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Dream About Long meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?(long)?

This dream that I had last night confused me please help me interpret. Dream starts with me and my mom going to shopping to a local mall. She enters to a fabric shop to buy fabric. The owner comes out and assists us. Finally she picks one and owner cuts it out (my moms a fashion designer she does this rarely when someone asks her for a special piece. And I think in the dream she was doing it for a distant family member.) when she tries to pay for it she gets her purse and looks for her credit card she puts an old gun on the counter ( in real life she doesn't have one and she's afraid of it) the owner takes a look at the gun. While inspecting the gun, the gun fires in his face and blood all over the place so me and my mom run to home in panic. Then I'm in a car with my dad, taking the car to the service. While we wait I go to a restaurant to eat, there I see this girl. I instantly fall in love but she has a boyfriend. I try talking to her on the way to bathroom. She kinda likes me too she flirts with me.Her bf gets jealous and we argue...he punch my nose my nose starts to bleed.( that happens in real life too due to wrestling that I did in high school). So I get upwalk towards her I get another punch by bf. I get up again I say I love you to the girl bf comes over and throws another punch and kicks me till he gets tired of it. I see a lot of blood stain on the carpet from me regardless I get up barely awake he comes running to me again to headbutt me I see my friends (from college one was a soldier other guy was kickboxer..) walking into the restaurant so I dodge the bfs move but he hits me (even though it didn't hurt I threw myself to floor. My friends kick the bfs *** girl runs towards me to get up she( broke up with the violent bf) helps me to my car (somehow my dad dissapeared LOL) she leans over to kiss and I wake up.

To see a gun in your dream, symbolizes aggression, anger, and potential danger. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence.

To dream of love of being in love, suggests intense feelings carried over from a waking relationship. It implies happiness and contentment with what you have and where you are in life. On the other hand, you may not be getting enough love in your daily life. We naturally long for the sense to belong and to be accepted.

To dream that you are in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

To dream that you are kissing someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend, indicates your wish to be a relationship and to experience the energy of love. You may be sexually acting out. You may also need to awaken your passion. Alternatively, it indicates a lack of integrity on your part.

To dream of a kiss, denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment.

If the dream ends just about you are about to kiss someone, indicates that you are unsure of how he or she really feels about you.

Example: What do these dreams mean(long)?

The first one was about my friend that I haven't even hung out with since February. I'm feeling the need to add that he likes ICP...I'm not sure why I just felt like adding that.
-We were going through a haunted house, it looked sort of narrow, like a school hallway(I'm going to a high school instead of middle school this year, but I don't think I have a fear of it). As we went through random doors flung open. I was pretty scared. By the time we got to the end of the hallway I turned around and ran away, but I seen that they both fell and there was V for Vendetta(This really confused me...I thought it could represent 4chan in some way, but I've gone on there less that 15 times, and to my knowledge he doesn't go on there) mask peering back up at me. It looked as though there was a heap of black clothes under it or something. As soon as got out of the building my friend caught up with me, laughing, and then it looked like we just sat and talked on the sidewalk or a flat roof. There was a slight difference in his appearance, he had this blueish, purplish hair.
The next dream I had was about my friend(A different friend from the first dream) that I used to live by from about Kindergarten-2nd Grade. We're best friends. Here's the back story before the dream:(We still go to the same school, we're still friends, we just don't hang out near as much as we used to.)Then I moved to the next town over to the left to live with my grandma(same school district) because my parents split up. My dad moved to the town to the right. My mom was living about an hour 1/2 away at her friend's house with my little brother. A few years later my mom, my brother, and me moved into a house by my grandma's. Then my friend moved about a block next to our house. Then my mom had a baby with my step-dad, who has two older kids. Then we moved into a bigger house in that same town. Then my friend moved back to the original town in the beginning. Then moved back into the same town I was living in again. But she's moving back to the town in the beginning. We've been in the same school district the entire time because the first town was a small village. Here's the dream, I think it's a few months forward in time, because we were outside at her house.
-We were outside. She was a younger version of herself, I was my actual age. Then she said you just have to spin around. I did, then I said "Hey, that doesn't work.."Then I felt lightheaded I passed out. When I woke up I was the same age.

I know, it was pretty long, but what do these dreams mean? I had one of them Sunday night, then the other one yesterday night.

Example: What does my dream mean? (long version, lots of detail)?

