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Dream About Making Out meanings

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Example: To make friends in a dream? meaning?

i made friends with this guy who i like but hardly know what does it mean? it was such nice dream though lol :D

Many people think that dreams mean something. But that isn't necessarily true. Dreams actually mean nothing. Although it probably is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth! Although it may be disappointing but, modern medicine has proved that dreams are nothing more than a succession of images recalling past memory. I'm sorry if this is not what you want to believe.
I will start off telling you that ALL dreams mean nothing! Dreams just express you or your emotions, they express what you feel and what you do in real life. thats why they feel so real. Dreams cannot create people, places and things thats another reason why they feel so real! dreams recall past memory, -for example if you see a person you don't recognize in dreams, you probably saw him before on TV or walking in the street (you probably didn't pay attention to them). Dreams express your emotions and thoughts in a negative way

Nothing. The dream was about nothing. dreams mean nothing they just express your emotions and feelings in a symbolic way.

Dreams are simple synapses in your brain firing off all sorts of things. Your brain gathers all this random information, sights, sounds and so forth. And as you are sleeping, these sights and essentially memories are jumbled up into one big mess, just random nonsense, and your brain works and works for an hour or so trying to create a nice little story with all of these sights and sounds because it wants to make sense of it. It wants to make sense out of nonsense! So, then you end up with this dream. This happens several times in one night but when you wake up, you forget all of them, and when you do remember one of them, when you do remember at least one dream, we try to make sense of it. We tell ourselves, what is this? What could it mean. When in reality, it means nothing, it is just complete nonsense. So stop trying to make sense of it, it is nothing!

Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

For more Information read the "about me" section when you click on my account. Hopefully this resolves your problems.

took courses in dream interpretation and psychology

Example: What does making out in a dream mean?

Ok so: In one of the dreams I had last night I found myself making out with 2 people.

First I was going to meet Harry Styles from One Direction, and he had this kissing booth thing. I waited in line and when it was my turn I walked up to him and ran my fingers through his hair and began to kiss him roughly and he was really into it and I was too. He straddled me ontop of him and we continued making out and then I suddenly broke off and bit my lip and walked away. And that was that.

Then I found myself in my room with one of my best friends (who is a girl also) and we were playing a DS game against each other and I lost. I was upset and jokingly pouting when all of a sudden she came behind me and said "I'll make it better" and started kissing me and we made out just like with the dream with Harry, but this time she said shed be back and she came back and we had sex.

What do these dreams mean? And the dream before that I beat the crap out of my friend, and in this one I'm making out with her?


Example: What does my dream mean, it made me sad?

Strang dream.                                                I saw ashley and he had died his hair light brown. Then he turned around and his hair was reaching down to the end of his back just past were a belt would be. Another thing is that his face was verry differant, he did not look like he used to. For some reason this made me sad.                     The reason it was strange other than the dream itself, i am not freinds with him anymore. At first ii did not know him but i started going to this place during some lessons and we were in a group together, so every wednsday it was me, him and 2 others plus a teacher. We started off bad and we did not like eachother and in lessons he would make mean faces at me. But then one day out of nowere he came up to me and said something along the lines of "if we are going to be in this group then we may as well be friends, right" so i said ok and from then on we were friends. But as time went on he was starting to actmore efemanet and started to be friends with mainly girls and acting like them and me and him stopped talking and soon we did not like each other again and soon the group broke up. One of the people left school, the other one wasent liked much and was kicked out. So it was just me and ashley. But eventualy the teacher saw that we did not like each other and we were split into two groups at differant times. Sinve the group split i have been not able to speak to others as good, the group was to help that. I saw him again along time ago sayimg he was wanted to die his hair but he never did. Writing this has made me miss year 7 when the group started, i am now in year 9 nearly year 10. what did ths dream mean and why did it make me sad.  Before i finish i forgot to add that he is ginger

Example: What it means to dream of making out?

all my life i been around indian women also some of them was mixed with other race i always wonder why i haven't date any of them i had a dream making out with an indian woman what could that mean

Example: What does it mean if Dreams make me feel very upset?

