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Dream About License meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

So, I don't usually remember my dreams, but this one bothered me...not because it was a bad dream, but because i remember specifics. I was going to get in my car, a p.t. cruiser( which is the car i have in real life) except it was a different color. My real car is beige, but in my dream it was light blue. I realized this was not my p.t. cruiser and that i must have accidentally driven away with it. I had no idea where i got it from, or where i was when the mistake happened...it didn't seem to bother me too bad, i was just curious how my key started this car and wondering how i could have driven off in this car without noticing it was different. Then I looked at the license plate and the number was 511. This is the part that really bothered me. Why 511? Does this dream have any specific meaning?

For starters, in your dream you suddenly have a change of your cars. Your car represents the thing that will transport you, take you forward. In life, it looks like you will be moving forward via a new mode. Another means of reaching your goal. And, it is blue. Blue is a cool colour. It represents freedom, so you will move toward your life's goal in a new and different way, and with a feeling of peace and freedom. The licence plate number 511 represents first of all balance. Five symbolizes balance. There will be balance associated with your life as you move forward, and one represents the beginning. A new beginning. A new start to your direction. A repeat of the number 1, signifies not only a new beginning but a successful one. Often we refer to people or situations as a number one person, or a number one business. This meaning they are good at what they do. I think your future looks great!

Example: Weird Dreams.. what do they mean?

Had a mental dream last night (as usual) that I helped ma dad slay a massive vulture that was in his back garden, then I was ridin round in a car with my baby girl without a driving license. How random is that?! Anyone have a clue as to what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had same type of dream serveral times, I loose or can not find my car. I look and look and them become paniced.

Example: What does this reaccuring dream mean?

The last month or so I've been having quite a detailed dream of me having a car crash on the motorway. Usually me slamming into the central reservation and spinning a few times and then I wake up. It's usually the same crash everytime. I passed my test in June this year, I've never had a crash, nobody in my family have. I'm not a nervous driver, I'm quite confident. But what does this dream mean? Is it trying to suggest something?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

there are two main dreams that I have almost all the time, the first is me getting into a fight and feeling like im throwing weak punches like im just weak every time I swing at the person,and another one that I have alot is me driving,its kinda like when your playing a driving game and your driving out of control that's how im always driving in my dreams,like I would turn the corner and lose control,I don't know if it might just have something to do with me being 21 and still not having my licenses or what.
any answers would help thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a very strange dream last night and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it means.

I was taking my son to school for the first time, cute boy with my blond hair and my bf's eyes (i don't actually have any children in waking life) He was wearing an old fashioned uniform, shorts and blazer with a cap. The school was on the seafront near where i live where there is actually a library. As we were walking up the street to it (its on a corner opposite the promenade) I could hear music like a brass band or something and could see a weird glow. As we came round the corner I saw something on fire, like several boxes. When i got closer i saw the boxes were coffins and my boy ran off for a closer look before i could stop him. I ran after him and the coffins disappeared. At the main gate in the middle of the wall there was now a podium and a guy was advertising the coffins.
My son was stood a little further on where there were 5 men sat on chairs up against the wall. I went over to him and the men were singing improvised song depending on the subject someone gave them.They sounded very boy-band-ish. My son kept giving them rude words to sing about. I don't remember what the words were but the sort of things a 5 year old would consider a bit rude.
I took his hand and turned around and suddenly we were in a car heading into the car park of the school. It seemed to have students right up to (UK) college age and they all drove no matter what the age. I went to park but the spaces were really tiny and my little car took up 3 spaces. And for some reason I had a bacon sandwich with brown sauce in my mouth as i was parking!
I got out the car and all the students were all over the place shouting, smoking and swearing. I was about to get back in the car and take him home again when i heard the music again. I turned around and there was a coffin being carried into the car park.
Thats when I woke up.
Normally I don't have dreams quite as unusual or disturbing as this one. I don't have a clue what it means! Some of the stronger aspects of the dream are a little confusing as I don't have children, don't drive and don't know anyone who has died.
Would appreciate some help with this one as it's playing on my mind quite alot. Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

I've been having a lot of dreams lately about me practice driving my dads car - i'm 20 and got my license yrs ago so what do these dreams mean? I don't drive tho and have for a couple of yrs since i am in a foreign country and they drive like crazy ppl here

Usually my dreams mean a lot and sometimes they foreshadow things so what can this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was driving after partying with my ex's friends in LA. I was drinking and slamming my car into another car on purpose. Then there was half of a Maryland license plate in my rear window the next morning. I woke up in my ex'a house with 2 people that I didn't know. There were tiki masks displayed on the end table of the living room, they were grey stone. we went to buy cigarettes downstairs and then I got to my car which was total'ed. I remember driving and moving the car to a safe spot. Then I woke up after trying to decide what I was going to tell my mom...

Example: What does death mean in your dreams?

I had a dream that I got a phone call saying my brother had died so me and my sisters were all going home for his funeral.(Right now my brother isn't doing too good he's addicted to drugs and in and out of jail.) But it didn't show me how I got there but me and my little sister were in a blue shiny sports car waiting for my mom because we were giving her a ride. My little sister was driving (she doesn't have her permit or license) but then my sister just kept driving and I was like was have to wait for mom so pull over and she did but we were like 20 miles from where my mom was so I told her to turn around to go get her (we were on a back road type highway) well when she turned around she accidentally hit the emergancy break and didn't know so she kept trying to go but didn't go any where she just kept burning her tires and I was like stop mom can't lose anymore kids and here comes the weird part we both watched the car with us in it spped off and swerve and end up going off the highway and into a tree and catch on fire the flames were bright orange and yellow and we both looked at each other like omg we were in the same car and same spot so we thought that that was going to happen but when she started driving we drove right past in but I felt like I was in the fire because of how hot my hands got and then it skipped to me crying and feeling my a TON of sad emotions for the death of my brother and someone else but I didn't know how and when I woke up I felt these sad emotions heavly to where I felt like crying. What does this mean? I'm nervous about the whole death part because my nana isn't doing to well she has cancer and something wrong with her liver to where she is on hospice now because they said they didn't know how much longer she would have.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about passing a test?

I dreamt about taking my licensing exam and passed it. I was wondering what could it mean. Would it mean the opposite?

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