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Dream About Mailbox meanings

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Example: What do these three dreams mean?

Hello everyone,

In the last two nights I have had two different dreams and I was if someone could interpret them. I also have a question about a dream that used to occur often when I was a kid, but doesn't happen anymore. I don't think they are related to each other. Sorry if the descriptions are a bit long.

The first dream I had took place on a summer morning at the place where I wait for my school bus (I'm 15). However, things are slightly different than real life. For some reason the neighbourhood is a trailer park, and there are about 20 other kids there standing and waiting for the bus instead of the usual 3. I'm sitting in the passenger seat of my dad's truck with the keys in the ignition but without him in the driver's seat(I assume I probably drove myself). While I'm sitting there, I scream for no reason at all, then a kid dressed in winter clothing suddenly shows up in the back seat saying I scream like a girl. After he says that, I swear at him, which causes him to steal the keys, open up a locked mailbox, and put the keys inside it. This causes everyone to laugh at me. I was about to get out of the truck, but then my mom woke me up and the dream ended.

The second dream takes place in the winter. I'm at my house and my mom tells me that Rick died. This is the name of both my dad and my neighbour. Without saying anything, I check the living room and see that my dad is still there, but for some reason I still think he's the one who's dead. I then go outside and check the mail, crying and thinking my dad is dead, then I come back and see my dad is still on the couch. My mom then tells me that it's our neighbour who died, not my dad, and the dream ends.

Finally, the third dream is one that I used to have many times when I was 5 and 6, but haven't had it since. In the dream, I'm in the drivers seat of my dads truck going down the main highway through town. There are no other people inside or outside the truck, and when I try to press the brake, nothing happens. All I can do is steer the truck. The dream always ends without anything else happening. I remember at this age my dad used to let me steer his truck into the garage while he controlled the gas and brakes, so maybe this has something to do with it.

Also, it seems like almost all of my dreams I have had recently include trailers/mobile homes in some way, and I was wondering what this could mean. I've never lived in one and don't know anyone who does so I don't know why they always show up.

Thanks for any help.

When you sleep the executive function part of your brain shuts down. This means that your dreams can be as bizarre as your mind wants them to be and make no sense in real life, but make perfect sense in your dream (i.e., your dad is dead but sitting right there). There is no 'dream interpretation' because they don't mean anything.

However, if you would really like an interpretation of a meaningless event, I would say that the trailer park represents your fear of your family losing money or your fear of losing money. You being told you scream like a girl and the embarrassment it causes could be your fear of being the center of attention (as in giving a presentation to your class), of being judged feminine by your peers, etc. The dream with you driving the truck could represent your inability to control the events in your life: you try to make something happen by the only way you know how, yet nothing happens. The fact that your dreams center around your dad and that your dad somewhat dies in one of them could be the fear of losing people close to you.

Like I said at first, that interpretation is just BS. Dreams do not hold a deeper meaning, its just your brain randomly firing as you lack all control of it.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed that a couple friends and I were on my porch and for some reason I opened my mailbox and was checking the mail. I notice that the envelopes have all been intentionally opened, but that's about it. This morning I wake up, look outside, go check the mail, and I have a letter from my insurance company. As soon as I go to open the envelope, I notice it has been opened, but the papers inside aren't disturbed just like in my dream. It gave me shivers down my spine. What does this mean?

Example: What may these dreams mean?

I had two bad dreams last night, one right after the other.
The first one I was with a friend and out of nowhere a red-skinned, hairless demon appeared and tried to rape me (the actual act wasn't in my dream), and I could not push him off of me. At one point its eyes disappeared and he made this.. indescribable face. Then I woke up.
The next dream my twin sister and I were by a dumpster, which was also a mailbox, at night. There was this sketchy looking guy around and I had a bad feeling about him, but my sister distracted me at some point and then he picked me up and tried dragging me behind the dumpster, but I held on to it and was kicking and dragged myself closer to my sister and told her to run, but she was basically frozen like a deer in the headlights, and I started screaming help. Then these mutant looking creatures came running out of a building towards us, but they were the guys friends and were running to join/help him. I was still being held and kicking/fighting, and yelled at my sister to run again, but she said she was stuck on something. Then I was able to get close enough to kick her, so I did and got her unstuck, and told her to run again, and she did. And then I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep after that.

So, I was just curious if any one may have any opinions on what this may mean because I'm not sure what to think about them and am curious.

Example: What do these weird dreams mean?

Not long ago I had a dream I was sitting by a river, (A place I knew, I was right in front of my old cabin, that we do not own anymore) and there was a woman there that I cannot recognize. I believe we were fishing, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, as we were sitting there, I saw horses skulls start coming down the river. And I kept trying to get them out. I wasn't really sad or any thing, but I wasn't happy. I remember feeling kind of surprised. Gradually, I saw less horses skulls, and human skulls started coming down the river.

Another dream I am outside on my playground, swinging, and then I go inside, something (I can't remember) happened, and then I was outside digging a hole in front of my playground, where I found an adult eagle (Who I presume to be the mother of) A baby eagle, curled up together in the ground.