The night before last I had several very detailed dreams, one of them stuck out from the others. When I woke up I got the feeling I should write it down, and 18 hours later I find myself giving it up to the internet to see what anyone else can make of it. Here goes:

*Warning you now the plot of the dream is something akin to The Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman, 'Clan of the Cave Bear' by Jean M. Auel and the 1993 film 'Hocus Pocus' (incidentally my dad's favourite film). I've never had a dream so full of references before, normally my dreams are pretty, well, random. Also I might mention I've not had a dream that scared me since I was 11, and this is no exception.*

It starts in a large clearing on top of a hill, around sunset, a girl in my band looking at the map and complaining, loudly, that we're lost. We're a part or a number of bands, all convening here at the end of a days trek, groups of 7 or so teenagers (16-19 roughly) (1) and some older supervisors. I'm not sure where we were going, but the atmosphere was pretty grave, very serious.

The girl continued her rant, informing us dramatically that we were meant to be in some city or other (I forget the name), until I point our the surrounding earthworks and the different texture/colour or the grass in certain areas would suggest we were standing on the site of an ancient city, long gone (2). The reason we were camping on this seemingly exposed area, as opposed to the surrounding hills or forest, was because it was still protected by the remnants of the cities magic, providing protection from various beasts hunting us, e.g. werewolves (seriously, couldn't my sub-conscious come up with something a little bit more original?!). As night began to fall the supervisors told us that the magic that would protect us would be ineffectual if we didn't have all the totems/tokens. This bit is hard to explain, it helps if you've read Pullman or Auel. Essentially each one of us had an animal totem that represented our spirits, embodied in a small token object, sometimes quite insignificant. The supervisors told us that as we walked some individuals' tokens had been left behind and we had to seek them out quickly. In our group we quickly checked who had their tokens, and inadvertently we we told each other what our animals were (we hadn't know each other long). I remember I was surprised to hear how small the totems of the people in my band were, like a hare or a humming bird, and they were shocked when I told them that mine was a brown bear/cave bear (3). Turns out a particularly weedy looking chap in our number had lost his token, and I, feeling a little bit cocky for finding out my totem was stronger than average, volunteered to go with him beyond the magic of the camp. I clutched my token - one half of my favourite set of earrings, the other half now lost - in my hand, grabbing his hand and running into the dark brush (3.5). When other went near their tokens, all of which were only a few yards from the boundary, a blue glow would rise from the ground to guide them, so without much ado we hurtled, me roaring (foolishly), as we went. We ran so fast I didn't noticed when we were running through the dark rooms of a house anymore, until all of a sudden we came to a room bathed in light.

In the room there was a bed, slept in, and it led to a lit corridor. We wandered through until I jumped round a corner (still roaring) to find a petite, round-faced girl squeaking at me. We were in a sort of changing-rooms (4), and I asked her if she had also been with her partner (because we had to go in pairs or larger groups) looking for her token. She said yes, as the guy I was with wandered into a cubicle, but soon she changed her story. Turned out she was a witch, hunting for tokens and lost totems to eat, and she wasn't lost at all, nor was her partner, another, shorter witch. They both looked like they'd fallen out of 'Hocus Pocus', all glitter and bright colours and make-up. Without my friend to protect me they pounced on me, injecting me with a tranquiliser as I flailed that made me become sort of detached from my body before I lost consciousness as they carried me away. I tried to hard to shake myself from the effects of the drug I woke myself up in reality, but soon half-fell back into the same dream.

When I continued the dream (as it appeared) I vaguely remember a struggle as the witches tried to eat my totem, by giving it a physical body and then slaughtering it, however not expecting a brown bear it overpowered them, and I loosely remember seeing one of them feebly retaliate with a fire-spell called 'Winone-ri' (which seems a very odd word for fire, sounds more like air to me). All I know is my partner had long since passed out from too long without his token, I took the first opportunity I had to leg it, grab him, and his token as it turned up, get on the mysteri

Example: What does this dream mean? Very long?

And I apologize for asking again but like I said, the amount of detail I remembered from this detail and such was amazing. So I think it's important. I remember it extremely vividly, even compared to how I usually remember dreams. And I still remember it just as well as I did when I had it.

