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Dream About Man Of War meanings

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Example: Meaning of dreams.?

my dreams are with such depth i wonder if they are prophetic or not. the other day i had a dream the every king in the world was preparing for battle and was sending their troops, but for some reason it started in old egypt[as in the old times where cleaopatra was still there]. and ended in the modern era. it was odd.what do you tihnk it means?

I think that you dream is not exactly prophetic, but may be showing you that the man since their existence is violent. In your dream it just so happens they go back to old Egypt. But what you are dreaming is basically truth, year after year men have been in battle even now in modern time. Look at the states we are in battle and have been for a while. This dream
is telling you that battles will continue to occur although they maybe for different reasons battles are not a thing of the past they still go on. I believe you maybe reasoning wars and battles in your dreams, trying to figure out what they mean and why they exist

Example: What does this weird Revolutionary War era dream mean?

I was with my friend's mom, and three other people that I have no idea who they are, and we were outside standing before this tall, open gate where each end of it was two tall wooden poles that were connected to a fence that surrounded this vast piece of property with a brown manor on it that was in the near distance. It was near dawn and there was morning fog. Then a man dressed in late 1700's clothes came out, and he greeted us saying "Welcome to Lewiston, New York. You look starved. How about you come inside and enjoy a feast with me and my family?" So we followed him through the yellowish green field in front of his manor, and then once we were inside, we went to the dining hall where there was a long mahogany table and the man sat at the very end, or the head of the table in front of a very large window that looked out over his property and toward the front gate.

So we enjoyed turkey, corn and something that resembled watermelon, and then we all went outside to mingle. So I became curious and wandered outside of the property gate, and I saw Native Americans there going about their business, doing the chores of their village and whatnot. It was then that I started running and enjoying the tall grass and suddenly, a man said "The gifted child has the wisdom at heart." I then looked at him, and he stared at me, along with two other men that were standing near him. But then I ran again and then came to a secluded part where I got down on my stomach and started to crawl toward some glowing purple flowers, with glowing pink ones in the distance. I got up on my knees and made to gently touch one of them before I heard a noise, and I ran back to the manor with the Native Americans staring and smiling kindly at me as I passed them.

Everybody was standing in the dining hall again and the man who had invited us was looking out the large window (it's still just before dawn. I don't know how), and he said "The Red Coats are coming." Then the sound of bombs and gunfire were heard and they faded out as the dream faded and then I woke up.

Funny thing is... after this Lewiston looked up Lewiston, New York and it was founded in 1720, and many different tribes of Native Americans were in the surrounding area. It was... really odd, though I don't know what it means, especially "the gifted child has the wisdom at heart" part. I would really like to know what any of you think.

Example: What does it mean if u dream of being armed and in war?

i had a dream the other day about i was in a battlefield like a warzone area it was muddy and i was shooting enemies with my rifle or some sort of gun cant remember it now then i ran out of ammunition so i took one of the enemies guns and then when i turned around there was a white baby in orange clothes laying there next to me on the ground then i was shooting the baby and the gun was more like a water gun except it was some orange sort of liquid coming out from the gun and it seemed to be irratating the baby like burning him like bleach would or something actually yeh lets just say it was kind of like bleach except the colour was orange...then a man from the enemies army ran across me and i started shooting the orange thing at him...it was then my sister woke me up ...i had adrenaline rush and what not lol

so what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when I dream about war?

I had a dream that I was viewing (3rd person, kinda like out of body) a battle during the Vietnam War. I know nothing about the Vietnam War, (although I do know about other wars) I saw three Jeeps drive up (one at a time), and each one carrying six men inside. The men had assault rifles, and were ready for combat, as the first jeep pulled up, I watched the men as the one-by-one jumped out of the back, and saw them lining up against a barricade of sand bags. The second jeep came and I watched the six men do the same thing. Finally the last jeep (of the three) dropped off 5 men, and the 6th man fell and the jeep he was in ran over his foot. my teacher (note that i am a seventh grader) and some other ladies (they were nurses) ran to him, while two men with an old stretcher hurried over to help him. Next thing I know, I go from being invisible, to being yelled at by a man, whose voice sounded somewhat familiar. It was an older boy (he is 16-18) who works at my school. I don't know his name, but in my dream, I (and everybody else) calls him Sgt. Jacob. He yells "Miller!" and I look over to see him handing a briefcase looking gun to a kid that I go to school with. Next thing i know, I'm handed a gun, that was a sniper rifle, with its ammo looking like its .50 caliber. I was told to get into place, and I (alone) I carefully killed off suicide men armed with highly dangerous explosives who were advancing towards us. After that a thick smoke cloud came over, and we were ambushed. I saw a group of 5 Vietnamese soldiers come running towards Sgt. Jacob and I. I grab a knife, that I had strapped to my side, and stabbed one of the men. I pull out a .45 caliber that was strapped to my leg, and I fire at one soldier who was in a fist battle with Sgt. Jacob. I fire again, and kill another. Sgt. Jacob kills one man, and then I notice the other man coming after me with a machete. Next thing i know, I'm laying on the ground, covered with blood, but not aware of where I am bleeding. I look up towards the sky to see a think haze. (still laying down) look to see Sgt. Jacob laying (and pouring out blood) across my legs. I manage to gasp "Help!" and two of my friends appear yelling my name. They get Sgt. Jacob off of me, and we checked his pulse. He was still alive. I took off my belt and tied it around one of his arms, where he was cut badly and bleeding. he was shot and cut, and was spilling out blood. We called to the nurses and they rushed over. I felt his pulse again, and there wasn't any. I lean over to give him CPR, and next thing I know, I laying in bed, ready to go a scouting mission with Sgt. Jacob. After the mission, I awake (for real this time) and I'm shaking and sweating (the end of the dream was really scary) and almost a week later, I'm still shaken up.

