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Dream About Long Hair meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of red hair?

My hair currently is cut fairly short, I have an inverted bob and my hair is brown. But in my dream, my hair grew back longer and it was lucious and shiny and it was a noticeable red color, it was down to my waist, then I cut it to shoulder length. And the red was something like a main focus kinda, and it led me to wonder: what could this signify?

Dreaming about red hair, means that your current short hair with an inverted bob in brown is boring, and you are imagining what it would be like to have red sexy hair. My Ex-girlfriend had a dream similar to this, exact, that she dreamt of green hair, and that it was long, up to her feet. And then she let her hair grow for a long time till it was like down her back, and then she dyed her hair green. After that she got very popular at school, and went to the cool group, and then our relationship kind of ended, i think she ended up kissing the other guy with black hair, but dont worry about that.

So i think it signifies change.

Example: What does hair mean in dreams?

ok this sounds ridiculous and all but I dreamt that my dead aunt came to me in a long white gown but i never saw her until i looked into the mirror. I turned around and saw her hair was plaited but then a few seconds later her hair was cornrow in one with a little piece in the center. Now I dont have a clue what this could mean but this is the second time i dreamt of my dead aunt someone plz interpret evrything if u can thank you

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams about long hair?

In reality i am 34 and have shoulder length hair, its a bit on the damaged side too since some idiot hair dresser kinda screwed up mu highlights a while back.

anyway, i dreamed that i had the most beautiful long dark brown hair ...it was really really healthy and was flowing around, kinda what you see in hair commercials .

i am also currently going thru a phase where this guy i have been dating for a few months is very distant , and the truth is there is no reason for it.
could this dream be related to my state of mind?

Example: What does it mean to dream about having really long hair?

just had a dream about having long hair! and i really wanted long hair aswell!
My hair is up to my boobs but i want it down to my bum and i know it will never happen..

Example: What does it mean to dream of having long silky black hair ?

Let me start by saying, i have breast cancer , and am going thru chemo and radiation. I have lost all of my hair. I dreamed that i had the longest most beautiful head of black hair with red highlights. Can anyone tell me what this means ?

Example: What does it mean that I dreamed I cut my own long, blond hair off myself and it turned brown and I hated it?

I just kept cutting and cutting until it was almost shaved and I was really excited until I saw how dark it was. I love my long blonde hair, so it was completely unrealistic that I would cut it, especially myself. The dream was soooo realistic that I woke up and had to feel my hair to make sure it was there!

Example: What does it mean to dream of having long hair?

In real life, my hair is cut short and been that way for almost ten years. In the dream, my hair was long and almost at brastrap length. My mom even comment about how my hair grew so much and I couldn't wait to go outside with the new length of hair.

I read online that it signifies that I'm thinking long and carefully about a decision or something, but do anyone else has a different interpretation of this dream?


Example: Numbers and long hair in dream ?

My grandmother dreamt that ,

THE DREAM: she was in this old building but like she have been there before , my aunt however use to live in this building , but no longer do. My boyfriend however, she said live in this same building , and one day , the both of us ( my granny n i ) went to visit my boyfriend , so she said there were alot of girls in the building and they knew my boyfriend but on a friendly level . So she step into his apartment and saw him lying down on his bed , and his hair was long .She recognise that when he came off the bed he had like the shape of the number seven (7) in the middle of his head although he had long hair . He then now invited us to go outside like there were benches outside the apartment in the building, , so he was telling her , how much he love me and he want to spend his rest of his life with me , after that now she kissed him on his forehead , and then she asked him " what it is that's bothering you?" and he replied "nothing" , so she asked him again until , he came out and said , he feel like he's going to die , he just getting that feeling that he's going to die ...and well she awake after that

REAL LIFE : My boyfriend dont have long hair

Is the dream any meaning for my grandmother or my boyfriend , or even both of them or me ?. What does it mean

Example: Hair is longer dream?

I had a dream last night about me having longer hair. It was half straight and half wavy.
I seen my head from the side in this dream.
What does this mean?

Example: What does your dream mean if u have long hair and originally u have short hair.?

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