The dream began with me in this old building, that looked like a dungeon. And I was in like a old fashioned prison cell(3 stone walls/one wall is completely bars and the door was bars and0 stuff.) and the bars were all rusty. Suddenly the door swung open ike someone opened it but I didn't see anyone. So I ran out of the room and started running down a long room, almost like a hallway in length.
The walls were all stone and the floor was stone, it had red carpet but you still saw the stone floor because the carpet didn't cover completely until the walls. And I kept on ducking behind these desks and stuff, because there was these monsters roaming around. The monsters looked like those typical bosses in some movies and films, short, overweight, balding gray hair, thick glasses, etc. They all looked exactly the same however I knew they were monsters in disguise.
When I hid behind one desk, there was a pack of cigarettes on the ground and I picked them up and tucked them in my pocket. And when I looked up, there was a guy standing infront of me.(If you read my question about why I keep seeing the same guy in most of my dreams. He was the one in this dream.) He held his hand out for me and I felt like I could trust him so I took his hand and we ran off to an office like room. Like it was a small room, but the walls actually looked like walls -- not stone. The walls were white. And the floor had dark blue carpet. It had a single window that was completely white, like you couldn't see anything out of it -- it was just white, bright white. The wall had nothing on it other than one picture. The frame was black and the picture was of a single flower in a vase, but I don't remember what kind of flower or vase. But the background of the picture was all white.
Anyways, once we were in the room the guy locked the door(If I remember right, the handle was rusted.) and well he was doing that, I took out the pack of cigarettes and one was instantly lit so I began trying to smoke it.(Note, I've never, ever smoked in real life. Nor do I want to.) and the guy turned around and grabbed the cigarette from me and finished smoking it but it seemed like he didn't want to smoke. So I grabbed another cigarette, and it crumbled in my hands, so I grabbed another and it crumbled again,
then the guy grabbed the cigarettes from me then turned around and pressed his ear to the door like he was listening to see if anyone was out there, and then opened the door, grabbed my arm and we began running down the hallway. But I kept on tripping and falling over(Maybe cause of the smokes? Maybe they were like poisoned or something aha.) so the guy eventually just picked me up and the end of the hallway was completely engulfed in light white like the window in the office was, and we ran into it, like we were engulfed in it/whatever, then I woke up.


Example: What did my dream mean?very long:]?

I dreamt that I was camping and then I rode a horse up on a snowy mountain seeing the city view and I guess I got off and the horse fell of this really high cliff and died and vanished. then I panicked and somehow got to the bottom of the cliff,and in between those mountains there was a sunny village and I saw my aunt and ask for a ride to the other side of the mountains to go to the camping spot. she said sure. then her son, my cousin drove me through these roads that looked like those freeway bridges all clumped up and there was oranges and peaches on that whole road. it was like a rollercoaster the roads would go in circles and when we got to the destination by a big tree still surrounded by lemons and peaches and this wierd apple tree with who knows what,and there was a playground amd I saw the city and I took a poop and then I played on the monkey bars and all id think of was the horse.
so this dream was like a acid/mushroom/video game trip,the scenery was so strange.whe the horsey died he turned red and vaporized and it has like a video game 'womp' noise but it was really scary.
I am pregnant,and I did have a bonding with my cousin about two weeks ago. but what does my dream mean I haven't had this kind of dream until I got pregnant. am I scared or what?

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams about long hair?

In reality i am 34 and have shoulder length hair, its a bit on the damaged side too since some idiot hair dresser kinda screwed up mu highlights a while back.

anyway, i dreamed that i had the most beautiful long dark brown hair ...it was really really healthy and was flowing around, kinda what you see in hair commercials .

i am also currently going thru a phase where this guy i have been dating for a few months is very distant , and the truth is there is no reason for it.
could this dream be related to my state of mind?

Example: Strange, long, vivid dream. What does it mean?

I was in my high school's cafeteria (still a student) and was talking with our JROTC's battalion commander. (I was told I am "job-shadowing" him, and that I was to take his place next year). Suddenly, he told me he was a vampire. I smiled and said, "Well, better start training then." He got up calmly and walked outside, as did I.

Then, he jumped the side of the building on top of the roof! I took a deep breath and did it too, with some extra, unaccustomed difficulty. Then, we overlooked the lot. We saw a car pull up to the front of the school and he ushered me to "Come on." I followed him and we both jumped down in front of the car and piled in.

We then drove through a nearby highway (the kind with houses built close to it). Suddenly, I envisioned a girl who was in her room, crying because someone killed daddy. She knew they would come for her and her mother next. Then, she somehow psycically made several car alarms go off.

The driver stated that they were being followed. I told him to turn around, that we weren't and we needed to help a girl. He refused. Being an immortal vampire, I decided to open the door and jump out at 80mph. Well, it took a minute to stop rolling, during which they had turned around to pick me up. Seeing my resolve, they decided to turn to help the girl.

