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Dream About Leaving One'S Body meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night i had a dream that was very unusual and scared me alot. I remember it started out as me and my family going to visit relatives in another town. when we got there we arrived at a hotel, but it was more like a house than a suite. we met a man named seth there who smoked alot. He looked very sick and seemed sullen and creepy. Later in the dream we went to go sightseeing in the city and brought a paper parachute? we got tired and layed down on the conrete and covered ourselves with the parachute and slept lol. but when we woke up people had thought we were homeless and left us stuff? when we got back to the hotel we found seth again, even more sick. He was consumed by it and collapsed in size and his skin was decaying. he looked more like a little demon instead of a man. he had his own room in the back of the "house", and when the door was cracked you could see him going insane and throwing things. He kept stalking my older sister and eventually attacked her. i got scared and ran into another room, but i could see everything happening on tv...things got quiet and later my sister ran out and said we had to leave. i didnt question her and she said our mom would follow right behind us in the other car. when we got outside, there were random raging fires spewing in random places all over the ground. we were speeding when we came to a back road surrounded by trees. the back road had alot of twists and there was a cliff on the left side WITH NO RAILING. i started freaking out saying we should return for our mom because i was afraid she would get hurt. my sister insisted and came up on the road. she was driving so fast and so close to the edge that i had to warn her. she said it would be okay, but she wasnt paying attention and floated of the edge. thats when time seemed to slow down. we were falling down the dark cliff , and i couldnt see anything around me expet the inside of the car and the fires and road above. my adrenaline was rushing and i was so scared. but i didnt even freak out. all i did was whisper "goodbye" and wonder what dying would feel like. thats when my mind went blank and i woke up.

. i know that was so long, but ive never had a dream like this in a long timel i just was to know what is mean. please no rude comments.

It may one of those dreams that might have meaning "down the road" in life.so stay close to God...and you'll be alright.I've had dreams like that where if you lay in bed to long...crazy stuff gets added on to your already crazy dream.it's imagination I guess.and I am a certified sleep tech, so to have a dream like that means that you were in a deep stage of sleep known as R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement).which is good to get deep sleep...it is restorative to the body...sometimes those crazy dreams can be a result of some kind of change that has happened or from a recent event...or sometimes your mind can pick-up ideas from TV that may be on in the background while you are sleeping.or maybe it is questions on your mind about dying...just stick close to God...and you'll be alright!

Example: What does my dream mean?

this dream was a long time ago i was 4 years old but i still dont get it.It was me and i was climbing some stairs like a tree house with some friends i dont know them though.once i get to the top of the tree house my friends tell me sorry i cant let you in and they push me down and i fall while im fallingi see my self wearing what i was wearing and i see myself falling and this might sound weird but i felt like it was my spirit because i could see it go back into my body and when it did i woke up freaked out.what does this mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Okay, so a couple of nights ago I had this dream and I'm seriously wondering if it has any meaning. Well, I guess you could call it a nightmare since the contents were pretty dark, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, the dreams starts out with an old friend of mine (one to which I hadn't talked to for months before today.) being lost somewhere in the middle of a gigantic, rundown city. I'm not entirely sure where we were, but it was beyond eerie. Everything appeared to be in black and white. The skies were black with storm clouds and huge drops of rain poured down all around like bullets. I got a feeling in my gut that sunlight hadn't shown it's face in that area for ages. Every buildings around us had cracks and were completely falling apart. Any windows that weren't completely smashed in were clouded with a thick dust or some type of grime. I think the most creepy part was the area, beside my friend and I, was completely vacant. No cars, no people, no other life. Just us, standing in the middle of the road, soaked to the bone with a confused look plastered on our faces.

