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Dream About Lucky meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams mean?

if you have a dream about something what does it mean
like do they have some meaning to them
i was just wondering x

most thing in a dream mean something.
heres a few of them incase they help you:
DOG-Pay attention to dreams about dogs, as they often bring important messages. Dog dreams that are positive mean that the dreamer is lucky in friendship. A threatening dog signifies discomfort with large social groups
BABY-A baby signifies innocence, warmth and new beginnings. A love may be blooming for you in your near future. You will also make fun new friends. Babies may also symbolize something pure in your own inner nature. If you dream of a crying baby, part of yourself may feel deprived of attention and affection.
SEX-Sexual dreams are often straightforward representations of desires for other people. Sex in a dream can also signify our need to bond with or gain power over others. If you dream of having sex with a celebrity, you wish to be more popular or accepted by those around you.
KISS-To dream of being kissed often means the dreamer will realize something important that can help them to achieve success in real life. It can also mean that someone you know is not telling you the whole truth. To see others kissing in your dream suggests that you are too involved in their personal lives and relationships. You need to give them some space. To dream of a kiss on the cheek, whether you gave or received it, symbolizes kindness and friendship.
GHOST-In general, seeing ghosts in your dreams symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear. This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You may be anxious about your ability to achieve something in real life. Or, you may be afraid of death and dying.
FRIEND-Signify aspects of your personality that have been developing and making you grow as a person. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself, so look to the friends you dreamed about for signals of personality traits they have that you desire in yourself, and work on those things. Additionally, dreaming of friends sometimes foretells that you will hear happy news from them.

these are some means for those things. if you ever need dream advise email me at : dmdreamsandmore@fsmail

Example: What do dreams mean?!?

i always wonder what they mean!
are dreams a sign to life or what?!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was in an orange room with eight blurred faced individuals. Apparently, a special holiday was going on and everyone was excited. Including myself. Fast forward and in my dream I am holding a pink ribbon and tying it on a book I created. Fast forward to my house and found out by my mom that my dad had thrown away everything my siblings and I had ever made for him. And I flash back to the string I had and suddenly start ripping it apart. I become furious and leave the house. I was so angry that I woke up in tears and in complete outrage. :/

Example: What does my dream mean?

It starts off with me and my friend at the airport,we meet this girl i know along the way.We began talking to each other,my hand were around her waist.Out of nowhere,i kissed her.Her face blushed.I waved her goodbye as me and my friend went to through the departure entrance.i told my friend that i kissed her.He said 'Cool'. Then we got our tickets out and ready to enter the plane when...

I woke up

Example: PLEASE HELP! Dream Meaning?

I need to know what this dream means? I had it maybe 5 or 6 years ago... but it stands out from the rest of my dreams, it seems important.
There were only children and teenagers locked up at this camp/prison and there were no adults to be seen.
We all wore white, the place and items were all white and it was very peaceful and beautiful there.
Everyone seemed happy.
For some reason I had to escape. A boy and me ended up escaping over one of the vine walls.

I would appreciate some meanings given if known.

Example: Dream Meaning?

In my dream this morning, I was driving my car and noticed that I was getting low on gas. It was decreasing so quickly that I ran out of gas before an intersection and (Car shut off and stearing went hard) coasted through and into a gas station on the left. I believe I began feuling but realized I needed to ask the attendant something. As I reached the attendent I looked back and another customer was smoking or something and caused a huge explosion which I had narrowly missed. A few days later I returned to check about my car to realize the gas station had been removed and the attendent told me that my car had been destroyed. Initially I was upset but quickly realized I was lucky to not have been injured (others had died) and thanked the attendent for being there. hehe i was kinda happy thinking my insurance would pay the car off, but the dream was odd for me

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was out in my yard and i saw my boy friend in the pool. I ran up to him and started making out with him. I haven't seen him in a month.Plz help

Example: What does this dream mean?

Can you tell me what my dream means?
I was at school and I was in lunch. All we had for lunch was cereal it was weird.(That's not really important but it was in my dream) I went to a table and I was there and this girl that likes me was sitting next to me. At first some other girl was sitting there and then the girl that likes me took her place. It was weird because we were all having a good time I was happy. Then she asked me if I liked her and thats where it ended.
Can anyone help me figure out what this means?

Example: What does this wet dream mean?

I had this dream last night on the 12/15/14:

So I remember that I was in the the first floor of my school's library, which had two floors (and in real life it only has one simple floor) and that it was also like a public library, so any non-student could come in and checkout a book. I was checking out a book and there was this tall naked White women (who had brown hair and blue eyes) infront of me in the checkout line. Later, I decided to go up to the second floor of the library by using these transparent escalator, which was actually pretty cool. While going up, I saw this Black couple going down the stairway. Once I reached the second floor of the library, I went into the student lounge and there was this naked blond girl laying on the couch naked and then I remember that she was getting me aroused and gave me heads.

So what does this dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

They say dreams can represent feelings etc. what could this dream mean?
In my dream i would wake up in a bed in a store and i would start jumping on the bed screaming "this is a dream!" "im in a dream!" to people who would walk by. A cop walked by and i called him a B*tch and he took me in a room and told me since i wasnt behaving in my own dream he would place me into a dream where i would behave. so i jumped through a picture of hannah montana and ended up in her concert then woke up (in real life)
what did this dream mean?
why was i able to control it?

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