When we got to the place where the girl and her mother was, they were now in a nearby field that had a circular offramp surrounding it. We told them what we were and we were there to help them. The mother looked mortified and pushed her kid behind her. Suddenly, we heard loud motorcycles and they came off the offramp and snatched the girl up, screaming.

Suddenly, I found myself in a school with our Battalion Commander (Chris), and we were fighting the people in the gang that took her, also vampires. However, Chris had managed to get locked in a cage and I was doing a wierd gymnastics fight (like kung-fu or something) with my female opponent. I eventually knocked her out and broke Chris free of the cage.

We went through the next doors (ironically the in the inside of my high school) and found a storage room with 2 floors. I found someone I knew who was with the gang and pleaded with her, crying, to stop, that I didn't want to kill her. She left. I then commented to Chris how I never cry. He said "Don't worry about it. Let's just get the girl and go home."

He then, and I, jumped onto the 2nd story catwalk and were attacked with a barrage of rib-bones by skeleton. We picked up some of the bones and threw them back at the skeletons, which fell apart on impact. We then followed the walk to an archway that led to a prison cafeteria. We tried to push through them, since we were almost to the girl. Then, Chris and I got seperated and a dude tried to rape me and woke up.

Wierd huh? Well at least comment something if you don't know what it means. I typed for a long time getting this up!

Example: What does this dream mean? (long)?

I'm a 15 year old boy. I met a really beautiful girl my age. We hit it off, but her family was extremely affluent and well-mannered. I was also well-mannered, but not affluent. She eventually had to leave, and gave me her home phone number. I called, and her brother picked up. I asked if I could talk to her in person later. They agreed, and I went to sleep. I somehow forgot her name, and one of her sisters delivered me a tied, frayed red ribbon. I had to figure out what it meant, and it meant that I could talk to her, just later. I went to her house (actually a huge mansion) and went up to the door. I was in full camo, because I thought the dad hated me. He locked the door and said I needed to find a way in. I had brought screwdrivers, because I anticipated this, but the one I needed was broken. Then one of her brothers let me in. I talked to him, and he let me know this was all a joke and the dad didn't really hate me. Than I talked to one of her sisters, who'se name I thought was the girl I originally had met. Then it got sorted out, I talked to the girl I had met originally, we grew up together, and got married. Thanks for reading. What does this dream mean?

Example: Crashing airplanes and disbelief. What did my dream mean? (Long)?

I had this dream maybe about a month ago, and I still cant figure out what it meant.

It started off with me in high school. One of my best friends from 8th grade was there, even though she goes to a different school. In fact, in the dream, every floor in the school was a different high school. She stayed on the 3rd floor and that floor was the high school that she actually attends. I went to the 4th, which was the high school I attend now. I couldn't find my locker key, so I went back down to ask her for help to find it, and she had it. I got it open and my locker was full of clothes.

The next thing I remember was an airplane crashing through the 4th and 3rd floor of the school. There wasn't a big explosion or anything, but we knew an airplane had hit. Later, some kids returned to their normal activities and went to class. I refused. I sat by my locker and refused to go to class. Across from my locker in real life, there are more lockers, but in my dream there were classrooms without any doors. There was a room with a door, closed, and it was a principal's office. I was informed by a teacher that I would be meeting with the principal due to my lack of attendance to class.

When I got home, my mom didn't believe me when I said there was a plane that crashed into the school, and that I was too shaken up to go to class. She didn't believe me, and accused me of simply ditching. We were talking this out in the living room, and there was a big window, with no curtains or anything, and we were about 5 stories high. That's when I saw another airplane heading directly toward the window. I started panicking and I tried to get my mom away from the window and out of the living room, but she didn't believe me until the plane actually crashed into the house.

Again, there was no explosion. The house's floors cracked right down the middle of the whole house, though. My sister appeared as though she had been there the whole time. She usually is at college. It was now my mom, sister, and me on one side of the cracked house, but my dad was on the other side sleeping in a bed. My sister and I yelled at him to wake up and get out of the bed because the floor was sinking. He slowly did and rejoined us on the other side of the house.

Then, my mom told me, "I should have believed you."

I woke up.

Is there any meaning to this dream? What did it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean*kinda long*?

So i had a dream i was having very passionate sex with a girl...but it wasn't my girlfriend and like it was basically a dream like that and then we went out to dinner and had a date and **** but this happened one time too and then i met my current girlfriend and we had a relationship exactly like a dream i had except the sex in that dream was different and the dates were but they happened with me and her and i feel like this might be the same or does it mean something like i dont love my girlfriend thats what my friends said

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