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Dream About Magnolia Tree meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does the Japanese Magnolia mean in a dream?

The other night I had this dream that I climbed a Japanese Magnolia tree. In the dream I was apprehensive although the tree was quite large, and I was searching for knowledge about something. The tree was quite colorful in the dream and it seemed focused on that. What could it mean?


Example: What does it mean to see dead snakes in a dream?

I had a dream that it was night and I was walking in my yard, next to a magnolia tree. As i was walking, there was dead snakes everywhere. One snake in particular was an albino snake, with a rabbit as the head, and it was dead ...

What does this mean?

Example: What does this reoccurring setting in my dream mean?

I have had dreams that are completely different except for the setting. The dream could be about anything but it's always set in a swamp with one crooked leafless tree in the middle. My dreams have taken place here too many times for it to be a coincidence. I tried for a long time to find a real place that looked like that and I went to the magnolia swamp gardens in South Carolina (I had been there before) and there were many places that looked like my dreams. So I get where it came from but why a crooked tree in a swamp?

Example: Can someone interpret this dream? (Tornadoes and dogs - but I'm no Dorothy)?

I'll preface this by saying I'm not sure if this is one, two, or three dreams all mixing together. It's just a weird little circus of information that I'm trying to get a handle on.

I'm on my way to a performance (I can't remember what kind, but I'm the one going to be performing), and I see two small-sized dogs running around together. They're not puppies; they look like Bichon Frise or Pomeranians or something. There are no other people around, so I pick one of them up and try to find its collar, when I notice its back two feet are loosely bound together and there's some sort of air tube running into it - so it's sick, and I want to get it and the other one back to their owner.

I look up and notice some odd clouds forming. They combine into a funnel shape off in the distance. I go to pick up the dogs, and when I look up again, the narrow white funnel has darkened and thickened into a massive, slowly moving column. I'm not afraid, but I am worried for my home. For some reason, I feel that the column won't move, so I try to decide whether it's near my place based on how far west it is. I decide it's far enough away, when I look up and see that it's turned on its side to create a kind of sideways S shape and that the base has moved further east. I'm immediately annoyed, because this means I can't go back to my apartment, so I head straight to whatever performance theater I was headed to.

While walking, I try to check the dog tags to see where they live, if it's on the way, but they're really struggling against that, so I just carry them. I also notice mountains in the distance seem to have their leaves changing color, but I can't see too clearly because I'm focusing on the dogs.

I get to the theater, and find out that I'm in two consecutive performances - the first is a dancing number, and I'm slathered with white makeup to make me practically glow under the lights. I won't have time to completely change between acts, so I decide just to clean off the makeup and continue. While I'm doing this, I put the dogs somewhere. I find them being messed with later - the one that had her legs kind of tied together has been put on some kind of walker, so her hind legs touch the ground and her front legs don't. I take her off it and try to find her brother. It takes a long time, and it's late afternoon by the time I can set out to return them. I'm angry by the way they were treated, but when I get outside, I notice the leaves really have started to change. They're gorgeous, in red-orange-yellow-green fading beautifully from top to bottom. The trees I see are magnolias.

When I return the dogs, I find that one of them has gone missing, and at this point, I'm fed up with small dogs and the owner. The owner seems to be someone I know, because I'm returning them to a cafe I've been to before, but it's dark and seems to be closed, so I can't go in. I leave the last dog in the screened-in front area and leave.

On my way back, I pass my work place and go in. My old boss is there, working again. I say something lame, like "long time no see!" She looks happy to see me, but I sense a kind of animosity that I can't place.

And then I wake up.

Example: Good goal for happiness?

Because one million dollars wouldn't do it. And that is coming from a bottom climber. So if money isn't the cure, and women no longer since my hyper desire for them has been wiped clean with several anti-depressants. Where do I find peace on Earth other than from cessation?

My amphetamine riddled body, taken to succeed; my aching chest which I care little about. I can only see a collapse in the shower like Brittany Murphy.

So I would like to die in a dream. Under a the largest of Magnolia out of one hundred Magnolia trees that surrounding me. Full of tea made from it's bark.

And this is what propels me. Not the house, not the money, but the trees and my shady resting place as I'm warmed by the Sun.

That's a great goal, huh?

Now all I need is money to buy the house and the healthy land.

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