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Dream About Love Note meanings

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Example: What's it mean when your b.f. gives you a note that says "i don't think don't really in love" in your dream?

well my dream is:
me kasey (my boyfriend) and my 3 best friends where hanging out and we were sitting at a table.
and my boyfriend handed me a note saying "maybe we arnt really in love" and looked up at me saddly looking

It's just a dream. Last night I dreamed I was a dolphin, but i'm still human.so no worries! :D

Example: What does it mean to dream that your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were in class and he passed me a note saying something then he said "love you" and I wrote back "I love you too" and he hasn't told me this yet. What does this dream mean? I'm a little lost.

Example: What does this dream mean ?

I keep having this dream and attempting to interpret the meaning but no luck so far can any one help ?

It starts that im in a huge dark room with a massive empty swimming pool, with the only light coming from the white tiles oft the pool i look below my knees and my phone charger is plugged beside me, i take it out and continue to stare at the empty pool. After a while i notice very small hairy creatures trying to get out of the pool by climbing out but they cant reach the top, when i look closer i notice they are unusually small monkeys.

I take my mum and dad to a theatre, were sat in the seats waiting for the show to start but im very anxious i know that a large monkey (king kong size ) is going to be revealed and im fearing more than anything about my dad seeing this, at the same time of fearing for my parents being in dangerous grounds, i rush them out just as the curtain opens and millions of monkeys climb out and start attacking the audience but we make it out.

I return home and become angry with my dad ( something that never happens) i show him a video of a monkey to hurt his feelings he gets angry at me and start to attack me but i run out and down the street and hide whilst he's searching for me.

Later on i discover my uncle's ex girlfriends daughter died who i was once relatively close too i go to their house on my own but instead of him being with his current partner he's back with his ex girlfriend in a house ive never been too before with her son i was also close too, they are back together as a family and i feel responsible for her death.

Notes, i was very close to my uncles girlfriends family, id spend some time with her daughter ( the one that died in my dream ) but not a strong friendship or anything

ive only seen king kong once but im aware of the theatre seen i dont have a fear of monkeys and didnt particularly enjoy the film

Example: What does this weird dream mean!?**NOTE SOMEWHAT RELIGIOUS?

i had this dream a couple months ago and remember most of it very clearly ( unlike most of my dreams) before this dream i had benn doubting my faith (roman catholic)..ya know with all scientific evidence out there i pretty much doubted there was a god. but then one night i had the strangest dream!

in my dream i was in newyork city staying at a hotel near a carnival with my family. as i was in the hotel i looked out the window and saw three moons. two were crescent shape moons and the largest was a mosaic of a man with pictures around him of people dying- somewhat predicting the Apocalypse ...walked out of the hotel to be with my family, as i walked up to my mother there was a large teleprompter on how the carnival had to close due to the fact we were all gonna die (something like that) ...as i braced my self for death hugging my mother i was randomly in ccd class and everything turned white and yellow...and then JESUS walks out (i was like holy crap he is real) adn then he smiled at me and said '' nemo** i would never leave you''

and then i woke up! wtf does this mean!

Example: I had a dream my friend wrote a love note..? What does this mean?

In the dream,my guy friend has a letter next to him (he wrote it) and it said "i love you.and I want to kiss you" something like that.In the dream he didnt say who it was for.Idk if it was for me...? 0_0 I dont have any romantic feelings for him at all.

Example: Dream interpretation: Drowning loved one, don't know what to do! What does it mean?

I had a dream that basically me and my girlfriend were on some sort of ship. and we were next to another ship. a lot of people were boarding the other ship. some were just jumping across for fun because the gap wasn't that big.

Then we walk down a little further down the ship and the gap widened. We saw a daredevil drying to attempt a type of backflip without much momentum to get to the other side. However, at the same time my girlfriend tried sort of the same thing, but at a somewhat smaller gap. I didn't want her to do it in the dream and told her not to after i looked at the gap and tried to pull her back. But she tried it about 1 second after the daredevil jumped.

She didn't make it! and it shocked me and I didn't know what just happened and i heard people going OHH! and a few seconds after that it hit me that she fell the 60 or 70 ft drop into the water. and i looked down and wondered why she wasn't swimming up because she knows how to swim. then i over heard that she sorta hit her back on this concrete emplacement there that had a huge chain attached. I thought it probably hurt her real bad or paralyzed her because i saw her sort of come up with a really frightened face, but her arms were crossed over her chest. and she began to sink more.

I didn't know what to do because I can't swim one bit, which was a point reemphasized to me last thursday during combat water survival training (army). I wanted so bad to just jump in and rescue her but I knew that if i did jump in, i would die. I didn't know what to do because I knew I wouldn't be able to help her even if I tried. I sort of have a phobia of drowning. No one else was jumping in neither for the daredevil that previously fell nor my girlfriend, So i backed up and prepared to jump. As I was about to step off the ledge I woke up.

I woke up pretty sad. What does this dream mean? Why am I thinking about it?

Example: Love Note Dream?

Ok so I got this note from my crush who is named dean or i assumed it was from him seeing how it was signed with his name...it was a love note all gushy and everything (= so i replyed something along the lines of "i love/like you to!" or something like that only to discover someone else had written it to me, with the same name dean. This other Dean, I saw his face and I know I can't place him...what does this mean?! any insight is appriciated!

Example: Why does dreaming about killing loved ones mean?

I had a dream last where I killed my boyfriend (who I care about a lot). I didn't actually kill him in the dream, but he was already dead by my hand, and I was trying to find somewhere to hide his decapitated head where no one would find it... My mother was helping me cover it up. Is there any meaning behind this dream, or was it just an effed up coincidence?

Example: Wat would it mean if u gave ur crush a love note 4 valentines day?

And when u give it to him he says aww. But in in the exciting way and he gives the letter to his friend and he opens it up and starts reading it etc. And ur crush looks back at u .. And then u see them around again and they are all standing looking at u. And then they start walking and as they walk pass u one of the friends say to ur crush hey! I saw that note. And ur crush hits his friend in the arm. And then u over hear them talking around the corner and they catch one of there other friends and they say read the note out loud! And as the person is reading the note or friend they all start laughing . WAt does all this mean? I really need to know. Plz!

Example: Seeing deceased love one in dream .. What does this mean?

My grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago. I haven't talked about my feelings to anyone around me. When he passed away I was with him, but I didn't necessarily get to say goodbye because it happend so fast and sudden. Last night I had a dream that we were at his house and we were talking and I got a little confused and asked "Wait grandpa, didn't you die?" And he says "I did but Jesus sent me down so I could say goodbye." & then we hugged a great big hug. It's weird because the hug felt so real and I really could feel his love. woke up right after the dream & was immediately crying.. More than I've ever cried before & I haven't been able to stop crying today. Do you think that my dream was his spirit coming to say his final goodbye so I could feel comforted? I can't believe how real it felt. I really hope it was him coming to visit me in my dream, but is that even possible to happen?

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