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Dream About Love meanings

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Example: What does love dreams mean?

i keep having dreams on guys falling in love with me, or in those dreams falling in love. But why..?

There are a couple things that romantic dreams can represent. First of all, in dreams, physical displays of affection normally do not mean that you are "in love" with the person you dream that you are falling in love with. Instead, it means that you trust the person you are dreaming of. Here's something to think about: do you recognize the people who are falling in love with you or that you are falling in love with? This may help you understand who is most important to you in your life.

Another thing to consider is the nature of your current or last relationship. During the day do you often find yourself daydreaming about your current or potential romance? Your dreams may be a reflection of this.

Something to keep in mind is that dreams are the result of your brain healing itself from the strains of daily life. Therefore, in your dreams you will often find new versions of the things that happened in the day before which is why they are so good at using to understand the core of problems in your life or things that mean a lot to you during certain times of your life. Because of this nature, dreams are individualized based on each person and what value you put on each symbol in it. For example, a dove may mean beauty and freedom to one person, while to another person may mean fear or stress.

I hope this helped you out. :)

Edit: I'm sorry, but I felt it was necessary for me to respond to the person below me calling my explanation irrational. It is absolutely true that people associate different feelings with different things. Not everyone is the same and not everyone has had the same experiences. Why do you think so many people have different stereotypes about different people and others do not? It works the same way with the little things in life. One person may love puppies and another person may not. Therefore the meaning of a puppy in a dream could be both extraordinarily happy or extraordinarily terrifying. Nothing about dream interpretation is concrete, thinking that is is illogical. Using the example of the dove: doves in my dream do not mean beauty, because frankly I think tha doves are very plain, and fairly ugly (personal opinion). Therefore seeing a dove in a dream is nothing special to me.

I'm sorry, I just thought I needed to add more explanation. Thank you for your patience. :)

Example: What does my love dream mean?

I had a dream about damon salvatore played by ian somerhaulder, it was strange cause i have never drempt about him before.
we kissed in the dream, and it was a soft kiss. i think the actor is very handsome but i felt nothing when his lips touched mine. which i dont understand cause i love his character, so why did i feel more passion when i kissed this handsome man?

Example: What does it mean to dream of love?

i dreamt that this guy was trying to tell me that he likes me a lot, that he loves me. he was trying to protect me, be close to me, showed a lot of warmth. i know him too.

Example: What does this dream mean, love dream?

at first I was hanging out with my friend but there was other people with us including this girl that I didn't know in reality but in the dream I guess I did. Then we seperated and I went out with that girl. we were at my old elementary school and I felt so close to her we started hugging I kissed her and held her tight.. Then I woke up up. I haven't felt this way in a long time my girl friend broke up with me 2 years ago.

Example: What does this dream mean? (love)?

2 years ago I fell in love with a teacher, she moved away and she's ALWAYS been on my mind since, she's really beautiful, and no-else may believe me but I really do love her. Anyways I had this dream last night where I was going back to visit my primary school and she brought me to a room with a few other people and told us to strip off, she came up behind me and embraced me romantically and held my hands then we snook off somewhere then I woke up!? ...

Example: What does it means to dream of love letters?

My bf was sending 8 love letters
Each letter had beautiful words
Such as my dearest wife
My love things like that
Any help !

Example: What does this mean? Dream about the love of my life!?

I know, I know, I know...wrong category...well, no one was answering it in the dream interpretation category.

Last night I had a dream. It seemed as if everyone I knew...everyone I had ever met was in this dream. We were all running in a marathon. But the marathon took place on a freeway instead of a regular road. I was running side by side with Becca. (Becca is the woman I love. We have known each other for over 4 years, and I can't imagine my life without her. She brings out the best in me, and I do the same to her.) We were running, talking, smiling, laughing, and gazing at each other the whole time we were running. The freeway was unlike any other freeway I had ever been on. After a little while, we would have to run into a stairwell (one like you would find in a hotel or condo complex) and either go up the stairs or down the stairs to get to the next part of the freeway.

