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Dream About Love Seat meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean ?

I keep having this dream and attempting to interpret the meaning but no luck so far can any one help ?

It starts that im in a huge dark room with a massive empty swimming pool, with the only light coming from the white tiles oft the pool i look below my knees and my phone charger is plugged beside me, i take it out and continue to stare at the empty pool. After a while i notice very small hairy creatures trying to get out of the pool by climbing out but they cant reach the top, when i look closer i notice they are unusually small monkeys.

I take my mum and dad to a theatre, were sat in the seats waiting for the show to start but im very anxious i know that a large monkey (king kong size ) is going to be revealed and im fearing more than anything about my dad seeing this, at the same time of fearing for my parents being in dangerous grounds, i rush them out just as the curtain opens and millions of monkeys climb out and start attacking the audience but we make it out.

I return home and become angry with my dad ( something that never happens) i show him a video of a monkey to hurt his feelings he gets angry at me and start to attack me but i run out and down the street and hide whilst he's searching for me.

Later on i discover my uncle's ex girlfriends daughter died who i was once relatively close too i go to their house on my own but instead of him being with his current partner he's back with his ex girlfriend in a house ive never been too before with her son i was also close too, they are back together as a family and i feel responsible for her death.

Notes, i was very close to my uncles girlfriends family, id spend some time with her daughter ( the one that died in my dream ) but not a strong friendship or anything

ive only seen king kong once but im aware of the theatre seen i dont have a fear of monkeys and didnt particularly enjoy the film

First, a quick note. The word "too" means "also". I saw that you had a lot of typos where you used "too" instead of "to". Okay, 'nuff said... ;-)

I have a couple of theories about the dream, but it could easily change. It is more important to know that you think of, when you think of monkeys. Playful and fun loving? Wild and untamed and unpredictable? Hyperactive? Gross (hairy and smelly)? Evolutionary ancestors (or de-evolutionary descendants)? Childlike? Maybe little kids are -- monkeys? Your primary concept of the monkey may suggest different interpretations of the dream.

Not knowing the above, here are some thoughts.

Maybe your dad is more a believer in Biblical creation, while you are a believer in evolution? (Or the reverse may be true.) If the first, the monkeys may be your feeling that the truth will come out. If the second is true, the monkeys may be a warning that believing in evolution is a mistake and will lead to great harm.

Attending the theatre may mean that some great truth or news is going to be revealed, which may be unwelcome or dangerous. When the monkeys (the news) were in the pool, you didn't help to free them. The news (secret, truth, etc.) is better off hidden.

I guess the later part of the dream is about you feeling guilty about this. Your uncle and the ex are back together so that he is also affected and hurt by the (whatever). If little kids are monkeys, then maybe the dream is about you being pregnant, and the effects that would have on your family?

I hope that some of this is helpful for you. :-)

Example: Unknown Lover Dream Meaning?

So i had a dream a while ago, but i only remember one specific "scene" where I'm the passenger in a car and a guy (who i don't recognize) is driving. Were driving up to a large light blue colored house (that i don't recognize either) and as were driving up we hold hands and were smiling at each other, i remember feeling love and happiness towards him but i never see his face its like i was watching myself from the back seat of the car. I don't know what this dream could mean and its also strange because i never remember my dreams; What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean in a dream when I come across a girl I used to love 10 years ago? Why is she in my dream NOW?

I was in love with that girl, a Black French Caribbean , and unfortunately she had rejected my advances because she had a boyfriend (and I wasn't her type anyway)...
It was back in 1999-2000, and we were working in the same area (I was salesman in a furniture store, and she was secretary at the City Hall).
We remained "just friends", but by coincidence we left our jobs on the same year, and I had only saw her again, by coincidence, at the Paris airport (in 2003 or 2004), (I was working there, and she was travelling to her homeland Martinique), and we were so embarassed that we didn't even talk...
And now, why the hell I see her in my dream?
I mean, I don't care for her now...
In the dream, she was at the McDonalds, and we were glad to meet up...But then her new boyfriend appeared, an Indian guy who was smiling like an idiot...
Then I said "It was nice to see you, have a good evening, bye!"
I went to my car, and I was driving to home, in the dark night, and then I noticed that a car was discreetly "chasing" me.., and the car passed by and I saw it was her again...Driving and smiling, and with that Indian guy on the right seat...
And I felt a terrible jealouzy, like if it was back in the time when I was in love with her"

WTF is that supposed to mean?


