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Dream About License Plate meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

So, I don't usually remember my dreams, but this one bothered me...not because it was a bad dream, but because i remember specifics. I was going to get in my car, a p.t. cruiser( which is the car i have in real life) except it was a different color. My real car is beige, but in my dream it was light blue. I realized this was not my p.t. cruiser and that i must have accidentally driven away with it. I had no idea where i got it from, or where i was when the mistake happened...it didn't seem to bother me too bad, i was just curious how my key started this car and wondering how i could have driven off in this car without noticing it was different. Then I looked at the license plate and the number was 511. This is the part that really bothered me. Why 511? Does this dream have any specific meaning?

For starters, in your dream you suddenly have a change of your cars. Your car represents the thing that will transport you, take you forward. In life, it looks like you will be moving forward via a new mode. Another means of reaching your goal. And, it is blue. Blue is a cool colour. It represents freedom, so you will move toward your life's goal in a new and different way, and with a feeling of peace and freedom. The licence plate number 511 represents first of all balance. Five symbolizes balance. There will be balance associated with your life as you move forward, and one represents the beginning. A new beginning. A new start to your direction. A repeat of the number 1, signifies not only a new beginning but a successful one. Often we refer to people or situations as a number one person, or a number one business. This meaning they are good at what they do. I think your future looks great!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was eating a subway with my cousins from philedlephia... we were going to go ao korean bbq but ended up eating there instead and the guy at subway was ripping us off... my father had a long argument with the guy and then the guy was afraid to rip us off... but we could never shop there again because we had argued with the guy at subway..

And then I was at middle school... and I was carrying a hbuge load of books in my two hands.. I decided to quickly steal two textbooks that the middle school kids were using (some kid left his school books unattended) And there were really good books but I didn't have time to discriminate between books so I just chose the first two I could get my hands on and they were the cheapest out of all the books there... which were two grade 8 textbooks. ONe brown with a white square in the center that had photographs of machinary landscape ans cuh. Then I rode my bike back home. In this dream I was living in this poor house that I used to live in when I was around 13 years old... and my friend monica who is 20 years old right now... but in my dream she was only 7-10 years old... came up to me and asked me what I was doing... I didn't want to get caught stealing the books so I threw them on the ground... and then I decided this was God's way of making sure that I don't steal anything...

Then I was man sleeping with a girl... or dating her... her boyfriend comes up to me and starts attacking me and we get into this fight. He was big, strong, tall, intelligent, wealthy, and fast but I managed to beat him up and kill him... Then his head was severed and his dead body was lying in the car. Somebody I think God told me to steal his car and drive off... but I was afraid to do that because well... people would be able to identify that I was the killer of the man if they saw his license plate number and ran a check on it so I left without the car.

Then I was in an elevator, the wife of the man that I just killed (he was cheating on his wife with the girl that I was dating) had somehow found out that I killed her husband... even though this happened less than 5 minutes ago, and she began to attack me... She was very short about 3-4 feet tall, and had very small eyes... kind of ugly... but she was extremely strong... I tried to trap her by rapping my legs around her body the way you would when you are cross legged, or hugging the trunk of a tree with your legs... but she was able to hit me anyway. She lifted me up and swung me around and almost threw me out of the elevator. I realized she was too strong for me to beat.. so I decdied to ask the dream to give me magical powers... Then I commanded the lights to light up... these lights were magical lights that could you make you float in thin air... And then I commanded the fire down below to burn her so that she would die... And then I started to float in the air while she was being burnt up...

Then an idea came to me that Christians who follow the devil are cast into the lake of fire... though I can't think of a scripture verse that mentions this... It says that fire from heaven comes down to consume those who were following the devil but does not say that those who follow the devil are cast into the lake of fire...

I was meditating on this and then I started to reflect on all the people who refused to help me when I was in need... even though God loved me SO MUCH... these so called christians did not love me at all and were not even willing to acknowledge my existence or spend a single ounce of time with me... It was for this reason that I choose to turn away from GOd.

Then I woke up...

Example: Why did I have a dream of an older model dirty white car with license plate www.kimclement.com?

Then sooo much of the prophetic word seems to be answers to prayers?

The dream was two nights ago & this is about the only thing I remember of it.

Does it mean something specific about Kim Clement prophetic ministry?
I mean why a dirty white older model car?

Example: What does it mean when you dream your car was stolen by someone you dislike?

Last night I dreamt that I was out work and there were parking spaces on either side of the road. I work in the front desk so it is easy for me to look outside and have a clear view. Shortly after wards, many unknown persons swiftly parked their cars in the empty spots. My co workers and I became suspicious, trying to figure out who they were and why were they parking here. A gentleman who parks, cleans and washes cars walked by and we asked why persons were parking here. He stated that the police were booking persons for parking on the sidewalk and road near a clinic in the area. They heard that this was a good area to park with free space and came here. I became puzzled because I knew the clinic is not nearby, and would therefore be a very long walk from here. A while later, a gentleman came towards the door whom I knew from childhood. I remembered his name and knew that he had always liked me but I found him unattractive and annoying. I became apprehensive about buzzing the door and didn't want to let him in but someone else had buzzed him in. He came towards the receptionist desk and stepped to the side of it further back and pressed against the wall just watching me. I turned to face him in my chair and was annoyed by his position, he asked if I wanted my car wash and I instantly said no, after which he left. A short while later , I walked outside , looked around and noticed my car was missing. I stepped back inside then out again to recheck and realized it was gone. I went inside amongst my co workers , and faced the one I'm closest with, with a sad face saying that my car was stolen. I went towards my purse to recheck if my keys were there or had I given it to someone but they were with me. The gentleman I knew pulled up in a spot near the door I ran towards the car , looked inside to see him but as I stepped back I realized the car was not mine. It was a sports car, windows down and looked very relaxed , chauvinistic and had a slight smirk as if he know my car was stolen and that I was upset. We got him out the car and brought him inside while I went on the road in someone else's car to look for my car. I passed the clinic that was mentioned earlier and didn't seen it while meanwhile flipping through a big white notepad. As I stopped at the traffic light by the clinic, I thought to myself that I would have to report it to the police and recalled all of the details of the car, license plate number, color of the car and any marks/dents which I stated out loud. I also thought of how upset my boyfriend would be about the missing car and also how fortunate it was that I picked him up the night before and that he has his clothes to stay for the weekend. After wards I woke up.

