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Dream About Lover Of Boys meanings

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Example: Dream meaning help: Dream lovers?

Alright so sometimes when i fall asleep and dream, i dream about having this boy and it's usually A ) I love him and he doesn't care what i do to him or B ) He loves me and I like him back or in a recent dream C ) He loves me but doesn't think he's good enough but i like him.

It doesn't happen very often, but every time it happens, i feel so strongly, i don't want to wake up and i just want to be with this boy. it's always a different boy in the dream. when I wake up, i feel lonely and i want to go back.

I'm not very social and boys hardly ever notice me since i'm practically a plain jane and i'm very quiet. I don't get it really; does this mean that i need a boy emotionally or something? Please help!

maybe it means that more than one boy is thinking about you but you are the one who puts a lot of barriers , so take it easy and look for signs , and give back some signs as well ;).

my advice : don't pay attention for you being not social or sexy or whatsoever as long as people feel comfort around you , if people feel close to you they really don't care about that bla bla bla .

oh and the feeling when you wake is psychological , and it means that you really need a boy emotionally .

I wish you good luck , and hope this helps .

Example: What does my dream mean? Help!?

So I had a dream about this guy I kinda know. My dream was like this book I read called starcrossed (great book) and so in the dream he attacked me but left because my friends protected me. I asked my friends why he did that and they said because we were in love with each other. What does it mean? Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream of seeing this boy(my love interest) sleeping in my family's guest room ..then i came back up stairs and my father was also sleeping in the bed with him(not in a sexual way... in a way like brothers sharing a bed) WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THIS MEAN?!?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream i was lying in bed and woke up in a room ive never been before and there was my deceased loved one sitting on a chair holding a baby he past the baby to me then i fell back to sleep (In my dream). my deceased loved one past away many many years ago and ive got three kids all boys. And my loved one was holding a baby girl

Example: What does this dream about having a baby boy mean?

Last night I dreamed I was 9 months pregnant with a baby boy. I have no idea who the father was, but we apparently were together. I was telling some friends that it was a boy and I was very excited. During the dream, I started to have contractions, and I found my mom. For some reason, I told her my water broke, but it really hadn't. She took me to the hospital. I still had contractions, but I told her my water hadn't really broken and that maybe I wasn't really about to give birth, but she took me there anyway. I apparently was going into labor, but I don't remember giving birth at all. The next thing I remember was standing with my baby on a porch, cutting the umbilical cord. I was really afraid it would hurt the baby, who looked like a picture of a growing fetus that you might see. He was red. I cut his umbilical cord, and I remember I felt a sharp pain when I did that.

From there, my dream went off into a different topic. Any thoughts?

Example: What does this dream mean?

There was this person I loved alot, but I haven't seen him before in my life, he was in my dream. There was someone there who was burning him in a tank of oil with a flame coming out the top; she was holding him over the flame and he was screaming and asking for help. I ran over and fought the boy off this girl and ran away. She tried to run after but then she just started burning someone else. it was really vivid and real I keep remembering bits of it, it was quite scary actually.
if anyone like knows how to interpret dreams i would be grateful, I want to know what it means :/ thanks (:

Example: What is the meaning behind my dream?

I had a dream about me being a undercover agent or something, and we had a target. And when we found her, she jumped in her car and drove away. So then I hi-jacked a motorcycle and followed her. Then she dumped the car, and ran into a mall. So I dumped the bike and followed her. I was running after her, and she was just out of my reach. I was literally an inch away from her. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night and this morning I had a fantastic dream.

I was going to a fun competition with my friends. We had to be paired up with another person to play the race. We had to go bike riding on a tough track and get to the finish line as fast as possible.

After we didn't succeed, but when we tried again the boy's mom was chasing us. Because she didn't like us together. But the thing is that we both love each other,

We finally made it to the finish line, but she was behind us. So before she aught up. We hid in a storage closet with our bikes. We confessed our love for each other and kissed.

Also my real friends and some of twilight and the clique characters were also there at the cabin where we first started. And I have no idea who that guy is in reality.

Why did this dream happen?
What does it mean?
Why are the Twilight and clique and my dream boy there?

Example: I had a dream about weed,a broken piano,lover from like 7 years ago(that still think about) what does it mean?

Well it started me trying to back to school(cause I'm currently home-school and i looking for a school),& i found a good one,i got in it but they told me if i was to be bad i would be expelled and then so i went to class some how i got in fight with a boy i beat him up(lol weird cause I'm a girl) , i was going to the office and some how i end it up going out of school and going to this lake were people were having fun and jumping in the water so i jump and saw this piano underwater it was broken i went up the water to get some air,went back down.I knew i could fix it but i didn't,it was old looking.I went up the water, got out of the water & my niece(i am very close to her,shes 7 years old) keep following me.I was looking around & from a distance i saw my ex boyfriend from like 7 years ago(i had Many! dreams of him but it stop for this year,so this is recent ) and he was with some 2 guys and i went to go hug him but it wasn't him it was some other guy from school(i didn't know him) he had weed and he ask if i wanted to join(to smoke,it was in a bong) him so i did,my niece was still following me she saw me smoke it and i was just think about Eric (my ex) & i woke up,any1 knows what it means?it help me and thanks :)

Example: What does this dream mean? Please help mee!?

Could someone please tell me what it means?
To understand the dream you have to know what I've been up too in this last month!
I have a boyfriend, we've been together for one year and half now but we've been having problems in those months because of his behaviour... on the first week of august we went together to Venice ,Italy for two weeks! The first days things between us worked, but then he started acting weird, he started to treat me bad and ignoring me, it was absurd, he also told me he didn't love me as much as he did before... after a fight I ran out our hotel room and I took a walk around Venice, I was broken-hearted... there I met a guy playing the guitar in the street!As he finished playing we started talking and he was everything I could ever wish for, like, I was just enchanted by him! I know this may sound crazy but I do believe in love at first sight and in destiny, he told me I was so cute and he invited me to his concert in Venice, he played there the night after he met me! So the day after I went to see him and he asked me to sing with him (I'm a singer) and I did and there was a connection between us I can't explain, i wanted to stop time, i wish I could've lived in that moment forever! After that night I've never saw him again...Now with my boyfriend it's almost over, I'm so confused right now, I don't know what to do! So tonight I dreamed of being in Venice again with this guy and he was my boyfriend, it felt so right, but my actual boyfriend was my boyfriend too! =/ So I didn't know who to choose, but then I choose my actual boyfriend! What does this mean?

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