Last night i had a dream that there was this girl (not sure who it was or if it was even me) and she was in this place and she had gotten hold of a love potion that was reputed to definitely work.You had to inject this potion into guy so she did but got the wrong guy without realising it. Then i'm not sure how to describe this as i'm not sure what happened myself but something else went wrong that could risk her being caught out really badly so she was trying to cover this mistake up.What happened was that there were these public toilets and in each toilet, out of the toilet seat there were these hearts that you could see glimpses of. They were plastic hearts and bright red and it was as if someone had tried to flush them but they didn't completely flush and so were there in static motion ready to be discovered.

So in the dream i was chasing around trying to cover up the fact i did a love potion as i really didn't want the guy to find out.

PS. I'm am going to get married in about 4 weeks and i love him and i'm happy :)
So i don't get the dream>

Also i had another dream that i met this women who came with her daughter/daughters and they were all wearing a lot of precious stones such as ruby which her daughter was wearing and which was sooooooo beautiful.They were meant to be either relatives or distant relatives that came to meet me.When i met the women she gave me very passionate hugs and she was covered in gems,there was even a nose ring that had like aat least20 different gems on and it was massive, bigger them her nose lol. She was a character and i remember thinking or feeling something weird about her, like as if she was a witch(not necessarily A bad one)

S what does this all mean-thanks!

Example: Damn my dreams are detailed.. i LOVE IT! xD what does it mean?


Okay it started of i was going on an adventure then i got a job in Gamstation this adventure i was going on was in the shop but she shop was motorized and i was so excited for the fact "i got a job". Before the adventure we had went to my grandparents house (they have passed away now in real) the whole family were there but only a few were staying because the rest were all dressed up and going to a wedding. In this motorized vehicle with me was a really old friend i don't talk to these days, i was introducing him to the family. I went to the bathroom and once i was finished i seen my little cousin struggling with a tray so i helped her one of the objects on the tray my dream pointed out was a half used jug with milk in it. Eventually me and my friend left and the journey began, it was as if we were flying down the street in the vehicle i guess we were just going that fast. I heard someone say something about an amusement part so i got even more excited, who knows who was driving. We suddenly then felt a drop it was wild we were all falling around the shop then all i heard was this woman with black hair say "DON'T HIT THE LAVA" we didn't hit the lava anyway we missed it by a long shot. we then drove down the dried part of the lava and that was that part of the story finished...Me and my sister were now in Jeremy Kyle's studio sitting on the seats with him, the crowd was amazing there was thousands of people. This baby then appeared and Jeremy was like "aren't one of you going to pick it up" i tried to pick it up but once i stood up i felt really dizzy so had to sit down but it was alright because the baby crawled over to me, once i picked it up it turned into a small dog (looked just like my doggy that died). After i picked the dog up my sister yelled "HITS OUT DOG" i was like "OMG why would you say that" Jeremy then shouted "get security" ... you should have seen my face i wasn't amused at the slightest ...before security came Jeremy then took my mp3 player of me while saying "you don't deserve to have this" he then took me off the stage and i was like "i'm really sorry if i came across as angry or anything see... i think i may be depressed i'm not sure if i have bipolar". The security came and took me out through the crowd it was okay though because the crowd was leaving anyway so no embarrassment there, i then spotted a few friends of mine shouting "WOOoooOOO.. GO DEAN" i think they were just doing that for the fact i got kicked off, it put a smile on my face anyway. When i got to the exit i seen Jeremy standing so i approached him asking if i could have my mp3 player back and he replied with "it's in my office it will take up to 2 and a half to 3 years read the poster on that wall" i was like "ugh why cant you just sent it when you go to your office later" ... *he randomly poofs in thin air* ... -_- .
When i got out to the car the only seat left was beside my sister so i was like "am i f**k sitting next to her after all that" .. i ended up sitting next to her anyway because no one else would move and i wasn't walking ... i was in a very pissed mood i realised i couldn't ask the peron at the other end of my sis to move down because she was pregnant. The drive started, we were in a family car driving down the road then i seen a crashed plane but not an actually big plane just one of those small ones that hold like 2 people. Then all of a sudden we were all in one... my uncle who was flying it decided to go upside down because he heard me saying something about upside down ..I then realised i had no seat belt on but i was okay i wasn't falling out or anything it was just scary. I looked at my sister and seen she was kinda hanging out and then looked over to the pregnant woman and thought to myself " i hope shes okay because her baby is probably at the top of her belly". I was getting enough of the feeling being upside down incase i fall so i said to my uncle " i don't have a seat belt on" he started to panic and flipped the plane back around and shouted to get it on and how that's dangerous so i started trying to put the seat belt on but there was parts for it everywhere how complicated is that but i finally fastened it after messing about...