I'm not an emotional person at all, I never really properly cry. The only time I ever feel upset is when I have a recurring dream. It makes me feel almost ill, it's that weird sickening feeling you get in your stomach, but I only get it when I get a recurring dream.

I have about 4 recurring dreams and they're all really random and I remember most of them pretty well. I don't know if they have a meaning or...

I can never remember the dream, I only remember bits, but the bits I do remember I can remember as if it happened an hour ago, but I can remember dreams I had over a month ago... Please help. It's extremely strange.

Example: What does making out in a dream mean?

i dreamed i made out with this girl i use to like i kinda still do but we just friends that all she wants to be. in the dream all we did was make out for like hours on in kinda cuddled but mainly made out

Example: What does this making out dream mean?

Last month, my friends and I went to the pool where we saw a lifeguard that we kind of were acquainted with him at school. So just last week, i dreamed of him about twice of making out with me. This has been bothering me constantly because i barely know him. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do these dreams about making out mean?

I've never kissed a guy before, but I'm really really starting to like this guy that already likes me. I had a dream about making out with some guy, and I could actually feel me making out with someone. Not to be gross, but I could feel the wetness of their tounge playing around with mine, and I could feel his soft lips pressing up against mine. The guy in this dream was some guy I've never met before. I had no idea who he was. Then, last week, I had a dream where some guy was sitting on the floor and I was sitting on top of him, facing him and cradling his face while we were kissing. I could, once again, feel me and this mystery man kissing. I could feel our lips pressing up against another, and I could hear me making moaning noises.

I've never once kissed a guy, so what do these dreams mean?!?

Example: What does it mean to dream of making a music video with a celebrity?

Ok so first the dream started out like, I was part of a new paparazi "crew", and they were describing who everyone was for me. And then, I went shopping in London, England (just as a normal girl). And I was wearing pink, it was a light colored pink. And then somehow, I saw Rob Pattinson (and I mean I like Rob as a person, I just don't think we would date eachother, I mean I like him, don't me wrong, I do. But I'm only 17, he like 24?.. I think he would just see me as a little sister anway)...So then, somehow we new eachother, and we went to this music video set, and I was wearing a yellow long dress, and we were out on a bridge. And their were cameras everywhere, paparazzi. You name it the works. And, we started to film, but my dress got cought in something on the bridge. Rob helped me, and then we kept going. But then the director said to stop. And then he came over to us, and explained what to do. And then we started again, and we held hands this time, and then we just skipped all over the bridge, and their were clowns and stuff. And it felt like we were king and Queen even though we didn't have any crowns. And then the dream ends. What does this mean?..

Oh, and P.S. I am not one of those annoying fan girls who "love" Rob when they don't even know him. I don't even like him like that, I just think he's a great guy/person. What does this mean?.. And I am starting to audition for legit things in the entertainment industry so I don't know if this has anything to do with it or what... But any ideas would be greatly appriciated :) Serious answers only please :)

Oh and their was this one part, where it looked like I was someone else, like from the movie "Madeline", where I was drowning, and Rob didn't come and get me, and then the boat broke, because it was old, and yeah, but then some weirdo came and got me out of the river..

What does this mean?.. I'm really confused. Thanks :)

Example: What do dreams about making out mean?

Ok, so last night, I dreamt I was at work, and I was out back in one of the freezers. A girl who I like, who also works there, was also there, kneeling on a shelf. She laid down and let her back hang off, making our faces about an inch apart, hers upside down. We said nothing, but I started to kiss her. She went along with it, and then climbed down off the shelf, and started making out with me again. We did this for a long time, and then I saw the door open and saw a boombox playing John Mayer, then I woke up and realized that it was my alarm. Anybody know what the dream means?

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