Can somebody tell me why I had this dream, and what it means. I can't think of anything that could of made me dream a dream like that, not TV, Movies, Books, or anything. Thanks =)

Example: What does my nuclear war dream mean?

Last night I dreamt there was a nuclear war between Russia and America set off by Obama. In the dream I saw briefly the build up to the war and was told it was between America and Russia and involved Obama. Then I saw some missiles being launched from Russia. Next I was with Hilary Clinton in a bunker and she was sitting at a desk and I could see her face close up. An anouncment was made in the bunker that a missile was about to strike and for everyone to brace themselves for impact. Hilary felt safe in the bunker; however, when the missile did strike, I could feel the strong vibrations in the bunker, the walls shake and then a massive explosion ripped through the bunker and killed everyone, including Hilary. After that my dream moved to a kind of spacecraft, where there was a drinks party and I was talking to Obama and he was looking out on the earth from the spacecraft, through a large window; Obama had an associate with him, who was acting like a fool, bafoon or a jester and I felt uncomfortable with him and I asked Obama why this idiot was with him? To which Obama had no answer but brushed the question off and laughed. The dream ended with an image of a skeleton which transformed itself into the Death card in a tarot pack. Not to sure what all this means. What do you think?

Example: What does it mean in a dream that a man asks a computer to help him with his fantasies ?

There was a computer that could think that can have a conversation. I saw it in a war many years ago. There was a kid who talked to it. When it told the kid what it would do to his enemies the kid turned it over to them. Years later it was adapted. A man came in and told 2 women that he was someone who doesn't like sex with someone else and wanted to adapt the computer to help him with an issue with his imaginary wife. They did and after he said thanks and went on his way.

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream about witches, war, nursing homes and death?

i keep having this dream about people working in a nursing home and this little boy is showing a girl the grave of his mother in a field filled with flowers way out past a forest outside the nursing home. then this old man takes the girl, little boy, and the boys older brother through another different forest, over some logs and shows them witches doing some kind of protection spell. he tells them to join in with the witches because 'they were coming' and then he disappeared. then these soldiers came and there i a huge war in the forest, what does this mean?

Example: Meaning of War Dream?

Why do i always dream about War? & everytime i dream of war im very weak and frightening to death? what does it mean?

Example: Meaning of this war dream?

I had a long dream in a short time of sleep, It started with my parents having a conflict and they didn't want us to hear about it but i was serious. My mom came out of the room later to make it seem like everything is fine and then there was one person who looked middle eastern like, came to our house and took a bottle of milk it was half milk in it, the bottle was clear bottle like a small jar. for some reasons I didn't want them to have that milk so i followed him without him knowing and letter on I sneaked in his fridge and pored water in that milk bottle and therefore destroyed the milk, then when I was leaving a war started like that place I went was in war so people where running trying to away from that location and I was one of them. and it was far from home very far that I needed to either take a train or a plan to get home. it was night too. there was a big fence that everybody gave up on trying to go through it, I was the only one who tried to go through it, I was able to get through first fence because I have a small body, on half way out before i go through a second fence, a soldier busted me he pointed the gun to my chest and I thought he was going to kill me so I got to a ready to die mode and I was ready, but instead he gave me the gun, he was a black soldier and when he started talking I noticed he was American, so it was kind of relief, and he started telling me how bad he wanted to finish his duty and go back home, I asked him how to shoot that gun because I have never touched a gun before, I tried but it didn't shoot and he said it was empty, we continued talking then I woke up, I have no idea wat this dream means but that war zone was terrifying , i dont live with my parents they are far from me and im not a kid anyway im 25 so its not like i live with my parents

Example: What does my dream about WAR mean? ?

I had a dream about the outbreak of a war (presumably WW3). I was in my local town walking around the shops when I heard on a radio the announcement that the world was at war. I carried on walking and saw the silhouette of Winston Churchill walking on his own. People were looking at him and whispering things like 'there he is!' and 'there's the big man'. Then I arrived home and my family were putting supplies in a box in the garden. I was panicking but they all seemed so relaxed and I wa trying to get them to rush, but they weren't taking the situation seriously.

I thought it was a pretty strange thing to dream about. Do you think there could be some weird meaning?

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