Example: What does this 'love' dream mean?

bwt im 14 so...
ok. in the dream i was shoppin. it think it was for a halloween outfit. i was makign a rack fo clothes spin round and, for some reason, angus t jones (jake from 2 and a half men, he is also one of my fave actors. his age is 15) was hanging on the rack. we started talkin. randome stuff then he unhooked him self from the rack and me and him walked out fo the shop. i walked for ages then suddenly we were in like a dark alley and we were drunk. my friends were standign there as well and my mate sue was shotting all my mates and family. then she shot her self. but in the dream i didnt care. while she was killing i was kissing angus. me him started talkin he said 'i cant believe im drunk with a seriously hot english girl'. i said ' and im with a cute americna boi' then i asked if he knew dylan sprouse. he said he'd met him but werent friends. i replied with a answer i'd never say- 'nah? i'd so 'do' him. then i'd shoot him'. (i didnt say do i swore, but...) then angus said' would u 'do' me then shoot me?' i said 'no. i can get more out of you'. weird. the scene changed again and we were in a hotle room. for some reason we had a staplegun/stapler and we'd stapled our arms together (my right to his left). we decided to go to the docs but i said ' do u wana be nasty?' and he sia 'yes' then we werent to a cupboard and got out a other thinsg liek glues guns. he got a pen knife and ripped my stomach open. it hrut but i didnt care. after we werent to hospital and the unstapled us and sewed my large cut up. afterwards me and angus were otu side the docs and i said ' i dotn think ill be able to have kids when im older. is that a good or bad thing'. then it went back to us drunk in a alley way. i said to him something like 'u no, wt were like, its like wen were older we'll be married with kids' and angus said 'that sounds cool to me'.

it doesnt make sense. i havnt got a crush on angus. i do think hes not bad lookin now-a-days (to see what he looks like now go on comedy cent on sky. the whole day till 9 tonite is 2 and half men.)

what doe sit mean? plz translate!


Example: Wha does it mean to dream about loving someone other then your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Me and my boyfriend are not feeling as close as we used to. Thing's have been awkward ever since we got back together. We dated for a year and two months, broke up for four months, then got back together about a month ago. Now I'm having dreams of cheating on him with one of my best guy friends, and in the dream it doesn't bother me that I'm cheating because I'm with someone who makes me happier. I love my boyfriend, but I don't know what this dream might mean about how I truly feel subconsciously, since things are so weird between me and him. Also, the guy friend who I was with in my dream was someone who I flirted with in the four months me and my boyfriend were apart.

Example: What does my dream mean..? Love triangle?

{ It's long so if you don't like long things than don't bother answering }
It was winter and snow was on the ground. There was this boy, he has dark hair and it's short ( Short hair on guys isn't a turn on for me). I think his eyes were a forest green. My father didn't approve of him even though he was a friend at first.Then somewhere in the dream he kisses me, I think it was in my bedroom. And he was randomly living with me. It would be my first kiss also. Later on the in the dream I was in a red shed, and I'm looking out the window and taking pictures. Once I step out I spot the guy I kissed. He was outside sitting in what looked like a rocking chair, he was shirtless for some reason and I could tell that he was cold. He had made some hand motions to bring me close to him, so I came closer. He had looked scared, we kissed again. But it only lasted for a second because my father had pulled into the drive way, he saw nothing.

Later on I'm in something like a giant tree house. There were boys all around and I think they lived with me too... I got shoved and pushed and I said something like this " Sometimes I hate living with a bunch of boys" And some of the boys picked me up as if they were going to throw me onto the ground. But one of my classmates who I happen to have a crush on was in front of me and I grab his hand and the guy I kissed was there too, I grabbed his hand also and finally reached the ground safely. I left go of my guy friend's hand and kissed the guy. My guy friend seemed anger, I think he was jealous.
Then I woke up. I think the guy I kissed was closer guy friend who I happen to have a crush on also.
Again sorry that this is sooo long.
What does my dream mean

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