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Dream About Large meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream with a bunch of large crocodiles?

I dreamed with a bunch of large golden khaki crocodiles on top of each other moving, I was just staring at them really near, they didn't bit me or chased me or stared at me or anything. What does this dream mean?

The crocodile represents you. (Just like the tiger represents me.) Psychology says that you may think of yourself as dangerous and that you enjoy warm/humid weather. Since the crocodiles didn't attack you in your dream, you are one of them. Many cultures have associated themselves with animals. The US is an eagle, Russia is a bear, aboriginals were big on this kind of thing too.

Example: Dream of large blackbird,whats the meaning?

i had a dream last night that i was with people(dont remember who) and all of us went to my backdoor,everyone was puzzled,i opened the door and when i first saw it i thought it was a small dog i then realized it was a large black bird/raven/crow whatever you wanna call it. it was big for a bird it was like the size of a small dog. what does this mean? i keep getting mixed signals when i search it online i just dont get it i believe dreams have meaning but can someone interpret this for me?

Example: What does it mean to dream about swallowing a large bug?

I had a dream last night that's really "bugging" me.

At some point in my dream I must have swallowed a large beetle/roach type creature because there was one stuck in my throat. I remember at the start of my dream opening my mouth and seeing his whole body and trying to get him out but he was too big.

I was shocked my whole dream because I was surprised I could still breathe, he was so BIG! I kept wondering why I didn't choke.

I kept opening my mouth and seeing him smaller and smaller, but he was still there. He was facing me, so he at first look like he was coming out of my mouth but he was actually backing into my mouth.

Help! Dreams don't usually bother me all day like this one, what's it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of large bodies of water?

i have dreamed of water two nights in a row and i have a feeling it means something.the first dream was me getting in the car but was stopped by this huge body of water and i just sat and looked at it.the second dream was more like a calm but huge flood.no rain,no violent rushes of water.the water just calmly rose and i was in the car with someone and it just moved us out of the way and we just stared at it.it stretched for miles and miles but it was beautiful though...can someone help me if possible! thanx

Example: What do large eyes mean in dream?

Women looking at me with large eyes

Example: What does reoccurring dream about large penis mean?

For about two months now, I have been having dreams about over-sized penis. This has happened more than twenty times since the first dream and I don't know what to think about it. It started out as a dream of my ex-boyfriend and I hooking up and him mysteriously growing a foot in size. I have had that dream a couple of times, but sometimes it is a stranger, sometimes a celebrity, sometimes my best friend. Every time, however, it is a huge, over-sized penis. It's very scary actually. Has anyone had this dream over and over again? Is it normal? and what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a large yellow snake?

Example: What does it mean to dream of killing large snakes?

in my dream i was standing inside with my 2yr old & there were about 5 or 6 HUGE anaconda sized snakes with rattles at the ends of their tales... they were placed in this big sand box kinda thing on the ground in the yard & i was looking at them from the big living room window... i had called 911 about them so a few officers had come with axes & had killed them & had picked up the pieces of the snakes but had left a few pieces behind so my father & 1 had went outside with a garbage bag each to pick up the remaining pieces & to throw them away

what could all that possibly mean?
i have been trying to research online but i dont find secifically what my dream was about & the information i do find all differs from one another


Example: Lately ive dreamt of large houses. whats it mean?

Ive been dreaming of large houses lately, (ive had about 3) in my most recent one, i know my way to the outside very easliy, in the other 2, its as if i am just venturing off...in the second one, im walking around the house, when i get upstairs, everything seems abandoned, almost scary, a piano is covered and there is glass chandaler. in the thrid one, i follow this girl and she fits into this tiny door way (i felt surprised i went it so easily) it was a room filled with pink and blue (almost neon) she was a young kid, she had a tea party set and played with another friend...

whats this mean? whats with the houses?

Example: What does it meant to dream of a very large, non-threatening white wolf?

I had a dream recently about a HUGE white wolf.
I was in my own back yard, with a few dream friends (I did not know them in real life but seemed close with them in the dream). It was just turning night out and there was a bonfire. There was myself and two others, one of them being a male indian. He was wearing blue jeans and no shirt and had long billowing hair. He did not have any indian attire but very closely resembles the female indian maiden on my dreamcatcher and indian wall clock in my home! My dreamcatcher has a colored wolf looking into a pond with the indian maiden reflection staring back at it.We saw the wolf walking on the road across my house towards us in a friendly gait.Before it had a chance to reach us, the female-turned male indian in my dream chased it away by running up to the road shooing it away and shouting, repeatedly, "Go away!You do not belong here!" So, the bear-sized white wolf calmly started down the ditch to go into the woods, in no hurry.Then I woke up.

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