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Dream About Left Hand meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed i cut my arm off and was holding it with my left hand what does that mean?

My arm turned into glass but it was filled with blood that I was holding with my left and and pouring out . It had tattoos on the glass and was still my arm with a glass appearance. What does this mean?

sometime, dream mean's nothing. sometime it's just a waste to keep our mind bussy.

but whatver it is, it may be something. think about it for a second, why would you do that?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you're wearing 2 silver rings on your left hand wedding finger at church?

And you can see in the dream that you're happy...

Example: What does it mean when you dream your hand is injured?

In my dream my left hand's palm had a large gash down the middle. It felt so painful and real. Like someone cut me with a knife and sprinkled salt on the wound, it hurt that bad. I know you're not supposed to feel pain in dreams, but sometimes I do. This time it was one of the worst. The gash was just suddenly there. I don't remember being injured by anything. Why did I dream that?

Example: A weird dream with hands cut up and bleeding like crazy what does it mean?

my mom had a dream that her hands were all cut up and bleeding and her nails were falling off then she went to go ask for help and no one would help her but her brother and then she said he nails were all dirty and pieces of corn and dust came out

Example: What Does it Mean when a Black Dog bites your left hand in a Dream?

ive been dreaming about this dog for the past week the same dog in ebery dream.. its alway been friendly or sometimes just barks at me.. and today i had a dream of me riding on a skateboard and came accross two dogs(i havent ever seen the dogs) walking by as i kept riding the skateboard the black dog i always dream about charged me from the back and bite me on my left hand and wouldnt let go .. i kept slaming the dog against a wall it still wouldnt let go of my hand !

Example: What does it mean when you don't have hands in your dreams?

I keep having dreams where I either don't have hands, or I don't have my left hand. What does that mean?
(In the first dream where this happened, I cut off my left hand. Not for any reason that I can remember, I was just sitting at my desk.)

Example: I had a dream that I cut my left hand off on purpose. What is the meaning?

I was in my kitchen when the random thought came to cut my hand off and not even think about it. I went to the trash can and cut it off like that. The edge where a wound should be was healed over. I went about my business and as I was trying to use the hand I realized how different it was and how dumb I looked. I realized what I had done and went to the trash can to take it out and freeze it in hope of preserving it. I took it out and brought it to the sink. I didn't realize it because i was in a panic, but it was actually more of an arm. Anyway, It shattered into pieces like it was ice. I put the pieces back in the trash and when I took my left arm out a hand appeared like it had just regrown?!

Any meaning?
I usually never have weird dreams like this.

Example: I know what the left hand symbolizes, but what does it mean if it was severely sprained in a dream ?

I had a dream where I somehow sprained my left hand, and it just kept throbbing and throbbing, and I was trying to cuddle with my boyfriend but it kept getting jarred and then it would ache again. I can't make the connection between what that might mean and what the left hand symbolizes. Any suggestions ?

Example: I had a dream some doctor was cutting my left hand, What dose this mean?

Example: "My left hand in water" dream?

I had a dream where I could see my left hand just under the surface of a white basin filled with clear water. I could see the gentle ripples of the water across the surface, and I heard a soft voice almost whisper to me and say, "I'm sorry". What does that mean?

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