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Dream About Landmark meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this dream again last night. i have had the same one for seven nights.
in my dream me and three friends are walking in this really huge city. i noticed the Eiffel tower, sphinx, great pyramid, and the great wall of china. but me and my three friends could not name the city. we walked for three days. and came upon another friend we all recognized. but he did not remember us. so the biggest of us hog tied him and carried him the rest of the way.
we needed a place to stay for the night and we could not find any hotels. so we questioned about empty houses or abandoned houses. we found a couples house who had gone for the week. and so we broke in there and stayed the night. we searched the home for an easy escape route and some good hideaways just in case. i took the topmost floor and when i opened the closet door to the biggest bedroom on that floor i found a dead or dying lion cub. i called to my friends saying i have found something horrid. they came running. fearing something was wrong. they saw the lion cub and my female friend looked at me with her tearing eyes, and explained later in the dream why she did this the reason being i was the only other female, she came to me and began crying. we left soon after taking the cub with us. we came to a lake and buried it at sunset by the bank. and then the sun set, so we just stayed out near the lake. but my female friend was looking at the sky, smiling. she called me and the others and said, look in the sky, what do you see? i saw nothing but a bunch of dots but the other said they saw the lion cub. i happened to glance at the lake, lit up silver by the moon, and saw a full grown lion. i said to the others, y'all can watch those stars all you like, but i see something wondrous. they looked and saw the lion.

then i was awakened by my cats. so never got to finish. lousy timing, that's what my cats have.
i want to know the meaning of this dream. and why i have dreamed it three times. four counting tonight. most likely. i'll add detail if i did tonight or not.

This dream is about being in a place where you do not belong, Shadow, dear.

The huge city is not a real place. In reality, each of those landmarks exists in a different city in different parts of the world. So this dream city represents the entire world, or the archetypal "City."

The friends each represent some different part of yourself, including the friend you hog tied. This seems to be an aspect of yourself that disapproves or rejects your behavior and choices.

You decide to stay in a house where you do not belong. It is not your own and you do not have the knowledge or permission of the owners. So, Shadow, it would be wise to reflect on what this might represent. What is happening in your real life that is wrong? Are you claiming or using something that does not belong to you, or are you pretending to be someone you are not? Your mind is definitely trying to get your attention here.

Lions symbolizes royalty, righteousness, and nobility. This dead lion cub represents your own inner sense of what is right and wrong, that you have silenced and "deadened." Part of your self mourns its loss, but in other ways you simply want to hide (bury) it.

The visions by the lake are drawn straight from The Lion King. They suggest that fantasy ideas about nobility, truth, right and wrong, have supplanted any real sense of right and wrong. You even turn your gaze away from the sky (heaven) to look downward, toward an illusion of nobility, not the reality.

Being awakened by your cats is itself interesting, and suggests that the feline images in the dream were drawn in part from your subconscious awareness of the cats nearby.

You are absolutely right in thinking that the dream might be important because it is repeating. Your own mind is trying urgently to get your attention. You have some serious soul-searching to do, Shadow. Who are you and where are you heading? What are your standards for yourself? The decision is yours, but deep down, you already know what needs to change in your life.

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

In my dream, I was myself, but I was being protected by an older gentleman and a young boy, with the gentleman dressed in all
black clothing, including black hair. The young boy was dressed in a brown shirt and olive green pants. This dream must have
been in the distant future because, for one, most of the cities of the world were much larger and mostly connected. But here
is the beginning of the dream.

I begin this dream at the bottom of, to my knowledge, a high-speed train-station, located in South Bend, Indiana. For an
unknown reason, I proceed to a butchery/ meat-packing plant, where, when the owner spotted me, I ran away. After several
minutes of running, I arrive back at the train-station. Where I meet the man and boy. They introduce themselves as Arthur
and Jacob, Arthur says that Jacob must return to his mother in Munich, and that he was hired to protect him. Also Arthur
states that he will protect me on my journey, which I have no clue of what my journey is. He than says that we must hurry,
because the train will be leaving soon. All three of us than walk to the station platform which sat high above the city. We
than go to a little booth, which turns out to be a video-phone, which Arthur uses to call Jacob's mother. She appears on screen
and I could understand her, because everyone spoke English. We then board the train, which was quite large, and then it began to

When we arrived at the next stop, Arthur said that it was Cleveland, Ohio. He than went on about how Cleveland, after the city
began to become overrun by the corrupt police, most of the city fell into Lake Erie, and than, they built several large platforms
that they used to rebuild most of the city and beyond, including several large stadiums. All of the (recent) history of Cleveland
was programmed into a video-screen, that showed me what had happened. The train than travels on, and soon we arrived in Paris,
France. Arthur states, that Paris became a center for economic growth, and soon, all of the famous landmarks were surrounded by
large skyscrapers, which towered over the Eiffel Tower. We get off in a small place, which I can't remember the name of, but I
believe that it was in Germany. Arthur says that we would arrive in Munich soon, and that it was not a good place to be. After
traveling for several minutes, through very lush evergreen forests high on a cliff, I spot Munich, which was covered in smoke and
appeared to have mostly dark colored buildings.

We get off the train, and head to Jacob's house, which was a tiny flat located on the outskirts of the city. I meet her, and she
spoke to me in German, which I didn't understand. I ask Arthur, why she spoke differently. He says "Because the video-phones
translate the languages for us."

