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Dream About Making Love meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if you dreamt animals making love?

I dreamt a male elephant is sniffing a female elephant. She urinated and then accepted him. The moment he started riding her, I woke up. Does it mean anything?

Animals don't make love. They just mate. Unfortunately so do some humans.

Example: What does this dream mean? (love)?

2 years ago I fell in love with a teacher, she moved away and she's ALWAYS been on my mind since, she's really beautiful, and no-else may believe me but I really do love her. Anyways I had this dream last night where I was going back to visit my primary school and she brought me to a room with a few other people and told us to strip off, she came up behind me and embraced me romantically and held my hands then we snook off somewhere then I woke up!? ...

Example: What does this dream about love mean?

OK, so there's this girl in REAL LIFE called Vanessa. Many, many months ago she had a crush on me. Several months ago, she told me she doesnt have a crush on me anymore and we kind of hold a grudge against each other.

This is what happened in the dream:

A bunch of random stuff happened that i cant remember, but near the end, this girl i mentioned earlier was in the dream the whole time, and she said she loved me. Does this dream mean anything or does it mean she loves me in real life still?

If it helps, she told me several months ago she had a dream about me.

Example: What does making out in a dream mean?

i dreamed i made out with this girl i use to like i kinda still do but we just friends that all she wants to be. in the dream all we did was make out for like hours on in kinda cuddled but mainly made out

Example: Wat does making love in a dream mean?

I had a crazy dream my mom & my moms boss were making love to each other. Then I woke up freak out in sweat. btw my mom is married to my dad for 25 years in real life. Also my mom & her boss they are like brother and sister.They are the same age.

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does it mean if you dream you are at a party with your girlfriend and you both slip out to go and make love on top of a car?

Example: What do you think my dream means? (making love to a girl?)?

last night i had the strangest dream. it started out with me seeing the two guys in my life that broke my heart in the past ( i could see them, but they could not see me.) and they were both in the same house i used to live in when i was younger. then i'm in a room with another girl and a bed by a window. me and this girl start making out and i end up under her on the bed in this room. theres some touching and a lot of kissing, and in my head while i'm dreaming i feel guilty for what i'm doing (I'm straight, by the way). our clothes are still on, but she starts unbuttoning her shorts, and i start doing things to pleasure her (touching, but not oral). she looked a little younger than me, at least 15 or 16 and had reddish-brown hair, and looked kinda gothic and she was wearing a bright-red shirt and blackish grey shorts. its weird because i have never seen her in my waking life, nor have i ever had intercourse with someone of the same sex. what could this dream mean?

Example: Meaning of Dreams about pooping, ladies and making love with my wife?

i had three dreams within 1hour after praying asking God which way to go in life.

1. i dream pooping on my office chair and after the pooping i stood up and trying to get toilet roll to clean my ***.

2. i dream of any elder woman advice's me about my future and at the end of her advice, she now show my three ladies and ask me what can i do about these ladies.

3. i dream that i was having a good time with my wife and suddenly my baby know at the door.

these three dreams came one after the other as listed above.

please who can translate these dreams for me

Example: Psychologists! What does it mean when I dream about making love and wake up crying?

I'm 24 and totally in love with my fiance, whom I have befriended for 6 years and has stood by me as a friend throughout the good, the bad, and the ugly. We live separately and are committed to premarital abstinence, so our physical relationship doesn't go beyond holding hands and brief hugs. We treat each other wholesomely, which means that we keep all conversations and actions clean, and spend most of our time in public places where greater levels of physical intimacy are not likely to happen. I am very happy and feel honored that he treats me this way. Our romantic relationship had only begun this year, and the wedding date is in summer 2011.

When I started falling in love with him, I began having dreams of falling asleep with him in varying levels of intimacy: from warm-and-fuzzy arm cuddling in a sitting position, to the erotic scene of undressing together and nuzzling each other in bed. These occur about once or twice a month.

Yesterday in an early stage of my sleep, at about 5 in the morning (I had stayed up for a deadline) I had a graphic dream of a lovemaking session with him, starting from a fully clothed deep kiss on the couch to detailed foreplay, coitus, orgasm, and the lingering after cuddle. In my dream he was looking gently into my eyes just before we drift off, and at that point I woke up drenched in tears. I don't know why I was crying. It was about 6.15 AM by then.

He's the only person I've ever had such dreams about. We're both still virgin, although I've had some limited sexual experiences in my late teens. I don't fantasize about sex this graphically in the daytime (that i'm aware of), although it's obvious my fiance and I are very much attracted to each other. I masturbate several times a month around my ovulatory period, but I think this is simply a hormonal response, from which I try to keep my feelings for my fiance separate.

Why do I get dreams like this? What does it say about me, or my relationship with him? Why did I cry my eyes out when I woke up? On one hand the dream felt pleasant and shameless, and was accompanied with a strong desire to experience it in real life someday. However, I hope this doesn't affect our resolve to remain abstinent for the next two years (will it?)... so in order to do that, what are some things I can do to increase my desire of keeping each other chaste?

Please don't tell me I should go ahead and start increasing physical intimacy, or speed up the wedding date, because that's not the point. If anything, I'm hoping that someone would help me read between the lines about what this dream says about who I am and where I am in life. Respectful, considerate answers are most appreciated. Thank you!

Example: I dreamt I made love to a rabbit and got pregnant and am going to have rabbit babies. What does it mean?

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