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Dream About Locker Room meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did this dream mean?

In the dream and standing in the locker room talking to this girl, like flirty talking, as we change back into our clothes (it is the other girls birthday). Then another girl (Samatha, I think her name was) comes in and starts talking to the birthday girl and asks her out. The birthday girl (Avery) doesn't answer yet but I feel really jealous and leave the locker room.

Then I'm looking for this guy that apparently we are friends with and I go up to this guy and say, "Have you seen Andrew?" and he tells me he hasn't.
Then as I'm walking away he says to some other guy, "She's looking for Andrew cuz she probably f***ed him." I'm embarassed, but I have to find Andrew so I keep walking.

Then I find him in the hall and I grab his arm and whisper into his ear, "Samatha doesn't know I'm bi." His face is all like 'ohhhh', if that makes sence to you. Then he walks away.

So.what does this mean!?

*I'm actually straight.

**I posted this earlier but I'm hoping for more answers.

Dreams about being bi don't necessarily mean that you are questioning your sexual orientation. It most likely means that you are trying to find your place in the world of sexuality in general. There may be some insecurity about it, which is perfectly normal.


Example: What does this dream mean? Cat food in lockers? O_O 10 points?

10 points to best answer.

Okay, I had this dream quite some time ago, and I have no idea what it means.

I was in the school hallway by myself and all our lockers had turned yellow with golden locks on. I unlocked mine to find a bag of cat food, and then went into my tutor room. It was a big field in the middle of a storm. I went up a hill to find a cottage, and inside that cottage was my house.

What does it mean?! =/

Example: What does this dream mean? Out of room, look at the picture for the other half of story?

Last night around 3am I woke up from a very vivid & long nightmare.
first part of my dream consists of me in a fancy plane hanging around a TINY bathroom. We were on our way to a city called "Telopattia" if I remember it correctly. I wanted to go shopping so I asked my mom if I could go to forever 21, so she obviously agreed and was looking for it. My dream skipped and I saw a castle like in the little mermaid and things looked very Disney. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom so I went, telling my mom to watch me enter which she did but when I got in there, the stalls were full. I waited for a long time and yelled that I my plane was ready to go so my friend, Cheyenne whom I know from school showed up and gave me her stall after being on it without actually going.
All of a sudden I was looking for my mom and found myself in my bedroom which was actually a hotel. I looked for her and she was with my brother in his room, she mentioned a creepy man outside. The guy had a creepy smirk on his face and a big hump on his back.
Later I was scared and felt violated, like I was trapped. I remember covering up the door with things but it kept going away. I asked my mother if she would come in my room but my brothe didn't want that and stayed where he was, along with her.
I then covered he door up again but it was to late.

Example: What does my dream mean...?

okay i did cut myself but stopped like almost a year ago and well a week go i have a dream that i was in the locker room at school and i had these cut on my arms and they were huge and yellow and nasty. i know i stopped cutting myself but what does the dream mean?

Example: What does my cartoon dream mean?

i dreamt in cartoons last night, and this was odd because i usually dream in "real-life". I dreamt that i was running down the gym hallway in my school, trying to win a race. I started leaning backwards as i was running and i could eventually see my chest. For some reason, the hallway was a lot longer than it usually is, but i was able to keep running at top speed the entire length of the hallway, even though i run out of steam pretty quickly when i run. I eventually made it to the girl's locker room door, pushed it open, and woke up.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay, so I had a dream that I was sleeping in a glass house on the beach. I woke up to the most beautiful, biggest, brightest sunrise I've ever seen. It didn't even burn my eyes to watch it. It was beautiful.

I had another dream a few nights ago that I was sitting in my room talking with my dead father. We were just sitting there talking. I was showing him pics of my fave country singer haha. Was it a dream, or were we really talking?

Then I had a dream last night that I was in the hallways at school with a suitcase on the floor in front of my locker. All of my clothes were stained and were falling all over the place. Everyone was looking at my dirty clothes and I was so embarrassed. Then the principal saw me and then I can't remember the rest. The next scene I was in a weird storage closet. There were these huge tubs of blue soap and water and my clothes were being washed. There was a janitor standing in there. Something fell in and clogged the washers. She got a big stick and pulled it out. It looked kind of gross because it was in a huge tub with who knows what else, but I remember feeling okay that my clothes were being washed. I wasn't that grossed out. Then I remember the principal telling me that my clothes would be mailed back to me a few days later. Looking back now it was disgusting and I would never want my clothes washed that way lol. Weird. I am so lost with that dream haha.

So what do they mean?

Example: Reaccuring Dream, What does it mean?

Ok the dream starts out with me in a bathing suit walking through a hall like at a public pool leading from the locker room to the pool area, I can hear people laughing and splashing in the water and sometimes i even get to where I can see them, but once i reach the pool they are gone and it is empty, no water even. then I circle the pool, and its full, and I am looking for a way to get in, unable to get in for some reason and i reach the shallow end and it's empty again, but filling up slowly.
Then I turn away and go back in to use the restroom... either its in the locker room and its huge like hundreds and hundreds of stalls, only it takes forever to find one I can use, either its broken or someone is in it, and when I finally find a toilet I can use I close the stall door and sit down, as soon as i sit, the stall door is either so short everyone can look in, or there is no stall door, and everything gets super quite and everyone looks at me, a lot of people... or once i go in to look for a bathroom there are halls and halls of a ton of individual bathrooms but i cannot find one that works! So I am never able to relieve myself... finally i am all of a sudden trying to wash a load of clothes, and I can never find a washing machine that works right, or it breaks after I get the load going... and it can take a ton of time, and a bunch of different washers before I even find one to start a load in...

in the ones where i am looking for an empty or working stall in the locker room there are always tons of people around. but when i am looking for the individual restrooms the place is always empty, just me

What could this mean?

Example: Does this dream mean anything ?

So .. dontt be grossed out or anything.. but heres how it goes :
Me and my mom (im a girl) were in a girls change room after swimming , and all of a sudden some phillipino guy walks in and im like "uuhh ., takin' " then he walks awya , then i get out of the changing curtains and i see the phillipino guy again , with his dad i think , and his dads penis was like HUGE and hanging out of his bathing suit , then his son holds onto it and and they both walk out to the pool .

What does this mean?

Example: What can this dream mean? 10pts!?

last night i had this dream that i was in a soccer game Mexico was playing against India i think (i'm mexican btw) and then when the game was over i think i went into the locker room of where the cheerleaders were. i saw this cheerleader and i think i went into the bathroom, and then this hot white blonde cheerleader comes in. and your not gonna believe this but i said: can i see your (u kno wat) and she did and i was like :D. and then my dream switched to another dream so what can this mean?

Example: Dream meaning(Part 3)?

She also said she loves me but she said it in a joking manner and said she knows I love her. When I first met her, she had a boyfriend then they broke up. A couple months later, when I finally gather the confidence to ask her out, she gets another one which is the one currently in this dream.) I open the door into the BOYS locker room and all of a sudden I feel someone pushing and hurrying me. I look behind me and it's my crush. Because there's two sets of doors in the locker room, she rushes me into the small space between them. Then she peers into the locker room to see if the coast is clear but there's a small group of maybe 4 or 5 boys but she isn't fazed. She rushes me into the locker room giggling and we start moving towards one of the changing stalls then all of a sudden I wake up in a panic.

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