Neither of us really said anything, we just started to walk. Still, we didn't find any people.
We thought we were completely alone in that industrial jungle until we started to hear unenthusiastic moans in the distance. The first thing that I thought (because I'm a horror movie junkie) was "Holy ****, zombies." so I looked at my friend and told her we had to get somewhere safe. She agreed, and we took off running. That's when all these rotting corpses started to appear all over the place, some animated and others not. The ones that could move looked at us with their blackened eyes; obviously full of hunger. This made us run faster and faster. We were absolutely horrified but our lungs were starting to give out on us after what seemed like hours of running. We needed a safe place to rest, so we thought we'd take a short cut down a back alley. As we turned, we saw a motley wooden shack (It seemed horribly out of place in the city) and ran over to it for some reason I can't explain. Inside, there was a millions of dead, rotting rats. On the walls, on the ground, on the ceiling. Everywhere. . In the corner, a decaying woman sang her rotting teeth into one of the rat's lifeless bodies. (It was weird because all of the rats looked like the one I had that recently died.) It was appalling and we both wanted to leave. But as I turned, I was met by a horde of zombies, all reaching out to grab me. That's when I woke up. It was so strange; I can't even explain it. Any ideas as to what this means?

Example: What is this dream's hidden meaning?

I'm pretty sure that there are three constituents to this dream: blood pressure medication, depressing apocalyptica music, and shooting down enemies in Call Of Duty. But hey, these things don't happen for nothing.

So I was at my grandparent's house, I walk in, and they say that I have to look after my retarded cousin Donnie, (of which i don't have one in real life) I'm not joking. I look to the loveseat in the living room, and there are like these 2 easel chalk boards strapped to the seats. My grandparents tell me we are to be strapped to these so we won't beat each other up. (makes no sense) Basically pinned with our backs against them and our hands tied by our heads.

They leave, and we're left alone. Donnie disappears, and I find him driving my mom's car into the ditch in the front of the house, i push him out and try to get the car out of the road after pushing it out of the ditch, but in order to turn the car on I had to plug the car into an extension cord. (?) I start running up the driveway chasing Donnie back into the house, all while carrying a chinese machine gun in my hand (of which i never once fired in the dream.)

I flash into another part of the dream... I'm at my house, my dad gives me the keys to this minature trike version of his new Honda Valkyrie motorcycle. I ride around the house as the trike slowly turns into a motorized toilet. I stop in the backyard, and I see smoke coming from a house down the street where my friend Sarah used to live. We hop over the fence to go see, the fire is no longer there and immediately we go back in time to a western era. I find this small toy house next to the fence, I pick it up, someone behind me says "look it has a burglar in it!", the house starts to crack and crumble in my hands.

We walk over to this store, like a country style sort of restaurant, kind of grungy. I meet this boy about my age, I didn't find out his name, but we become friends. He runs over to give his mom (who is a waitress and/or store owner) a hug.

At the end of the dream we walk to the opening of this huge barn, some animals are alive and just naturally hanging from the beams above like tobacco. There is this weird llama that bleets like a sheep, and my friend's pig tried to wiggle itself into the barn. There are horses there also, which reminded me of the ones in the movie The Brothers Grimm (which spiders and cobwebs in their mouth). I had a bad feeling about this barn, a very bad feeling. Then I saw this huge mass of an animal, it looked like half giant horse, half elephant with the pinkish gray dapple of the elephant and the chestnut hair and body of a horse. This horse was huge, like the size of an elephant. I was terrorized by this horse, of which I didn't find out but somehow knew his name was Bronx.

Just a dream from the meds which cause vivid dreams, or is there some signs of hidden meaning? You don't have to translate all of it, just maybe parts of it if at all possible.

Example: What could this dream mean? ?

It was like the hunger games but different, I was with my brother and we were in a garden with high trees and bushes but it was overgrown and then a rotten turkey head with the body of a man in a suit started running to us barking like a rabid dog and part of the challenge was to figure out how to get it to leave you alone and you had to mimic the dogs barking and  his dance it does it does then wen i did that my bother disappeared and I run down these stairs where another contender is there, he is like a best friend or something, he's throws of a small creature cursing at it by some bins like the back of an alley way and when I see him I run to him and hug him tightly he hugs me back and says he hasn't got time he has to go so I hug tighter and say I love you and he says I love you too and kisses me on my cheek (friend love) and runs the direction I came from and I run again running to my room and on the way there there are other contestants going to their room, white corridors with shiny flooring, white everything and there is food on the floor lots of food, I hear the buzzer signalling it's time to go and when I get to my door there is a royal cushion and people are not allowed unless told to by the princess to pass but the princess loves me so I can. Then the evil priest says some mean things to me.