It was odd to me because it felt so real, as though the dream was a preview of today because I did pick up my boyfriend last evening, I do work as a receptionist at my work and the feelings that I had felt accurate.

What do you think it means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was driving my car home. It was dark outside. I kept falling asleep and then waking up. And one time when I started to wake up there was a guy walking towards my car like he wanting me to hit him. I barely swerved and missed. I had a scared feeling in my stomach as I kept heading home. I remember the song that was playing on the radio too. Wicked games by the weeknd. As I was driving I kept feeling like I was going too or I wanted to be pulled over by a cop. I turned left to cut through a little town to my road. I rolled through a stop sigh and immediately cop lights came on. I stopped and he came up to my car. I got the window all the way down but a little. He walked and looked at my front license plate then walked to my window. I can remember his face. He started to talk about how I was going 20 mph and I said oh good bc the speed is 25 through town. But he went on to say how he was gonna give me a speeding ticket which I thought was weird. And I told him that I was nervous and scared and trying to get home. I didn't want to tell him I almost hit a guy and that was why I was so uneasy so I just because I thought I saw a face in my rear view Mirror. He told me that it was gonna be ok and to get out of the car. So I did. I followed him down the street. He somehow had a bag full of combs and brushs in his hand and I knew he wanted to brush my hair. As we were walking he kept saying what's that and pointing to power boxes on electricity poles. And then two cats, one looked a little wet walked out on the road. We kept walking and we walked by a blue house with a fence and we could hear talking and music. We were almost to the intersection when I started to ask if I could home and saying he was creepin me out. He didn't answer and finally he said no. So I started running to the house with music and screaming help me. I'm unsure if he was chasing me but I don't think he was. I got to the fence and tried to jump it but had a little trouble. I got hal

Example: I had a odd dream I can't exactly figure out the meaning?

Okay, so I'm 10 but here is how it goes.

I dreamed it 3 different nights but all different.

Part 1

My mom needed to go across the street somewhere so she went off closed I closed the garage door, right away a car pulled in the driver said "can I come in" I said "what's the family password all my family knows it" that was all I could do to see or maybe he would say there is none well then he said "700,000" I said nope went inside then he left.

Part 2 Same thing above but he guessed for the password 237 and I locked the door

Part 3 So this is where it starts, I close the door go back he pulls in says "Hey can I come in" I said "whats the password" he said "333" I was like nope. Went in locked it. Later I heard the garage door open I was like cool mom came back now I can tell her so I went outside I saw him in his car it was a olive green nissan cube no license plate so I looked in his window I saw him he had this clothing on, Black Hat, Skinny mustache, green coat, black shirt, black pants, black gloves. right next to him I saw this device I didn't know what it said but now looking back I said to myself I thought it had family names addresses social security numbers all information then I woke up not finishing the dream for the third time right there I was going to punch the window open but I didn't.

I named the guy and story

Mysterious Kidnapper

Example: What does this dream mean? When I see a license plate www.kimclement.com on a dirty white older model car?

I dreamed this a couple nights ago. And the dream was more than this, but this is what I remember.

Does this mean something about Kim Clement?

Example: What could my dream mean?

I was in one of the houses that my aunt and I looked at yesterday (She's moving) and I had a disabled brother and sister (I don't really). Her whole family was there, and we were fixing to go to bed. Another family broke into the house and killed my disabled brother and sister and then they took off. So we ran outside, which is now in front of her current house, and got into her car, then got out of that and got into the jeep, and we took off. We're in Texas right now, but it looked like we were driving around Portland, Oregon. We decided to stop and get some ice cream, and wherever we end up at, the family is there eating ice cream. So I'm left there with my aunt while the rest of the family goes to do God knows what, and we're telling someone to call the cops because the family there eating ice cream tried to kill us. The dad from the family gets up and gets in his white truck to follow him. I remember taking down his license plate number, and then waking up. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you remember a license plate that was in your dream?

I had the weirdest dream.. I dreamed that I was following 2 people after knowing that they sexually molested my 2 year old daughter and I followed them and I remember the license plate it's FNN564 and I even remember calling the police and giving them the plate number.. does anyone know what that means? Please answer.. god bless everyone who reads this..

Example: Im having dreams about license plates and balloons?

I'm asking what both of these things mean because the interpretations on the internet do not make sense to me at all. I had two dreams. In one I was walking down this desert road, and I saw all of these license plates on the ground. In another, I was with my friends, and my mom brought us all helium filled balloons. I believe that dreams do mean something. I think dreams are your subconscience/conscience mind working things out. So if you feel differently then don't post your opinion as fact.

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