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Dream About Laptop meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so i had a dream last night. The scenario was inside the train. I was talking to a handsome guy, that i don't even know in real life, but in my dream i know that he's my best friend and we're very happy. 2 to 3 meters away there's another handsome guy that i also doesn't not know in real life but i know in my dream that he's my boyfriend. He's not talking just staring at me smiling sweetly. So i look at him for a sec and smiled back. Then talk to my dream best friend . But this time more aware that he's watching. I can see him in the corner of my eyes that he's happy just starring at me and he look very in love. Then me and my best friend reach our destination (i assume that we live near coz we got out at the same station) but before i got out of the train this guy ,the boyfriend in my dream come to say goodbye. He give me a smooch and says "see you later"

Not all dreams mean anything. I once had a dream I was fighting a load of my friends who had been zombiefied in a supermarket that was underground with a load of kick *** 80 year olds. this was after I had read the book Ashes by Ilsa J bick. so the dream didn't mean anything just that it was influenced by what I had read. There is probably a more scientific explanations for that.
I also had a dream once about fighting a load of people with pitchforks in my grandma's garden over some cookies, at one point Zeus (yes, Zeus the God) appeared Jeannie like out of my laptop.
Dreams are crazy and mine at least, make no sense.
but it could be you just saw someone you liked the look of and that influenced your dream.

Example: I would like to know what does my dream means to dream about having a baby n then the baby becomes a laptop ?

I'm 17 years old n I'm a girl

Example: What does it means when u dream that u have a baby n it becomes a laptop?

I'm 17 years old n I'm a girl ..I wasdreaming about seen a bright light n then a big door I open the door n I went out side I was trying to hold the door but it close then some of the people from school were there and some of them had baby's I turn around and I saw some rocks falling from a mountain I told one of my friends that I was going to leave because it wasent save for my baby some people were leaving too in slides and I was walking I found my self in a street and I saw a see food restaurant and my baby wanted shrimp but the baby was to small to talk then I saw my friend and she told me that all the food from there was to expensive and that she only had $1 dollor n I saw my hand and I had 20 and the we were crossing the street and she told me to cross but some truck saw coming and I told her in a playful voice that she was trying to kill my baby then I was caring the baby n I kind of put it down n went I put it up it was a laptop with a pict of a baby

Example: What's my dream mean?

There was this dream I had a while ago. I was playing on the laptop I'm using now, and checking my Email. It said how nurses were wanted at MUSC. I opened it (why?) and it said "muhahaha sucker." A picture was at the end. I don't know what it was. Then two things popped up. One was a game, similar to Tetres. The boxes were colored and others were skulls and crossbones. I could minimize, but not close the game. The other was showing pictures. It was deleting them. I almost cried as a picture of Shrek was deleated. Idk why. I don't like Shrek THAT much. I asked my grandmother "Can you help me copy my Emails?"
"Some virus is deleating everything"
"Oh. In a minute"
She was at the table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. We weren't concerned at all about that the laptop might be destroyed. She also never helped me copy my Emails, and why would I want to copy them? I don't get it.
What could my dream mean? Also, if it matters, one of my friend's mom works @ MUSC

Example: Dreamt that i was looking for car and after being drove away I realized I had lost my backpack that contain my jeans and laptop. Meaning?

I told the driver to drive back so i can look for it, but couldn t find it. I said to myself **** it. Our goal was to get home and before we even came near home I realized I was crossing a bridge. Then i woke up.

What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if i had a dream that my laptop broke?

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

1. I had a dream I was late for work.
2. I also had a dream that I lend my laptop computer to a total stranger that looked trustworthy and then he ends up loosing it.

What do both of these dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a dream where I am in my bedroom and there is one of those toy laptops in my closet and it opens up to reveal teeth and I try to run away but I can't because it's like this big vacuum is sucking me back so I have to pull myself along my bed to get away. What does it mean, I have this dream almost every night.

Example: What does my dream mean?

This dream was really weird, but it felt so real. Ok first my family and I were going to the bahamas for some reason, and before we left, I grabbed my phone (which is black, I don't know if that means something or not), then I turned of my computer (which is white), then I turned off the lights in the room, and then I grabbed my ipod which is purple.

Then we finally left the house, and we got to the hotel (I have no idea how we got there but we just showed up), we were checking -in. And then we see this family that we new, and they were going on the vacation with us. And they had a son, he was tall, musicular, with dark hair, and brown eyes (I think he was my boyfriend in the dream, even though I don't have one right now). And then we went out to the beach, we ran down a pier type thing, and put our feet in the water, (It was calm and you could see right through the water). And we culded their for a moment. And then he was like (come on lets lay on the beach), so then we walked towards the beach, holding hands, and I could see 5 things of Shampoo, and pens (I have no idea why but the pens were red, blue and purple, which happen to be my favorite colors). And there were also towls, that were just white.

Then it was night type and we ran back to our hotel room, but we heard something and it was two kids drowning in the ocean. One of them lived the other didn't. And then the next day me and my boyfriend went through this underwater tunnel thing, and took pictures, of the islands that were surrounding us. We even took one kissing. And then that night, I have know idea why (because I'm not like this at all, we were talking about s*x, and wanting to. And his shirt was off and stuff, and yeah that was the end of the dream, but we were also laying on the bed (together), and he was rubbing my back. But I'm not S*xually active AT ALL, I want to wait for that type of stuff 'till marraige, and I"m only 17 for crying out loud. So I have no idea what this means, I'm also a girl. But what does this have to do with anything at all?.. I'm so confused!

Also their was a part in the dream where it looked like we were getting married, and my dress was white, (I couldn't tell what anybody else was wearing though), any ideas?..

I also have never had a boyfried, I mean I have had guy friends that I liked when I was younger, but then they said, oh they have to move, they have a girlfriend.. etc.. the list goes on and I actually liked them. So what does this dream mean?.. I am so confused!

Also for the boyfriend in the dream, does that mean I'll find someone like them?.. And end up dating them?.. Because I really want a boyfriend, and I actually did have a guy friend that looked like the guy in the dream but I don't know.. any help hear would be awesome! But SERIOUS answers ONLY
Please (Thank you)

Example: A dream about my laptop?

Okay this is pretty short but last night I had a dream that I walked into my room and on my desk was my laptop. I go and sit down and my desk and when I open my laptop, the top breaks off into my hand and little pieces of my laptop shatter everywhere. Then I started frantically putting the pieces back together but they'd all just fall off, so I tried to figure out a way to explain this to my mom, dad, and grandma...they were the ones who payed for it and gave it to me for my birthday. But when I woke up I expected my laptop to be broken. So I opened it and everything was fine. I'm typing on it now as we speak. But does this have any real meaning? Or is it just a random dream? I'm a 13 year old female if it helps...and my parents are recently getting divorced...if any of that helps to better interpret my dream. Thanks for helping!

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