Many other things happened I just can't fit it in the box :/

Example: What does dreaming about hiding a dead body mean?

These dreams happen quite regularly. Once a week or so. The people always seem to have met an unpleasant end - murdered, to be brutally honest but I've never killed them. It's like I'm in charge of getting rid of the evidence for someone else. Putting them in a river, burying them or just leaving them somewhere inconspicuous. Getting rid of them as soon as possible and getting far away seems to be the only priority. I feel fear of being caught in the act, but not the guilt of killing anyone. It's always in a rural setting too, be it in the countryside or occasionally in a small village.

Can anyone give any insight as to what these dreams could mean. They happen too often to be a mere coincidence. Please and thanks.

Example: Any body know what this dream could mean?

Ok, basically, the day before I had the dream, I had gone to the cinema with some friends and was waiting for my mum to pick me up and they went off to go to christchurch, i think this is where my dream began...

Basically, my friend Maria got a phone call from my mum, who was asking where i was, and she said i had gone to the train station to wait (i didnt go to the train station in real life), my mum then began shouting down the phone at maria, saying that i wasnt at the train station, and that why had they left me, because when they did i got hit by a car, and had been killed outright. she was really screaming. maria then told her that it was not her fault that i hadnt looked where i was going and then passed her phone onto my friend steph who was crying and kept on repeating 'i just wanted to see the church'. the phone also changed colour from orange to pink.

after that, it just kind of switched to the main hall in my school where there was my year having an assembly, and an old teacher who hasnt worked at the school for ages was leading it. he was telling everybody about how i had died, and how it was because maria and steph had left me. i specifically remember seeing this one photograph of me (which doesnt exsist in real life) being shown and faith hills 'there you'll be' being played as background music.

it then switched again to being in my old form room, with maria moving the tables round and saying that she could not believe that i was still having to be the centre of attention even when i was dead.

i cant really remember anymore, i just really dont understand, was it me subconsciously being bitter about them leaving me in real life? is it showing me that i worry too much about what could happen when im left on my own?
any responses would be appreciated!

Example: Can anybody interpret the meaning of this dream? It's very strange and very sexual...?

I'm quoting this from a blog I wrote about this dream, so excuse the informal language, "Before I went to bed, I ended up freakin out because my charger wasn't working and I couldn't charge my phone, and my heater stopped working, it was SOO cold :[ I went over to mom's house to see if she had an extra charger (used to be her phone) and an extra heater, but she wasnt home so i just went to bed. When she got home she came over to my house and (accidentally) woke me up, She brought me and extra heater and charged my phone in her car, then I went back to bed, and THAT'S when I had this weird *** dream! It had my gooood budddy Alex in it, (well, it was pretty much ABOUT Alex), it took place in a big, nasty, grody as **** public bathroom, which on one end had racks of weird clothes, and on the other end led to a storage room without a door, and had lots of stalls. One stall was really large, and didn't have a door. Inside (for some reason) was a big bed with nasty, gross, disgusting mattress and bedding on it. So yeh, Alex and I were sitting on that bed, and for some reason, he was wearing on of my skirts and a dress shirt with a breast pocket, and I asked him how long his town leave was (because he is in the Air Force) and he pulled out this slip of paper out of his pocket that resembled something you would find in a Willy Wonka candy bar, lol, and it said something like, "The ******* gets an 8 hour town leave." or something, then I pulled on his skirt (not off, just outward) and he wasn't wearing underwear and he wasn't wearing underwear (and that's all i'll say about that) and then, I'm not sure if my shirt was off or just pushed up, but then it seemed like I was looking at my own stomach, and he was looking at my stomach, and i had a big patch of super long, black, curly stomach hair, and it was just an awkwardly placed patch, above my belly button on the right side of my stomach, and I said "I should have shaved." And then someone walked in past the stall and into the storage room (remember, stall has no door) and he said, "You two can't be doing that, I could lose my job!" So then we got up to leave, I tried on a weird dress from that rack of clothes, someone else I know (Gloria) said "Oh my gosh, it's so cute!" Then Alex and I were talking (I can't remember where we were now, I think his VW Bus) and I asked if he ever had sex in his hippy bus, and he said yes, then gave me a "lets sex" type of smile. Then the dram ended. No actual sex in the dream... but yeh it was freakin' weird! Anybody have any suggestions about what it might mean? The thing that really makes me confused is the fact that Alex s wearing a skirt (I think suggesting femininity?) and I had a patch of belly hair (suggesting masculinity?). So yeh, tell me what you think it might mean!"

