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Dream About Mad Dog meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about dogs?

I had a dream that there was a dog attacking another dog and the dog was trying to get my sister-in-law but all she was trying to do was get my 1 year old nephew away because the dog was next to him but the dog tried to attack her in the process but when i woke up from these dream i was really scared that i couldnt even move what could this have to do with?

The last person who answered your question might be right. However, dreams are usually indicator of your own feelings. The dog probably represents a feeling you have toward your sis-in-law. The act of attacking her may have been a protective measure for the nephew. I know that your sis-in-law is more or less a stranger to the family, so the mad dog may also possibly represent a strong resentment towards her over your brother, and the nephew may simply represent a strong feeling of abandonment. She may not even have done anything wrong. For one reason or another, this is the way you feel, and you need to deal with it yourself. It's a personal problem. Try getting to know your sis-in-law better. After all, she is, by marriage, your sister.

9 times out of 10, the way we feel has nothing to do with anything. I think your brain is trying to tell you stop it.

Example: What does my dream mean? Contains dying dog with wings.?

I had a dream I saw one of my old best friends in a store and so he is walking me to my car and we walk by this bar and we see another of our old good friends. He is mad at me at first and but I keep saying sorry and so he picks me up and hugs me and says he isn't mad anymore. So my old best friend and I are finally at my red car (in real life my car is silver so I'm not sure if this means something). On the side of my car is this dark dog (like a chocolate lab) and it had these huge white beautiful wings. It is sitting but the bottom half of its body is gone. It is bleeding and every time it exhales, blood comes out of its bottom half.
Can someone tell me what this means? Thanks! :)

Example: What could be the meaning of this dream about my dead dog?

I love dogs as friends. Many years ago, I had a dog. He died in much pain and I couldn't help him as I was just a child. I still wish I could have done something for him.

At present, I have two dogs. They both are really adorable.

I had a really emotional dream which made my eyes wet.

I saw that I was walking my two dogs and I was happy. Suddenly, I feel a poke at my back. I turn and see that it is my dog who died years ago. He was poking at my back with his nose. He looked in real bad shape- dirty and with ruffled hair. He wanted that I should hold his chain and walk him too. I felt that he wasn't supposed to be here as he now belonged to some other world.

Still, I loved him. So against my better judgement, I hold his chain too and start walking all three dogs. From his eyes, it looked that he was in so much pain.

Please somebody interpret it. I am going mad thinking about this dream. What could it mean?

Example: What does my dream of killing my dog mean?

Last night i dreamed i stomped my dog to death. I love my dog very much, and im never cruel to her. She is like my baby, so this dream disturbed me quite a bit. In my dream i was at work, and she was just there for some reason, and i was really angry with her so i stomped on her until she quit breathing (she isn't a small dog either) and then after she was dead i stood on her body. The only thing i can think of is about 4 hours before i went to bed, i was mad at her cuz she ran off again. Im very careful not to let her out with out supervision, cuz ive had 2 dogs get hit by cars by my house, so i tend to freak when she gets loose. but i have NEVER been even HALF that angry with any of my dogs, much less the one i have now...any thoughts would be much appreciated

Example: I had a dream that my dog choked what does it mean?

I was dreaming of a machine that went under water. I forgot the name of it. And the thing flew in the air and nobody even noticed there was water in too and we were inside. The windows opened letting all of the water out. And the man asked us why is there gravity all of a sudden. And we landed I guess. I was getting in to other trailers or cabins to sit with the girl uhhh Mackenzie Joormann. And I had a dream about her yesterday or the day before yesterday. Either way she was in my dreams is all I remember. And one of the girls at my school told me that everybody was trying to get away from me. So we were leaving and our dog got lost but she was in a bag and it seemed a crane got her and she was shaking her head. I told my mother and she said it was our dog if she was shaking her head. So we went to the councilor and told her to let nobody else through that it was our dog. So when we got back home with her she choked in the kitchen and then she passed out dead. My mom got mad at my brother and said, "You choked her and now I got to clean up this mess!". I said, "Mom do you want me to call 911?". But she didn't answer to me at all she just kept on blaming Dylan. And then I woke up and got out of bed and preyed nothing would happen. What do you think this meant? Was it a premonition of the future? Ten Points...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that my dog barked and jumped off the bed to go see what a noise was, then I heard a rooster, then I heard a real scary growling so I started to get real scared some like stray dog had came inside, then my dog said my name real scared like to come look, and I was laying down and so tired I couldn't get up?

Example: What does it mean when you dream on the black dog?

I just dreamed that my dog was barking her head off like she has been an i went out to let her in an the snow was lit up with moon light an out from behind one of the center bushes came the black dog/wolf running like a motherfu**** it jumped up on my porch over the rail an everything an slammed the door but while it was still in mid air i grabbed its back leg an threw it back an it lunged towards me but i woke up before it did any harm. it had a misty form, but its was solid. nothing else just the form of the dog or wolf.

Example: What does it mean if you dream that you got attacked by a dog?

My family wasn't at home either, it took place at my aunts house, and we had this big, black and brown dog, it wasn't a rottweiler but it had flappy skin around the mouth . Anyways, I was eating a piece of steak and got up from the table and the dog runs at me full speed and starts going retarded, but he didn't bite. It's as if he was just trying to push me.

It was weird, could it mean anything?

Example: What does it mean when i have a dream about my dead dog?

My dog had past away about a year ago and last night i had the strangest dream about him. I was holding him but he got away and kept running away from me and barking at me. When he was alive we had such a connection like he was my child but in that dream i got to hold him but he ran away and barked non-stop just at me. i also think this has to do with me putting him down. he lived to be 20 years old and he was blind and could barely walk so i decided to put him down and i was holding him when the doctor gave him the shot. Does this mean he's mad at me? is that why he kept running away and barking just at me?

Example: What does it means when you dream that a red dog attacks you?

i had this weird dream i was arriving at this place and a red dog attacked me as soon as he saw me i was in a car and i rolled the window up and the dog was trying to open it with its claws it didnt open the window but i was so scared

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