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Dream About Maids meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What might this dream mean?

My family hired a live-in maid about 3 months ago and I had a dream that she was running after me with a gun, and then a knife, and as much as I begged she wanted to kill me. What's weird about this dream is that it came in parts. The next part that I remember (and I'm not sure how I narrowly escaped) is that she is flouncing around wearing my mom's more expensive clothing and we're being treated as the maids. (She really came from a poor family, we're higher middle class.) I'm not sure if anyone believed that she wanted to kill ME, but it seems like she's threatening everyone, and my sister just laughed and rolled her eyes when I was trying to explain to a friend (in the dream) how she wanted to kill me. No one really seemed to care what I had to say and everyone seemed dazed.

I don't get it, we treat her like family in real life, but I never trusted her from the start, she sort of has an evil face. My mom lets her wear my mom's clothes and my sister let her wear her earrings...

well, you stated that you didn't like her from the start b/c you felt she had an 'evil face' (not sure what that means). From the outset you fed your subconscious mind negative things about this woman. Maybe she's not really trying to kill you but rather the negative energy that you've fed yourself about her. Dreams are very interesting. Sometimes the world that is going on inside of our heads seem more 'real' than the tangible world. The interesting thing about our minds is that we can train it to be however we want it to be. Try this exercise..before you go to sleep, plant nothing but good thoughts in your mind about this woman and see what type of dreams you have then. Ask yourself, are you judgemental towards others around you regularly? Always remember to make assessments of others based on their deeds and not your perception of what they are simply by the way they look.

Example: What does my dream mean!?

Okay I had a dream that I was pregnant (I'm 14 and actually not pregnant in real life) and my watert broke, but the baby came out of my mouth(you might think I'm really crazy right now but that's ny dream for you) but everyone acted like it was normal I didn't even realize it wasn't until I woke up and thought about it. So I was in my room and my mom kept saying "The maid just came"(because obviously I was going to make a mess, oh and we have no maid) and so my mom was pulling my baby from my mouth and when she got it out parts of its fingers and um private part (I'm not even trying to be gross right now, that's what happened and it was a boy) and the parts were in my mouth(again, NOT trying to be gross). Then my mom looked at my dad and said "Do you still change your mind?" And I was like gagging and he said "No." Then I woke up. What could this mean I heard all dreams mean something I'm so scared?

Example: What does this dream mean..?

Okay I think this is by far the weirdest dream I have ever had.

I'm sitting in a court room being accused of not doing chores.. Then my mom stands up and says that it's time to get ready for the wedding--my wedding.
So we go and get ready. My brides maids were people in my class that I don't really get along with. We step out into the church and I see the groom and run away. I run into the hall way and it's filled with water.

The dream changes into kind of like a tv show about shark attacks. It's like flash backs in my mind. I see pictures of sharks and of people being eaten by them. Then I'm out in the open water with a rescue team trying to find a body. The helicopter crashes and everyone is freaking out.

Then we're on land. This road is narrow and we're walking forward. The sides of the road look like a jungle with the grass and trees but you can still see the houses. I look over my shoulder to see who is behind me and I see this huge lizard/dinosaur thing running towards us with a mouthful of teeth. So we run and it attacks us. We kill it.
We continue on but then we see it's mother and she runs after us and tries to attack us.
The funny thing is, the road which looks like one of the highways around my house, slowly turned into the hallways of my school.
So we all run into this room and lock the door.

And that's when I woke up.

Freaky. Can someone please tell me what this kind of means?


Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Or what do you THINK it means?
I woke up on my bed and my whole wall was painted pink (I never liked pink) but I didn't seemed surprised, as if I've been living in this house for a long time now. When I turned, I looked into the corner of my bed, which stare right into a hole on the floor. Below that hole was our basement, or well, the basement back at the house that we used to live in about 6 years ago. Well, that was the part that frightened me most, not in a threatening way, but emotionally. As if I've something (or rather, someONE) behind. Anyways, so I got out of bed and went into the hallway. There was a maid that was doing the laundry, I asked her where everyone was, and she told me they were outside. I went out side and look back at my house; it was actually a mansion. A big, gigantic, white, Disney-like mansion. I look into my yard, and it didn't seem like a yard anymore; it was a vast field of green grass that overlooked the horizon. Weirdly, I knew where everyone was and so I ran straight into the field. I noticed it was my birthday without anyone telling, but they were all wearing white (which seem weird) The tables, the dishes, the cups, everything was white. Suddenly, I sprouted wings (somehow) and soured into the sky. My other friends came out of nowhere and soared with me too. She said something about doing a great deed and Heaven rewarded me (lol)? It was SO beautiful, even though it was a dream, it felt so REAL (in fact, sometimes when I wake up, it feels like reality is just another dream). We landed on the part where the sea touches the land (not a beach; it doesn't have any sand, but more of a very wide, vast, big, river) anyways, there were dolphins and killer whales (I know they eat dolphins, but they get along perfectly) I wanted to pet them, but my friend grabbed my arm and told me, "Don't. We have to go back. Everyone's waiting." I stilled wanted to touch it, and she responded, "Stop. It's dangerous." For some reason, I felt it wasn't a warning or anything. It was as if she was trying to hide something from me, or keep me away. I immediately reached for a nearby dolphin, and I suddenly woke up in a start. o_o

