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Dream About Macaw meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Two very strange dreams...what do you think they mean?

i had a dream last night that a hummingbird was in my room with me flying frantically about looking for somewhere to land and it was fluttering around me as well... it seemed to be trying to get my attention to open the door and help it or something... itw as very beautiful and colored like a macaw with rainbow tones to its wings... at first i just watched it fly around, trying to figure out what it was doing... then idecided to open the door for it. when i went to open my door to let the bird outside, it was raining heavy outside! the bird looked scared to leave... but it was eager to escape as well. i felt bad for it. i kept gesturing my hand to the bird as to say, here, lool the doors open! then finally it just took off right into the rain.

dream two...now for a nother bird. right after the hummingbird dream i have a dream that im sleep on my bed and a black bird that is huge and resembles a vulture and crow mix... it had buzzard feathers like frayed all around the neck as they tend to... this big black buzzard came through ahole in my roof. it then perched on my foot. then it just stared and looked at me as if to examine me. then it hopped closer. onto my knee. examined me more. then... it hopped onto my shoulders! i freaked out! i could tell it was going to possibly bite me, even pluck out my eye so i began to try to intimidate it to get off me by making scary sounds and face expressions. i looked dead as i was sleep to the bird, but i wasnt i was just sleeping... i was too afraid to get up and move because it was so close to me and i tried to move my face away from his so he wouldnt bite me and then i woke up. what the hell do you think of these?

in the past few months ive had dreams of a cobra lunging at me, 3 tigers- two pitch black , the 2 black ones attacked by the normal looking tiger sat up and watched. i had a dream of 3 black ravens watching me, a dove turning into a rat...lots of animal dreams! most of them are black and im lost on what it allmeans!

Perhaps you are moody.You are happy sometimes,unhappy some times.The changing mood only reflected in dreams.You are growing or sexuality is getting aroused.Such dreams are usual around periods.Possibly you are anxious about outcome of something.Since your age or gender is not known nothing more can be added.

Example: Hello? :) I have a question about careers.?

Well, I'm 14 and I'm a girl. I always start my questions off with a little basic detail like that. Anyways, I have a question about careers. Okay, so. I was looking into what I wanted to be when I grow up. Heres some basic history on my quest for the right career choice.

Okay, I wanted to be a marine biologist, then decided Im deathly afraid of scubadiving... So then biology, deciding not because it could be anything from a lion to a pseudopod. (yes, I know what a pseudopod is. I learned in science class. My science teacher generalized it as something along the lines of a fake foot, or the organism that creates the fake foot.. :/ i think..) I love animals. I want to study animals. So after that I decided Zoologist. Nada, idk why.. Veternarian, nooo because I can't deal with the cutting open of an animal, or the inevitable deaths.. D':

So after that, I kinda forgot about careers, up until recently. I have become almost desperate in trying to find the perfect career for me, but it has also gone into a matter of money. I want to have not only a well paying job, but a VERY well paying job, which is something that I like to do (dont we all..) I want a job that will make me rich if I am good at it. Btw, I have very high map test results, I am enriched in lang arts+literature, science, and well to make it simple, everything except math. Im average in that. My 8th grade ISAT Test Said that I was smarter that 97% Of america... Im not trying to be cocky, Im trying to give you an idea of my intelegence (if I spelled that right, lol) so you can find the best match. Anyways, So I heres the actual question.

Okay. A high paying career, the possibility of becoming rich, in the study of animals, a dream job, could you show me a job like that? I cannot be a SURGICAL vet. Oh, and another thing. I will consider the oddest of jobs, so throw them at me, im open! And Im what most people will call, really impatient. So a job that requires not as much school would be great. I saw the orthodontist, and its like, 4 years of college, 4 years of the career school, then residency bullshit... I cant be in school for 11 years with paying for all that school.. geez I would be in debt up to my neck. (saying as though residency is 3 years as well i believe.) Anyways, Can you please find me a career in animals, not so much school, could make me rich, and please without as much competition? But other non related suggestments are open too. Anything thats high paying, but that description is the dream job for me. I have a passion to animals and plants that I cannot ignore, I will always be with animals my whole life.

PS. I have already started the breeding and handweaning of birds.(I also go to bird expos and fairs) They are my passion, and they will act as a side job. I am going to breed macaws, and some may understand that macaws are sold at a very high price, being like young children, so colorful, big, and just majestic birds. So I will be making alot as it is. Im am breeding parakeets and cockatiels currently (hey, gotta start small right?) With an aviary that is going to have Handfed parakeets,cockateils,quakers,parrotlets,... ringneck parrots, macaws, and jenday conures. Thats a butt-ton of money as it is, and probably my dream job as it stands, and probably fits all my requirements, but keep it in mind, the job I want you to find doesn't need to make me rich, just well paying. Please help me find it! All suggestions are welcomed by EXPERIENCED people who are answering! :D Thank you!

PSS I am not being lazy asking this, because I looked everywhere, and decided asking on here could help me, with experienced people like you. Please help me find my dream job!

Example: Two dreams with macaws (parrots) what could they mean?

