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Dream About Language meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream.?

what does it mean to dream an ex boyfriend leaving you and then coming back.
and then seeing him in someone elses corpse buried under the sand in the ocean and resuscitating him, then he dies again drowning in the water and bring him back to life again?

Dream is a word used to describe the subconcious experience of a sequence of images, sounds, ideas, emotions, or other sensations usually during sleep, especially REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep.


Dreams are communication from the soul or subconscious mind and requires the use of the universal language of mind in order to understand what is being presented. Your subconscious mind relates through dreams how you are doing as a thinker. It will relate your current state of conscious awareness.

Some dreams mean absolutely nothing, and others can mean a number of things. Dreams are the mind's way of dealing with problems, issues, events, people, fears, hopes, etc. and anything else that may be going on in your life at the time. But as for the books that give definitions as to what a specific dream means, there is no validity to them. For example, some books on dreams say that if you dream of a death, then it means there will soon be a birth in the family. Not true. Two people can have the same dream and it will have a different meaning for both of them. It just depends on what is going on in your life at the time. If you tend to have a recurring dream, it can possibly be due to a fear (especially if it is a disturbing dream), or even a hope you have. Some dreams mean nothing more than a movie you recently saw, and for some reason it was still on your mind subconsciously while you slept. It all just depends on what is going on in your life at the time of the dream(s).

Sometimes yes, and sometimes not. It depends on the number of times you have had it. Most dreams are like a visual thought while you are sleeping but they most likely are not going to come true. When you are sleeping your body is off but your brain is still functioning, so it leads to thoughts that seem real but are not. So it depends on what the dream was.

Example: Dream mean?

I had a dream? I went to school, and heard some girl and her friend talk to each other in Russian language. I came up to them and asked if they were Russian? But they were to cool for me they were all like did you just say something in Spanish? I got mad because they were so disrespectful. Then time passes and my older brother decides he wants to marry that girl I met in school who was disrespectful and made fun of me. I told my brother all about her and what she did and said. But he still wanted to marry her? That girl had a brother short and a chubby. He was 2 heads shorter than me. Everybody wanted me to marry him but I didn't want to. I ran away to the bathroom and then came back. When they said do you take him to be your husband I said "no" then I explained to him that my heart belongs to someone else and that he will find his true love, but its not me! Then I turn around and I see Samuil he's looking me straight in the eye! What does this dream mean? I know it has a meaning to it!?!?!?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a deamon embracing you screaming in your ear in another language?

Had a dream of a demon/satan and he was holding me tight screaming into my ear, in a diffrent language. In my dream the demon was inside one of my friends.

Example: I've heard that if you dream in a language, that means you know it well?

ffor example, if you're learning spanish in college and you know it really well & you dream in it, does it mean you know the language reallly welll? thats what i heard. has that evvr happend to yoU?

Example: What does this dream REALLY mean?!?

I had a dream that this girl I don't like was talking down to me and I attacked her and started bashing her head into the concrete...I felt a huge sense of relief after laying her out...what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream in a foreign language?

I had a dream the other night and it was all in some foreign language, not an easily noticeable language like Spanish, French or anything like that. I'm not sure what language it was in but everyone in the dream including me spoke it and fluently at that. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else about the dream.

Example: What does it mean to dream in your second language?

Example: What does it mean if you dream in another language?

I am currently learning polish and las nigt my dream was in English untill a little bit at he end. I also dreames of a guy that i know IS polish from my shool (which i dont know what that means) (i think i kind of like him) so help explaine what this means? Sorry i didnt know what category to put it in.

Example: What does it mean when you dream in a different language?

I'm Sicilian and Italian on my mothers side. My grandmother is Italian and my grandfather is Sicilian. Well, I have relatives that still live in Sicily, (Augusta, Sicily to be exact) and I met them about 4 years ago. Well they were the ones who were in my dream. Now, I know some Italian, but I cannot speak it fluently. Any takes on why I had this dream? I was like speaking the language and understanding it so perfectly in my dream..

Example: Does having a dream in another language mean anything?

it was in spanish which im pretty good at, and my dad and i were sitting at a spanish bar when my dad said "you order son, your the intelligent one" and then i said to the barmaid in spanish "he can't speak spanish, he can hardly speak english" in a joking way. Any thoughts?

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