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Dream About Little Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? My little sister is a shadow person?

Ok ima tell you a crazy dream i had. I woke up in bed and i saw a shadow person looking in at me from the window. I yelled at it to get lost and it disappeared. Then something in my hind told me to get out of my room. I jumped out of bed and tried to open my room door. But it was locked...I wasn't surprised because my door was always like that. But then i said OPEN and it opened! After i opened the door THE SHADOW PERSON WAS RIGHT THERE! I was like wth? So then i backed away and the shadow person got closer to me. I focused on its face and i saw...IT WAS MY LITTLE SISTER! WTF? What does this mean? Is she a monster pretending to be human? WHAT IS THIS CRAP?

Well I don't think that there is something wrong with ur sis .. I mean the Q is .. Why would u image ur sister as a shadow ghost .. I can't really tell and I can't help .. Sorry !

Example: What does this dream mean(dead person)?

Okay it was all normal and my nana was just sitting on the couch wearing white and chatting but then she said she had to get up and go die. I acted like this was the more normal thing in the world even though I was a little sad.then she went through air with a man who from the back looked like my dad but was too short. Then the next thing I knew I was attending a funeral and there was a coffin going into the flames.

Then I woke up and realised she was dead for 14 years.
I never really thought about her much and never dreamed of her ever.

Example: What does it mean when a person dreams about being the hero?

Last night I dreamt I was in the nurse's office in my school and that a gunman was shooting people. Once the nurse told me [we are good friends in real life], I told her to take shelter behind me and I walked outside in the hall and looked at the gunman dead in the eyes. I made motions to him until I was several feet away. Then, the gunman grabbed someone out of the adjacent room and held his weapon to the school counselor head [another good friend of mine] and threatened to kill her. I raced to him and knocked him off his feet. I grabbed his gun and told the gunman to lay still on the ground and if he moved I would kill him. The nurse and the school counselor called the cops, and then I woke up.

Example: What does it mean by dreaming of other person exam results ? and hearing mine?

well i dreamt today about ; i was in class and there was this guy at front with the teacher and the teacher said we brian u got 80 on the mid test and u pass the finals, u got higher that...(my name, referring to me) and i looked at them? then she said something like oh ur predicted to get 60 something ( which i want, its a pass) so what does it mean?

and few days back i dream about me being happy once i have known the results that i passed all my exam for the august finals
so what does it all mean

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a person consistantly?

It's a little sad, but I dream about my ex all the time. We've been broken up for months but I still dream of him practically every night. Sometimes its a nightmare, sometimes it's not. I don't understand why I do this. Any insight?

Example: What does a dream of a dead person mean?

I'm in JROTC and our Instructor, Colonel Norman passed away last year. I had a dream of him last night. I was erasing the board and he said something to me, started laughing and then told me to come in his office so he can talk to me. After that, I don't remember what happened. He was really close to me. May some one interpret the meaning of this dream please?

Example: What does this dream mean? hurting a little baby!?

in the dream i was in a unrecognizable house and i was carrying what was suppose to be my little baby brother, (who in reality is 3 months) but in the dream this baby looked nothing like my brother.
anyway, i was inthe house, and i was holding the baby and i accidently bumped his little head on the wall, it wasby accident and he let out a cute cry, it wasnt a tantrum like cry but it was a small cry, hard to explain, and in the dream, i noticed that the baby was heavy and i had a hard time holding him right and again, i bumped his head on the wall, and he cried again. i felt so bad.
i didnt mean to!

what does this mean?

i am the type of person that believes dreams this strange means something

Example: What does it mean when you dream about the same person every night?

every time i go to sleep im always thinking about this boy lets say hes boy 1. then when im asleep i start thinkin about boy2 dis othr boy dat i kinda hate and like a little . in my dream were always kissingg and i also dream with my sisters boyfriend and were always kissing too. i never think about either one of them when i go to sleep and i dont even like my sisters boyfriend

Example: Meaning of this dream, a little odd.?

so at the start I go onto a huge ship bigger than a cruise ship, but it's a military vessel, (our enemy) so I get off and go onto my ship, I have a choice go on 2 different ships one with lieutenant dan off of forest gump, or one with shaggy from scooby doo. so I go on the one with shaggy and before we set off we notice the ship is upside down and flip it over. then we set off for the other ship and we hear lieutenant dan screaming all of the sudden when we start getting farther out the waves from the bigger ship almost flip us over and we decide to turn back, but are then carried onto an island with just trees and then the storm picks up and the dream ends.
also if i didn't mention our ship is a rowboat

I know its long, confussing, and weird but I think it has a meaning

Example: What does it mean when you keep dreaming the same person?

A while back i kept having these dreams about a guy. In my dreams we would always be togetherr and seemed happy. This guy constantly kept popping up in my dreams from time to time, Sometimes i would rememberr my dreams really clearly and otherr times it was hard for me to rememberr. So i recently got a boyfriend and every here and there i have deja vu's about him, and i've realized that the guy that kept popping up in my dreams is my boyfriend!?! What does that mean? Like is he the one forr me or some kinda bullshit like that? Ohh and please no rude/ smart *** comments, Thanks i'd appreciate it:)

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