Another dream I've had began with me on the play ground in my backyard, in the house we still live in. I remember there were people on the play ground, but I can't remember who. And some things happened which I can't remember well at all, like a helicopter went by and there was a rope within reach.. Something was tied to it, but I can't remember it. And some men from a power company Maybe a power company, if not, cable company or something) were working on this extremely large thing that added that was hooked to my play ground. I remember looking up at them, but not much else. Anyway, I guess I eventually made my way into the house, but before I was in the house, I remember for some reason I was in the ocean. I was with my mother (I think it was her) And some woman I didn't recognize. And we were swimming, and suddenly there were sharks all around us. And the woman I didn't recognize told us to curl up in a little ball type thin and swim around in circles. And I remember being scared out of my wits. AND FOR SOME REASON, I'm back in my house, and I go through the back door. And I can feel these sharks chasing me. So so I run as fast as I can and I get stuck in a dead end in the bathroom. And we have this odd stained glass looking window in our bathroom, and I kick the window out, and it shatters. And then I get out of the window, (I'm now at the side of my house) and I run to the front and go through the front door. My brother is in the den giving his music lessons, and my mother is in there talking to them all. Then she tells me I need to go wash dishes, and I ask her if she will come to the bathroom so I can show her the window. She does and she says it's okay that I broke out our window. I tell her about the sharks, and tell her I think the sharks thing is just a bad dream, but really in the back of my mind, I remember thinking that I had schizophrenia.

These are just a few dreams that I have had recently, that I can remember well. They are in order, if that matters. I just want to know what they mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at skool and i had to go to english class, so i went down the staircase which led to the boys locker room, and the room was CROWDED WITH BOYS. While i was trying ot make my way through i feel someone tuggin gon my bag from behing (well moer like pulling forcefully) Anyway i look back and i see a boy from my class (i dont have a crush on this boy). I ask him, "AM i going to be dragging you to class?" He nods, so i try to walk to class but his weight on my bag is to heavy. It felt like he was trying to "pull me toward him". Anyway, we made it out of the crowd and i can see my classroom ahead, he finally lets go of the bag, and we both walk to the calss, he is walking right behind me. We go into class and instead of seeing desks there are round tables. SO i go to the table wre is ee 2 of my friends just standing there. I go there and he is standing right next to me! I try to ignorer him and the class starts. All of a sudden i feel his arm around me and he pulls me close and he kisses me on my cheek 4 times. I quickly turn away and wipe off the saliva that he left. I was so shocked! Then wen i turned toward him he was farther away than before. Then the scene changed and it was after skool. I walked to my house, and stand by my mailbox, and i see the same exact boy run down the street he smiles and waves at me, he says" i had fun! See you tommorrow!." I smile and wave back. ANd then i wake up.

I got so freaked out wen i woke up cuz i rllyy do not have feeling for this guy. I mean he is a nice guy and all, but i dont like like him! i like another boy in my class not this one! can someone please tell me what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I am a 19y/o student and I do not have any children. In my dream I believe that I was still 19 or 20, but I had a child. It looked like the child was about 1 or 2 y/o and it was a girl. Also I was at it seemed to be my old high school i graduated from. And it seemed to be that the little girl was my child. I remember in the dream my ex bf sister walked up to me and ask me was she mines. I haven't seen or heard from them in like 3 years. The dream was so real too.. What does this dream mean?

I also had another dream about the mailman putting a big red package in my mailbox. Could that mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was driving my car and just decided that I had enough and just stepped out of it. There was a car behind me. I stood there and watched as my car went down the road without me. I realized what I had done and prayed that it would just stop and not hurt anyone. It hit several mailboxes and was going uphill. It came to a large truck and before it hit it, my car started rolling backwards down the hill. It swerved to a ditch and then the car that was behind me hit it and went careening into a house. I ran into the house to help the driver. When I got inside, there was no sign of the wreck. I opened a recliner and it was in there. I helped a woman and her dog out. She said what do you want me to tell them? I said "tell them what happened, I don't know why I did that!" She said you could have killed me. I was crying and felt just at a loss for an explanation. My car was not there.The people in the house called 911 and the ambulance passed by twice before stopping. Then I woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have been having these two dreams lately and was wondering what they meant.

1. I am living at my old house and I keep going out and checking the mail. There is always mail in the mailbox and it's mostly full of magazines and stuff not for me. However, in one dream I did receive acceptance letters from colleges.

2. I am on diving boards but the boards are mostly dipped in to the water and therefore can not bounce and are not usable. However, I still try to dive. In one dream I was at a facility built solely for diving boards, but all of them were mostly half way in the water.

These dreams have been coming along for a while now, about 4 months so it can't be due to some recent stress or anything. I know what you're going to say "the mail represents your expecting a big change or a big change is about to happen or you're anticipating something" and then the diving boards representing "you're trying to do something but something is holding you back" blah blah blah but I want more than just the obvious fool's interpretation. Thanks!

Example: What does this dream mean? A friend opened a diamond ring in my mailbox?

My friend - who is an energy reader and quite spititual - had a dream that a she opened a wrapped box that was in my mailbox. It was a diamond ring. There was a card with it but she could not tell who it was for. No one is at the marriage stage in my household...my friend said she would never go in anyone's mailbox and she has never dreamt about my house. Any thoughts? She cannot get a handle on this dream.

Example: What do you guys think my dream means?

Last night I had a really weird dream,I was in my neighborhood and I was in front of my mailbox just staring at it.On the top of the mailbox were two bottles of wine,one was full and the other bottle had only a little bit of wine missing from it.Then next to the two bottles of wine,there was a wine glass that was a little less than halfway full of wine.While I was staring at the wine on top of the mailbox,I kept getting this feeling as if something really terrible was happening but I can't remember what was happening though.Then all of a sudden I hear a voice say something along the lines of ''If you take the wine they'll know''.After that the dream ended and now I can't stop thinking about the dream because it is so creepy.

Thanks in advanced. ;)

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