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Dream About Language meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? please translate it into reality language...?

I dreamt i was a 20 year old trophy wife to a 90 year old man who looked like Hef. We were holding hands and walking thru my university.

very disturbing! What do you think it means!

Wow - that's not a lot of imagery, but it could symbolize a few things:
Maybe on some level, your subconscious wishes that you had a more experienced and financially well-off man as a mate.
Maybe you think you are simply too good for a lot of the guys your age (women do mature faster and 20 is not the smartest age for most guys) or that you are being oggled by older men on campus (older not really being 90 in this case, but older than you would find attractive normally.)
Maybe you think that those around you at school think you are not being serious in your studies and expect you to simply marry well after school rather than making it on your own merits.
Depending on how the dream felt, who else was in it and their response to your pairing and what being a trophy wife means to you - any of these might be the proper interpretation.

Example: Does having a dream in another language mean anything?

In my dream, I was speaking fluent French in Paris with my cousin(don't ask me how did I know we were in Paris, somehow I just knew it), but my cousin didn't seem to utter a word at all. I vaguely remembered saying ''Je suis malade'' repeatedly.

Ps: I used to learn beginner's French, but stopped months ago.

Example: What does it mean when you dream seeing lucifer language?

I'm really want to know what does it really mean to seeing lucifer language? Its like Ouija board. I had a dream. I saw these start writing on my brother's door. Its lucifer language like Ouija board language. I do not see lucifer. Just only language. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean if I dream in a foreign language?

I had a dream last night where everyone was speaking in Spanish. I had to translate it into German in order to understand anything, but I didn't know German well enough to understand very much. I wasn't frustrated about it though. Everything seemed okay, even though I didn't understand.

Example: Err languages teacher , dream help ha ?

Kinda confused, what does it mean to dream that the boy you like is your languages teacher? :/

Example: What does a dream with another language mean?

i was dreaming that i was in sociology class today
and one kid was speaking in korean
i only noticed that he was speaking korean once i woke up, so i couldn't really do anything lucid
what does it mean when a person speaks another language?

Example: Your Dreams Language...?

English is my second language (after Farsi) but i come to see my dreams in pure English! (the one i've read in books and things!) And sometimes a mixture of Farsi and English!

But i know why, cause i always try to think English.

What about u?
What’s the language u use in ur dreams?
Is it the same as ur mother tongue?

Example: Do you dream also in other language perfectly? What does mean this dream?

I dream a lot of english without french accent, like native
my mother tongue is french.

Example: Do you think it means anything when you start dreaming in the language you're learning?

cuz thats been happening to me with japanese lately. like a lot. maybe it has to do with the fact that ive been constantly listening to japanese music before i go to bed. idk, but its wonderful cuz i usually understand whats being said ^^ (in my dreams i mean. theres a lot i dont understand in the music i lissten to.)

Example: Have you ever had a dream where you spoke a language you don't know? what does it mean?

a long while ago i had a dream that people i know were speaking in perfect french. last night i had a dream that these two guys were speaking in italian... i know some italian but i still didn't understand what they were saying.
i just want to know why and how we can dream in languages we don't know. what it means. if it's possible to somehow try to remember what you said in that language and translate it (b/c i really want to know what those dudes in my dream were saying!)
your thoughts?

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