Example: What does it mean if you always dream of a person you love(ed)?

I keep dreaming about a previous person I loved. I dream about him at least four times a week. Most of the time he is showing me affection somehow; either by hugging me, being close to me, etc. Unfortunately, he did not love me back in real life. I heard your dreams always have meanings, so what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a loved one dying?

Okay, I had this dream about one of my cousin's that I care about. I dreamed that we were getting ready for her wake then her funeral. Getting the place where we was going to have her body at, all ready for her. Next, I know I'm driving her moms car and she's in the back seat talking and playing with my sister or other little cousin and I tell them to knock it off we're getting ready for your funeral. And, there was a bunch of red roses everywhere in my dream even in the back seat where my cousin was sitting at.

I also had another dream about my other little cousin. Everyone was on the way to her funeral; we was all at the grave site where we was going to bury her at. And, We all got out of our cars and starting getting ready to camp there and the little cousin, who we was suppose to be getting buried there was with her parents, she was still alive, and they was looking for a spot to bury her.

I love both my little cousins very much and I would never wish something this horrible upon them.
I know that this doesn't mean that they're going to die, but I'm rather curious about what goes on in my unconscious mind.

Example: What does dreaming about loved ones shooting and killing you mean?

I had a weird,disurbing dream the other night. Long story short, I had been talking with my fiances father and threw out the dream he had chased me.. Sliced my tires ect. Then it was his father someone in the passanger and my fiance and I in the back seat..his dad turned around said something and pulled his gun out and pointed to me.. I tried running out of the car and he shot me and my fiance and his dad shut the door of the car and drove off to leave me for dead.. Its been bothering me.. Anyone know what that could symbolize..meaning..something?

Example: What does this dream mean? Am I still in love with him?

A while ago, I fell in love with a friend of mine, and I was bad at hiding it, so he made it clear to me that he didn't like me that way. I didn't see him for a long time, and eventually I grew out of it, moving on. I saw him quite a bit recently, and he acted so much nicer to me than he had been back then, hugging me all the time and just being really nice. Now for the dream:

I was with him and some of my friends. He was hugging me and holding me, even though we were just friends, and then he laid back in his seat and I put my head on his chest and just closed my eyes. I felt sooo protected--it was incredible. It was the most wonderful feeling. But he seemed to get a little uncomfortable. Then the dream morphed into something else.

Does this mean I still have feelings for him? I really had thought I'd moved on...

Example: What does it mean when the one you love kills you in your dreams?

Well to put it simply i've been having dreams where my fiancé has killed me, one was he placed me on his lap in the movie theaters so i was facing him and stabbed me in the back then put me back in my seat and continued with the movie...i'm so confused.

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