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Dream About Lungs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I slept for nearly the whole day yesterday and I had this dream I can't shake the feeling of. It's kinda vague now, but I remember the key points that make me shudder. I was in my grandmother's home, but it wasn't her home as I know it. It was dark and had this malevolent feeling about it. I was drawn to her bedroom where there were three girls laying in her bed. They all felt different to me, but they all felt evil. Though they were each a different type of evil. I can't remember what each said to me, but I know they were trying to convince me to do something, to forget something, and follow something. Then suddenly or maybe not so suddenly I jumped on top of the one in the middle. She felt the evilest to me, and the other two seemed to just shrink and back away. I started shouting out to my Goddess to rid her and me of this evil spirit (before you say anything yes I am a Wiccan), and she started yelling, clawing, and beating me. The other two yelled at me but couldn't touch me. The middle girl kept trying to get me off of her. Somehow physical contact was important to what I was doing since I kept having to grip onto her arms or any place I could as I kept chanting. After it felt like a lifetime the middle girl faded away, and the other two faded away but to a different place than I knew the middle one went to but just as bad of place.
I seemed to shake off what had happened since I continue on through my grandmother's house. Somehow, the house felt darker than before. I once again I started chanting at the top of my lungs to rid the house of whatever evil spirit was in it. Then it went black, and I know there was more to it than that but the next thing I know I woke up. Though whatever it was that happened between black and waking up it must have been bad since I get a headache trying to remember it.
So I just wanted to know what you thought this meant. I feel it means something, but I can't figure out what. I hope you have better luck than I do.

No one can really tell you exactly what your dream means, because dreams are filled with ideas pictures and associations that are unique to you. The best way to find out what it means, is to just imagine someone asking you what the little parts of the dream mean to you.
What does your grandmother's house mean to you? Does it give you a sense of security or is it more nostalgic?
Is the fact that there were three girls have any significance to you or your religion? does the fact that they're in your grandmothers bed have any meaning?
With any details like that, ask yourself what those things mean to you, and then put all of those meanings together.

The way I interpret it, is that your grandmothers house is a good place to be; it makes your feel calm or safe. Having these three evil girls in your grandmothers bed may symbolize something or several things making you feel uncomfortable or stressed, but by addressing the problem directly (jumping on top of the girl) it allows you to rid yourself of that stressor. The fact that she's fighting back along with the other girl's harassment probably symbolizes the struggle of addressing that problem.

But don't take my interpretation to seriously. Like i said, every dream has meanings and associations that only you can fully understand.

Example: Dream Meaning?

I had the most bizarre dream last night. There was a young woman with dark, long hair who was in a room alone with me. (I was scared of her). This lady came up to me and mentioned my lungs. (It seemed as if I owed her something, but I am not sure). She said something about a “chip” in one of my lungs that she needed to take. I agreed. She sort of breathed onto or sucked air from me (to take it). I realized that this “chip” was something that I needed. Then, I remember thinking it was too late and woke up. At some point in the dream, I remember seeing the “chip”. (Chip is the word that was used in the dream). The chip was just a white spot in my lung like you would see in an X-Ray. Does anyone have any insight into the meaning of this?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Now before i tell you- im 15- never been on any drugs- stay away from acohol..but my best friend does and lots of people around me do

So my dream my that i started smoking cigs- now the weird thing ia yeaterday my friend and i both said 'im never gunna do that ****' so in my dream i started smoking them-i smoked two. Then stopped and called my friend bc i was craving another and i wanted to quit and i knew he could help me. - then i woke up. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean if I was bitten by a black dog?

I was sitting in the car with my younger brother, then I opened the door to let out a fly and my brother warned me not to open the door because there was a dog, but I didn't listen saying "The dog won't come in here, it's fine" then a big black dog leaped in through the door, happy and playful at first, but then I tried to push it gently out of the car and it turned aggressive, snapping at me and barking and it bit me on the arm. Eventually my brother and I shouted loud enough for the owner to hear and he called off the dog and I shut the door.
This is the most I have ever remembered of a dream and I think it means something but I don't know what. Can anyone help?

