Important.?

DREAM 1 (most important) - First dream was my grandma's, she had a dream that two men in black suits came at 3 AM telling her that I need to come with them, that it's my time to come with them. And they were insisting I needed to come with them, but my grandma kept saying no.
She was so scared she woke up and it was 3 AM, and she came upstairs (she lives downstairs) to check on me and I was on the computer so she went back to sleep.
I've been really sick for the past two months, is it possible that these two men were saying that it's my time to die? And does this mean that I'm dying?

DREAM 2 - Also, I just had this dream right now.
I know it sounds a little funny, but my dreams are always really distorted and physco. I went to the bathroom to pee and pee kept coming out, like I never stopped peeing, every time I went to wipe I kept peeing more and more, it was like 5 minutes till I started crying and I told my mom. My mom told me my blood sugar was low and she gave me a piece of candy, I kept stumbling and falling and I was super weak, and felt like I was about to die. I went to the hospital and they told me I was fine, and to go back home.

For the past two months as I mentioned before, I've been sick with symptoms like being weak, feeling like i'm going to die, my throat feeling like it's closing up, extreme migraines, extreme fatigue, rapid heart beat, chest pain, blurred vision, dizziness while standing up, and a lot more, and every time I rush to the hospital or the doctors they send me back home saying it was nothing.

Now the pee I'm sure was irrelevant but hey that was in my dream.

Could this mean as well, that I'm dying and the doctors will never find anything wrong with me?

I'm pretty worried. I'm only 17 years old.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with my friends in a strange house when some force was negatively threatening us. My friend Brendan and I ran into the garage where somehow we knew we had to pretend to start kissing to satisfy it's request. So, we pretended to kiss, thinking we were alone, but we turned around and there was a small class being taught behind us, so we ran out of the garage. Then, I was back at my home where one of my former friends called and asked if she could stop by (we are no longer friends in waking life, and are not on good terms) and I said yes. She came by and we talked and hugged and were acting friendly. After she left, one of my other former friends came by in a white van with the guy she was dating at school that was a really old man. We were driving to go eat at a american/oreintal buffet, when i caught them talking about having a relationship and then they kissed so of course feeling uncomfertable, I decided they would follow me in and left to go inside the restaruant. Inside, I seen my mom and other family sitting eating at a table. The place was going to close soon, so they didn't have a wide selection of food anymore and employees were cleaning and leaving. There was a server behind the food stand. I asked the girl if i could have a few to go boxes to put some food in, she was at the salad station and I wanted some salad. We argued and she became sarcastic and rude, my old friend with the older boyfriend came to my aide and we all started yelling and verbally fighting. Then, the girl reached under and started to pull my hair, which led into a huge fight with me and her, and I hurt her really badly. At one point she got knocked out by me and i thought she was dead, but she regained conciousness. As I went to go fill my other boxes with food, i wanted cornbread this time, she began at me again and we got into it only verbally. This time the owner came out and was yelling at me in veitnamese obviously about the employee, but i sat with my family and ate the salad from the to go box. I had three to go boxes, in one the salad, one the corn bread, and the other was fried foods like fish and chicken sticks. After leaving, I opened the third one and instead inside were pictures (I dont remember of what or of who) and i became angry that she switched my order. This caught the attention of the news and my dream "view" shifted to a riot in England where there were people mad about me fighting her, and others were angry people were defending her.

What does this mean? Does the particular food have a meaning? What does fighting symbolize?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Two days ago, I had a strange dream. I was at my school, talking to my friend. All of the sudden, when I walked into a classroom, I was in Nevada with my mom, my brother and some fat lady. But we were looking for me! I found my Sidekick, but it was bigger than me. Then, the fat lady was getting beat up by a man dressed as a woman. But the whole time, we were running from something. What does this mean?

Example: What does this creepy dream mean?

Okay i've had this creepy dream about 4 times now i don't know what it means? this is what my dream is..

i'm in this small dark room full of old photos and i need to find one of my granddad (not sure why) as soon as find the photo i hear music coming from a long hallway. i walk down it with the music getting loader and i open the door and i see this massive ballroom full of people having a party. people are dancing to the music but waltz like and their is a big table full of food witch people are sitting at and eating

A man comes up to me saying you must be here for the party i reply saying no i just need to find a way out, he says to me no please stay for the party it will be fun, so we walk over to the table where everyone is celebrating, we both sit down at the table and i ask the man is it someones birthday? he says no we're celebrating the new arrival. i ask who's that? he says it's you!

Then this clock rings out and everyone stops what they are doing and looks over to this clock. i do the same but when i look back at the food it's gone all moldy and rotten. i then look up and everyone in the ballroom is looking at me, and all at the same time they say GO! I stand up really shocked and the man next to me puts his arm on my shoulder and says Wake up! and then i wake up!

I've been trying to see what it means but i keep getting up the haunted mansion which is weird cause it is very similar to my dream? i've also found out what the music is and it's the sleeping beauty waltz which it really creepy. So if anyone knows what it means please tell me thank you :)

Example: What do these dreams means?

These are the dreams I have multiple times a week..
*dreams that have the devil in them or demon
*me yelling at a ghost in my house telling them to leave me and my family alone
*food like buffets and piles of food packed on my plate
*finding money. Getting money from someone or winning the lottery
*zombies I'm always getting chased
*lights in my house not working or wherever I'm am I try to turn them on but its either very dem or broke
*a mystery romantic man I can see his face but he's mysterious because I have never seen him before he appears in other dreams. But may look different but I know its him because of the relaxing feeling I get

Example: What can this dream mean?

In the dream man, who I loved, embraces another girl, but while doing it he's looking at me. This dream has already repeated for several times, the circumstances in the dreams are every time different, the girls he embraces are different, but the main point is the same - he's looking at me. In reality we haven't seen each other already for more than a year and know nothing about his today's life.
How d'you think what can all this mean?

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