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay, so a few nights ago, i had a dream about my mother. lemme explain.
so it started out where i was getting ready for my mother's wedding and i was the flower girl, which was unusual to me, since i'm thirteen and i have younger sisters. so, i told my mom about it, and she told me she'd switch me to maid of honor. o_o so then, my five year old sister comes rushing in with her hair alllll the way down to her ankles and her hair was golden curls. my aunt followed her in with a hair curling iron. everyone acted as if her rapunzel hair was just natural and nothing was different about the fact that her hair was as long as a train on a wedding dress.
everything else is a blur.
i have NO idea what that could mean. o_o
help me?

Example: Dream Meaning?

I want to see if anyone can provide some insight to my dream.

I've had a recurring dream over the last two weeks that my best friend of 14 years repeatedly kidnaps me.

In one she was a cop assigned to protect me and my sister while my husband was out of town. While showing me around her house she hit me over the head while I am not looking, knocking me out. Then did the same to my sister.

Another time she visited me at work and sprayed me and my boss with her perfume bottle causing us both to pass out.

There are others but all involve her knocking me (and whomever I'm with) out in some form or another. When I come to she is usually gone.

We do not fight at all and see each other a couple of times a week. She was the maid of honor in my wedding.

Is there any significance to being knocked unconscious in a dream? Especially by my best friend?

Thanks. JJ

Example: I had a dream of wearing a white/beige wedding dress, but I was the brides maid...What does this mean?

What I remember is that I went to a white/beige wedding and all my family was present, but the weird thing that I remember is that I was not the bride, but the brides made, however, I was wearing a wedding dress and everyone was telling me how beautiful I looked and I was like the center of attention.

FYI: I'm single, no kids and never been married.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream this afternoon, that I went upstairs to take and shower cut on the light and the shower curtain opened by itself. As I was running out of my room the door slammed shut. I went and told a maid in my house about what happened and the doors started slamming shut. I kept saying I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and the doors starting slamming back and forth again.
What does this mean?

Example: Tell me what this dream means?

i had a dream last night where i was getting married. here is how it happened,

it started when me and my mom were picking out a wedding dress and i didn't really care for whatever dress she picked cause i disliked wearing dresses...so i said yes to a white one. Well anywayz i think i ended up in my cottage whitch i stayed in for the summer. Well it seems i was getting married there. So yeah i didn't know who the groom was and i had to stay in a room with some anime character...so yeah, i started getting into my dress when i found out it wasn't the white one, it was a slutty pink short little maid outfit, that was going to be my dress. ugh did i dislike pink so much. i really disliked the pink so i went to my mom and said 'why did it have to be the pink dress?' she said 'stop being a child and put on the dress to turn your groom on' i didn't seem very happy with my mother...

then i woke up. i don't really know what catergory to put this in so yeah

Example: What does my dream mean?

this is a very weird dream so...
Okay me and my friend (who i doesn't exist, but in my dream we were friends) we were going to run away. We did but we didn't have any money, blankets or pillows. We were by a lot of hotels so we decided to rob it. We went in but got noticed by the manager, we apparently looked like 2 sister employees there, who's father gave us the job. The manager said "You're father didn't come to work today, so I might fire all of you." We (me and my friend) didn't know what was going on, but we understood the whole look a like thing and figured our "father" worked at the hotel. So we didn't want innocent people t get fired, and we'd be close to the money, pillows, and blankets. He told me what I had to do, it sounded like I was a maid, and my friend was a dishwasher for the hotel restaurant .
Then i woke up from a noise, but what did the dream mean, it was probably when of the only dreams i remembered in a long time, i thought i was banished from dreamland.

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