Example: What does my dream/nightmare mean?

i've been having the same bad dream for a few nights now. what happens is my brother kills him self then my mum dies of lung cancer then me and my dad get into a car crash were a drunk driver runs a red light and hits us, i survive but my dad doesn't, then a re-bell against everything and become a real b*tch then i meet this girl, we become close (like sisters) and her family adopts me, they're rich and she has 5 brothers, and i feel right at home with them, then i join 4 of the brothers and the dad as a bounty hunter.
does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Okay, so a couple of nights ago I had this dream and I'm seriously wondering if it has any meaning. Well, I guess you could call it a nightmare since the contents were pretty dark, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, the dreams starts out with an old friend of mine (one to which I hadn't talked to for months before today.) being lost somewhere in the middle of a gigantic, rundown city. I'm not entirely sure where we were, but it was beyond eerie. Everything appeared to be in black and white. The skies were black with storm clouds and huge drops of rain poured down all around like bullets. I got a feeling in my gut that sunlight hadn't shown it's face in that area for ages. Every buildings around us had cracks and were completely falling apart. Any windows that weren't completely smashed in were clouded with a thick dust or some type of grime. I think the most creepy part was the area, beside my friend and I, was completely vacant. No cars, no people, no other life. Just us, standing in the middle of the road, soaked to the bone with a confused look plastered on our faces.

Neither of us really said anything, we just started to walk. Still, we didn't find any people.
We thought we were completely alone in that industrial jungle until we started to hear unenthusiastic moans in the distance. The first thing that I thought (because I'm a horror movie junkie) was "Holy ****, zombies." so I looked at my friend and told her we had to get somewhere safe. She agreed, and we took off running. That's when all these rotting corpses started to appear all over the place, some animated and others not. The ones that could move looked at us with their blackened eyes; obviously full of hunger. This made us run faster and faster. We were absolutely horrified but our lungs were starting to give out on us after what seemed like hours of running. We needed a safe place to rest, so we thought we'd take a short cut down a back alley. As we turned, we saw a motley wooden shack (It seemed horribly out of place in the city) and ran over to it for some reason I can't explain. Inside, there was a millions of dead, rotting rats. On the walls, on the ground, on the ceiling. Everywhere. . In the corner, a decaying woman sang her rotting teeth into one of the rat's lifeless bodies. (It was weird because all of the rats looked like the one I had that recently died.) It was appalling and we both wanted to leave. But as I turned, I was met by a horde of zombies, all reaching out to grab me. That's when I woke up. It was so strange; I can't even explain it. Any ideas as to what this means?

Example: What does it mean when you can't wake up from a dream?

last night i had a really scary dream, and i realize im in a dream and i can't wake up. i'm also kicking and screaming at the top of my lungs trying so hard to wake up and when i tell my husband the next morning, he said he didn't feel me at all. i just want to know , is there any real meaning as to why you can't wake up? has anyone else experienced this?

Example: Do you believe dreams have meaning?

If so what does this dream mean?
I dreamt about my grandma who has cancer she the cancer started on her lung and now she has it on her liver and spine chemo is shrinking the cancer.
Any the dream was my grandma moved house to somewhere quite far me and my mum couldn't find the place so rang her she came to meet us in a park there where children playing on their bikes my grandma then said my house is just through there pointing towards a dark and gloomy footpath with loads of trees either side, me and my mum then said to her you can't live there we would worry about you walking home on your own...

This dream has done my head in what if anything is my subconsious mind trying to tell me?

Example: What the hell this dream means ? Has an interpretation in tarot?

I dreamt that... I am almost dead of lung pierced by bull horn through back, no blood oozing and the moment I move a little, I stop breathing...so, people around me have started preparations of funeral. I am trying to tell them by eye movements that I am alive ... they look the other way.

Example: What do black cats and dogs attacking in dreams mean?

I have had 3 different dreams in the last few days about this and I am trying to figure out what it could mean. The first one I dreamed I was smoking in my garage like I normally do. It was night time and the door was open. A black cat came in and I crouched down to greet it and it started clawing and biting my arms. The next one happened last night and it was a black dog. Not sure where I was or what time. It was biting me on the left arm right around the wrist. After that I dreamed I was in my room watching myself sleep and there was a completely black shadow person sitting on me. He took a pillow then started to suffocate me and then I woke up. Any clues?

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