My fiance has had two dreams now involving parrots. The first one, he said was a little parrot who was kissing him on the nose (nibbling, chirping its how birds "kiss"), but then bit him hard. He said he either smacked it or shook his head real hard, either way it ended up across the room and out of nowhere a kitten jumped out and tried to attack the parrot but then they both just disappeared. The second dream he said he was standing in front of a large cage that was filled with parrots that were "freaking out", a bunch of little ones and then there was one large one in the middle trying to fly. In both dreams the birds were macaws. I've searched different "dream dictionary" sites and none of them seem to incorporate the actions of the parrots which I think must be of some significance, in my experience things that stand out are things that are important to know when looking up the meaning, and actions of certain things can change the meaning entirely.

Example: Dream about a parrot?

I had a weird dream last night involving a parrot (a scarlet macaw to be exact). I was complaining to my mom about having a headache, then she pointed out that I had a parrot perched on my head. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my ghastly dream mean?

I was at my grandmother's house, getting ready to go to bed, and put my Amazon parrot back into her big cage. I then bent over to pick up a macaw and put him in the cage, then a budgie, then a series of cockatiels that had patches of feathers and body parts missing from them. I don't have a macaw, budgies, or cockatiels! With each bird I put into the cage, the bird before it grew smaller, except the cockatiels did not shrink. I checked the cage again, and my amazon had become so small that I could not find her anymore. I searched all over the house and finally found her, normal sized under a couch. She told me she hated me (heartbreak; I love her very much!). I carried her back to the room, and found that all the birds were missing! I ran into the kitchen, opened the freezer compartment, and found that my mom had placed each of the birds into fluid filled jars and had frozen them! I quickly in horror tried to save the birds, but when I emptied the jars, they were already stiff and dead

Example: Interpret my dream please?

Okay so I went to sleep and had this dream: I walked into my dining room where my bird cage is, my bird is a blue and yellow macaw. I started talking to him for awhile then looked out the window to see in my property, there were 4 red macaws. 2 on each side of the property. Then the 2 on the left started growing tall. Tall as an adult human. They started moving, but as if they were gliding like chess peices in a game of chess. They glided to the other 2 macaws on the other side. Which was on a small hill. Then when all 4 macaws were tall they slowly transformed into humans. Except they didn't look normal, their clothing and skin color was very vampiric, meaning dark and scary looking. I heard them talking, but only caught the word "eggs". Then one of the woman vampires pulled down her black dress to reveal her breasts as if she was getting ready to breast feed. Then all 4 of them glided down the hill and pointed at my property and started talking. It was faint but I heard "lots of eggs" and "tomorrow". Then they walked into some trees and dissapeared. After that a pair of eyes appeared where the beings just left. Then dissapeared. I was so scared I went to my dad (still in the dream) in the dream it was about 7:00 pm. So it was dark but still I could see. And my dad was up and he said he saw it too. I was hoping it was an illusion, or some virus trick. I forgot to mention that right before anything happened in the dream I downloaded a program called "valentine". When I woke up, I was so thankful it was just a dream. But Decided i would google "Valentine" and nothing related to that program or my dream came up. I'm 17 year old boy. And I don't usually have dreams like this.

Example: A way to make money using my birds?

At 13 in the UK i recently took 500 pounds out o my bank to start a bird aviary. i have a large outdoor aviary with (at the moment) Cockatiels and budgies. Im trying to save to pay for food ect. As that was the agreement with my parents also BEGIN for a bigger bird (such as a lesser sulpher crested cockatoo - or my dream bird a blue and gold macaw) I am extremely Intelligent on the birds subject. As I have (not severe) cerbal palsy i pursued an interest in birds rather then football or something. I know about breeding and know well enough it is not profitable. I thought of training them to do bird shows, is that a good idea?. Any other ideas?

Example: New Macaw, questions or helpfull pointer?

Hi there. Me and my boyfriend recently got a blue and gold macaw. It's the boyfriend's dream to have a macaw, but I really don't know too much about birds. We named him Wacam ( macaw backwards ) and don't know if it's a girl or boy, but i think he's a boy. He's only 5 months old, and we've had him for about a month. He is mostly well behaved, likes chewing on stuff but i know that's normal. earlier tonight he was sitting in my lap and actually layed down on my arm like he was going to go to sleep. is it normal for a macaw to ever lay down? I was also wondering what the general noises and gestures of macaws means? I know his loud squak is him wanting attention, and when i'm petting him, he'll make a whimper noise, that's good right? He talks himself to sleep too. It's cute, but normal? Also, any other pointers and helpfull facts would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Example: Where can I buy a blue and gold macaw near Chicago Illinois?

hello, I'm Adeline and I was just wondering where one earth could i possibly find a blue & gold macaw (near Chicago, IL) I am looking to buy one for my mom. She has been taking care of birds since i was a kid, I'm 18 now. She wants and is now ready for something larger and more exotic. I think it's about time she got her dream bird. I have visited numerous web sites, but no luck in the Chicago area. please send me any info on where i could possibly purchase this particular bird, perhaps from an experienced breeder, price is not of importance.

thanks for the help!

Example: I had a dream that a tree In our yard was cut down, and I found three baby macaw (parots) chicks in the log.?

The chicks were all red, and the parents were flying around squaking but wouldn't come down to the chicks. What's the meaning?

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