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Dream About Left Behind meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Wildest dream ever, any meaning behind it?

I'll try to keep it short but it was a long dream.
Car broke down, began walking and my sandal broke. Old man behind me complaining, I wound up punching him twice and going into my old job down the street. At old job a young handicapped boy helped me find my way through the place to the back where I got some of my old clothes I left there and we escaped through the back window. He hurt himself going out the back window so he went home. On my way home a group of men gathered around a pig and tried to slaughter it but failed many times. The pig kept looking at me with a sad look and I did nothing. After tiring of seeing the pain I walked away while shouting "sharpen your knife" so you're not putting the pig through misery. The guy who was trying to behead the pig followed me after I said this. He was a convict, he told me this, he helped me on my way home where it seemed like I became handicapped in the process (half my body didn't work). The sidewalk we were on was flooded and I handed him my stuff and crossed and he handed it back and crossed. We made it to my house where I went in and forgot him outside, he knocked on the window and said you forgot about me out here didn't you? There were a few parts in between I chose to leave out due to their graphic nature.

This is a complicated but interesting dream to me. Cars and feet as dream symbols move us forward in life or project how we are moving forward. Your car is broken down and your sandal broke. You are stifled or riddled with obstacles in your current life. This also had to do with your job situation, as you "go into my old job." What happened at your current or past work situation? Were you led like a pig to slaughter, or did you watch someone else being scapegoated and "I did nothing" to help. Did you or someone else complain a lot on the job, as you punch the guy behind you complaining.

Water indicates emotions, and the sidewalk is flooded, again hindering your forward progress. You are handicapped, again another sign you are being held back in life somehow. You need to process some issues right now and let go in order to move forward?

Example: Meaning behind dreams of ex-girlfriend?

Awhile back I had two weird dreams about my i never had a dream of her until December

One dream was that me and my ex girlfriend got back together and i was hugging her in arms and her friend was talking to her and asked are you guys going to brake up anytime soon and my ex girlfriend said no i made a dumb mistake last time and im not doing it again

the second dream was i went to her house i don'tt know why but i left my sweater and bike at her house and when i tried getting my stuff back she didn'tt pick up until she finally did give me my thing back
weird cuz last time we talked she still wants me in her life even though she has a bf and she is happy with him

Example: What is the meaning behind my dream?

Last night I had a dream that my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex but I was drunk and didn't find out. I woke up and went back to sleep then I had another dream where I got into a fist fight with this girl my ex dated and almost got arrested because I went into her garage and was hiding in her car looking for evidence of something, then the police came and made me empty my pockets and said I wasn't in trouble and before I left there was a picture (of my ex and the girl) that I threw on the floor and spat on.
I'm confused? Can somebody please help me interpret what this could possibly mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? Being left behind ?

Ok so I had a dream that every one in my town except me all left. Even my mom left without even telling me or even giving me money or the key to get in. Although I recall only one persons house I went to but I slept at a park. Eventually every body came back but they came back all decked out and fantsy wat could this mean?

Example: What is the meaning behind this dream?

The dream started out as my family and I had the local mall and we were walking together shopping and having a good time. I was depressed in the dream about something but I forgot what it was. Then all of the sudden, my family left me like they were walking fast and I couldn't catch up and they just disappeared out of thin air. I was panicking and looking for my family as I couldn't find them. I felt lost in the mall and was calling out for my mother and grandmother but they didn't hear me. I could see the people around me looking at me strangely as I was pissed at them for looking at me. What does this vivid dream mean?

Example: Is there a meaning behind this dream ?

I had a dream that all of a sudden my tooth was loose, and I was turning it with my tongue. it was was very loose barely holding on. And than randomly it falls and I catch it with my hand. I look at the tooth where the root part is and it was pitch black and had black build up almost like layers of coal its like it was rotted. when it came out there was no pain nor blood. But there was another tooth growing like not just empty gums, and it was just a bit of the tooth that had grown.

Do you think there could be any interpration of this dream?

Example: I dreamed my ride (colleagues) left me behind while I ran into a store to get some drinks. What's it mean?

I had gotten a ride from some colleagues (in my dream it was past colleagues) at work. We stopped at a gas station and I ran in to get a couple of us some drinks. When I came out they had all left. What could this mean?

Example: Is there a psychological meaning behind this dream?

I had a dream where me and people I did and didn't know where in these apartments,and we were on a high floor so when we looked out the window,there was nothing but fog and clouds and lightning in the distance! And the atmosphere was rather post apocalyptic!

It was eventually explained to me that they had evacuated England! Every single town, village, city, every where! There wasn't a soul left in the country and they had transferred us to these apartments in an unknown location! We didn't know where that land was,it was in the middle of no where,and there was a war that was being fought,and I asked someone why we were evacuated,and he said:
'Because soldiers would fight better if they don't know where they're families are. If they know they're in England, they will know they're safe, and won't try hard enough!'

So, we were all kind of...quarantined. Millions of people, it was crazy! We could go to the balconies. I saw some friends, but we kept watching the lightning in the distance and it was all very doom and gloom! It was so real, and people were strange! It was like there were no standards of right and wrong left in the society! The showers had no doors, and people didn't care...and it was a weird feeling being there! Like the entire mind set about living had changed!

I haven't read anything deep for a few months now, and I am not into politics and don't personally know anyone who has been to war! Can someone please tell me the psychology behind this dream? Thanks for your patience in reading this!

Example: Meaning behind a dream?

It seems kind of ridiculous, but I think it has some kind of deeper meaning.

So the dream started off with my father and I in Washington, D.C. (don't ask me how I knew it was D.C., I just knew, for whatever reason) It was kind of ridiculous because I was sitting on a unicycle which my dad was pulling up a mountain using some kind of rope. Here's where it gets different though: we came around a bend in the mountain and two girls dressed in running clothes and tennis shoes were sitting down looking over the mountain. My father went on ahead, but I stayed back to talk to them for a minute. I don't know either of them in real life, and they didn't look familiar at all, but I started talking to them. They told me their names were Ciara and Jenna (I don't know any people named that) and the entire rest of the dream was just a long conversation between us. If anyone could tell me what this could possibly mean, I would really appreciate it, because I don't dream that often and when I do, it's normally something stupid that I can only remember a flash of. This dream, however, I can remember every detail and it's weird. So, anyone that can answer this, thank you.

Example: Dream of being left behind?

I had a dream in which i saw my school bus was leaving,but i told them i need to use the washroom so wait for some time. When i came back the van had already left and my bag was lying there. I called my mom and she said she'll pick me up. Also i met a few people standing there so i wasn't alone anymore. What does this dream mean?

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