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Dream About Mall meanings

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Example: Meaning of a dream ? ? ?

was wondering if people could give me their opinion on wat they think my dream means

pretty much its me and the girl i like (but not in reality dating) on a date at the mall going up an escalator when suddenly she gets shot and dies in front of me

anyone know wat it could mean ?

No one can interpret your dreams or tell you what they mean. Only you can do this. Never mind those who say they can tell you what your dream "means." It only means something to YOU because you give it your personal meaning.

Don’t bother with dream books, dream dictionaries, internet sites that tell you to look for codes or symbols or hidden mysteries in dreams. Dreams do not contain such things. Dreams are straightforward, just like your waking thoughts.

There is always a purpose to a dream. Everything that human beings think, feel, or do has a purpose. It is part of what Dr. Alfred Adler called "the psychology of use."

Dreams don't come to you from outside yourself, nor do they arise from your "subconscious." Once you become aware of having a dream, it’s conscious. You make your dreams up. You create them, just as you create your thoughts.

The purpose of your dreams while you are asleep is the same as the purpose of your thoughts while you are awake. That is, to solve your problems.

Figure out the purpose of a dream and the problem it is trying to solve, and you have its meaning. Dreams are thoughts while you sleep, attempting to solve your problems.

Example: What do es it mean to dream about walking around naked in the mall?

Example: Whatdoes it mean if you dream about malls alot?

its sort of a habit with me diffrent things hapen in the malls but its like theres these 3 malls that arnt ealaly like any ive ever been to and there popping up in about everydream now i dont even go to many malls either anyone know why or what this means

Example: Deadly virus, mall, many people, dream meaning?

i was walking through a store/mall and then all of the sudden a guy waiting in line collapses and they check his pulse and hes dead. then i keep walking and i find out lots of people are dying "randomly" but nobody knows why. i later find out its a flesh eating disease that eats you from the inside out and you cant be cured. theres no way to tell until its too late, and you can tell you have it when your skin turns black a little on your hands or limbs. i run into a bathroom to try to separate myself from everyone so i dont get it. theres a few people in there, including a guy who dies, then we know that we all have it and are going to die. two girls come in about 12 and one has black on her hands, i tell her theres nothing we can do and she starts crying and i let her cry on my shoulder. then a lady says that since we only have a few hours left to live we should keep ourselves occupied before we all die so we dont think about it. the bathroom then has a kitchen attached to it like part of a cottage and i see an overview of a lake at night, its like a camera in a movie, and its panning back towards the "cottage" and into where we are, she tells us to clean so we dont think about it, so we all start cleaning and it pulls back then the dream is over

Example: What do dark closing/ closed shopping mall dreams mean?

I've had closed shopping mall dreams for over 20 years. Funny thing is , I don't like shopping and I hate malls and I don't spend a lot of money in real life. It's not one particular mall but a different mall each time. It's always a huge mall with 300 stores and 3 levels, high ceilings and stores with LOTS and LOTS of different merchandise. It's always dark and closed or closing and I am trying to exit but it's hard to find the exit. When I do exit, I can't find my car because there are hundreds of cars parked out and it's night-time ? Any ideas?

I am only looking for intelligent thoughtful answers from mature people. I do not want stupid answers from dumb juvenilles,

Example: What does a dream about a big white empty mall mean?

I had this dream and I was walking around town than I felt sick and like I was insane and got ib a car and drove untill I got to this place with different shops and my sister came. Than we somehow got to a dark indoor carpark. Than I was in a big empty white mall (ive been in here before in a different dream except that tine it was packed) and I wanderd around until I came to one of those things you stand on like a conveyer belt and was waiting for something at the end. I couldnt see far down it because it just went black. A woman was also waiting. I have never seen her before. Than an old man comes and tells me its faster to go around. I hav no idea wat he was talkin about but in the dream it made sence. Than I wanderd around this big empty white mall. What does all this mean please tell me. By the way im only 13.

Example: What does a shoe and mall dream mean?

I've been having dreams about really high high heals and malls for the past 3 months. What does it mean? Does it mean i want to go shopping?...lol

Example: I found a baby at the mall in my dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream that I was at the mall with my best friend. We went into a store that wasn't really a store more like a gym. She disappeared but I was greeted by 5 baby bottles and a baby.
What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean when in your dream, you`re at a mall before closing?

In the past few years, I keep having dreams where I`m at malls. The weird thing is in each dream I`m there until closing time. Usually the crowd I`m with is scattered but I don`t know that yet. I`ll rush to get things for myself but because the mall is closing I usually don`t have the time to. Since the mall is closing everyone is walking pretty much in the same directions ( to the exits) except for me. Instead `ll be searching for my friends/family, making calls until we`re all together and can leave. I've had at least a dozen dreams like these. They`re all at different malls, with different people, and I`m always trying to get different things.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about water explode underground in a mall?

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