And here is the comment I recieved on it, "according to some dream interpertion stuff i did: if you wanted to have sex it could mean that your desiring sex with that particular person or its your bodays way of telling you it wants sex if it's been too long since the last time you had it...and if you are looking for a place to have sex it means your searching for intimacy and closeness. to dream of unusual body hair could mean you have uncertainity or confusion in your life. to dream of a man dressed as a girl could mean that either you need to acknowledge your masculine side or he needs to acknowledge his feminine side. but i cant find anything on the dirty mattress pary. hopes that helps some"

and my reply to the comment, "oh my goodness, thanks a ton! i didn't ever think of having sex with this person... but i recently came to realize i like him. a lot. haha very recently came to realize it, i was writing him (cause he's in the air force) and it just was like, "OMG how could I not have realized this until now!?" I guess I have been wanting closeness and affection, the other stuff (the confusion and the masculine/ feminine side thing) i haven't thought about, but I guess I am kind of confused about a lot of things. I don't think he needs to embrace his feminine side... or that i need to embrace masculinity. I was kind of wondering if this dream has to do with my sexuality, since he is wearing a skirt and everything around us is so dirty, maybe the skirt resembles femininity (even though when i pulled out his skirt a penis was there, lol, however small it was) and the fact that everything around us is dirty resembles having sex with him (or men) is dirty to mind? I kind of think that, but i never thought of sex with a woman dirty. Even though I like and can love and can happily be with guys and be sexually attracted to guys, it is NEVER the same as the relationship I had with my first ever anything (kiss, holding hands, dating, EVERYTHING) which was with a woman, and latest the longest, and had the strongest emotions (which is why i haven't been with a woman since i was with her, ALL emotions were stronger, including hurt) well, anyways, thanks a ton

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm a gigging musician and this dream has left me paranoid.

I'm at a nightclub and it's sometime around midnight. I'm with a small band- a guitarist/singer, a bassist and me on drums.

The dream starts backstage where I remember the guitarist is talking to a sound engineer in Japanese about the lighting, and the bassist is sat on his bass guitar case reading the Bible. I am tuning my snare drum.
We're then called up by the nightclub owner. I remember he's wearing a rainbow tie and a black suit with white shoes and shirt.
We walk on stage. The stage is a semi-circular one with small lights on the edge. My drumkit is set on a small drum riser,lined with LED lights.
We begin to play when the singer/guitarist stops in mid-song and points to the curtains to the left.They're on fire.

The guitarist and bassist begin to tell everyone to get out because the stage is now alight. The then start to leave the stage along with the crowd. I leave with them but somehow I trip and fall in the middle of the dancefloor and the flames surround me.
The last thing I can remember, I'm lying on the floor, struggling to breathe as the fire comes over my body.

Anyone got an explanation?

Example: What does my dream mean (about jeasus's tomb)?

Ok so I had a dream I was in jeasus's tomb the rock was open and the tomb was by a river at first I couldent get out one way then I went another way and I got out with sunlight right at me...there was also a body coverd with a brown cloth on a Table in there I dint know who's body it was and there were tarantulas in there also what does this mean?

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