Jacob tells his mother, in broken German, that he wishs to continue the journey with us, and that he will be careful. She allows
him to go. We board the train, and Arthur states that the train will go to Columbus, Ohio next. (Columbus is my home-town)
After traveling for several hours, the train arrives in Columbus, which I didn't recognize. I saw several things that were the
same, but things had changed. For one, most of downtown was gold-plated, but the rest had fallen into disrepair. Another was that
the same butcher was in Columbus as well. We all proceed to the butcher shop, where the butcher does'nt recognize me, but says
"What are you three doing?"

We than began to run, with the butcher after us. I get seperated from the others and run into a storage room, full of carts, that
would carry the meat. I take three carts and start heading back for where we seperated, and ran into them. Arthur said that we
had to get out of there, and fast. So, he took the carts, and divided them up. We began racing for the plastic flaps. But when,
we got out of there, a group of five overly-large dogs were sitting on the top of a platform train car. We had to be fairly silent.
I went first, and I awoke the first dog, who only growled and than went to sleep. I thanked God, that the dog didn't attack. After
the others went past the dogs, we continued to take the carts and proceed through very thick evergreens till we reached a very small
town, I believe in New York State. Where Arthur says that he must leave me here, and proceed onwards to his final destination. Which
he didn't specify, and that he will contact me by video phone. He gives me some strange tokens, and says "Good Luck."

I then look and the coins, and realize that they were an International currency. I deposit some into a currency changer, which
gave me bills. I go too this motel and turn on the television, which had a commercial for Lexus on which said. " Are you tired
of riding the train? Well don't be anymore! At Lexus, we provide the finest in vehicular transporation. We won't have those gimicks
of having ' 22 Models getting 300 Miles ' instead we provide two models that give

Example: What might this dream mean?

When it starts out, I wake up in a field with many different types of flowers growing and streching as far as the eye can see. Its really beautiful, so I start to stroll through the feild and feel the different types of flora. Then I start to worry because I'm in an unfamiliar place with no idea of how I got there. I don't have a compass or any landmarks to follow, so I figure that if I walk far enough in one direction I'll eventually get to another place. So I walk and then I feel like a time lapse. And I'm extrememly tired like I've been walking for a realy long time. Then, I finally get to this beach. And I'm so thristy that I try to drink the seawater, but forget you can't drink seawater and a vomit. I then pick myself up and take a seat on the beach as I look around. There's no dock or a boat or any sign of civilization. But I don't feel afraid anymore. I feel at peace as I just stare out at the ocean and watch the waves roll.

Example: What do theses dreams mean?

In my dream, I was at the dentist about to get a root canal (I think); some kind of painful procedure. 2 dentists - one female, one male came in to give me local anesthesia and left the room to let it wear out. They came back saying I didn't need to have it anymore. What's weird is that I was actually disappointed. I was ready to go through the pain and hurt of it and I knew I could handle it but I didn't need one anymore. (In reality, I would be happy but for the some reason, in the dream, I felt disappointed because I was emotionally ready for it but they left me off the hook).

Later, a group of us went downtown and our group advisor told us there was going to be a major earthquake in the area - certain landmarks that were going to be destroyed. I was with my ex boyfriend in the dream (in real life, we're cordial, get along fine with no problems but not close. I saw him last night at a holiday party, actually). Right when the advisor gave us an earthquake warning, I felt like I needed him - emotionally. At the dream, the earthquake warning felt like an "end of the world" warning so I wanted to be close to him but he was nowhere to be found. (Which makes sense because as much of a nice guy my ex was, he runs away with deep, serious issues. Immature and doesn't stick around when times REALLY get tough). Anyhoo, do these dreams mean that I was able to go through tough times and come out stronger? For the record, my ex and I broke up almost 2 years ago. Nothing dramatic - we just get so serious so fast and with things that start fast, end fast. One of the best things that happened to me was breaking up with him. What does the earthquake warning mean? And what does that "root canal" aspect mean?

Example: What does my dream mean when I see myself ascending into the sky with others?

I had a dream about two weeks ago, roughly july 26, 2011, I was at a some place not known but looks like a store. I stood in front of a stacked of piled merchandise, then all of a sudden I started to float up or ascending up into the sky or heaven. I can see clearly that below me was no vessel or body was left behind. I was wearing a very very white gown. As I ascend into the clouds below me, I see the roof of the store I floated from and saw people in their front yards mowing and watering their grass. To the left and right and in front of me I can see others floating up into the clouds like myself. Can anyone tell me what this mean? First of all I am a christian. I don't remember what year or what date when this will take place. All I can remember is that I didn't age much, maybe in a couple months or a couple of years time. I have had dreams that came true before simple things seeing peoples faces and landmarks but nothing like this. If anyone out there had dreams like mine not similar but like mine. please let me know and if anyone can tell me what it mean please respond. I plainly think, I will die soon or Jesus is coming back sooner than we think...


Example: I was wondering if anyone knows what my dream means if i am blowing up buildings and being a terrorist?

hi there. i was wondering if anyone knows what my dream means if i am blowing up buildings and being a terrorist?.
its weird i have had this dream over 20 times.. i blow up the sky tower and the habour bridge..

Example: What does my repeating dream mean?

Ok so for the past month now I've been having a horrible dream. It starts off with me standing in a black space. No walls or anything just a black space. My friends appear around me and their crying and their tears are blood. Then they just vanish and a wave of blood comes and drowns me. I wake up after I have died.

Example: Could someone please tell me what this dream means?

It starts out with my wife and iI doing the grocery shopping. Everything is proceeding normally until there was a loud noise. The other customers hear it as well and start heading for the doors. Thinking they might have the right idea I take my wife's hand and leave the store. as we are exiting I see a city bus pull away from a point where it crashed into the store. I commented to my wife that i had seen an article in the newspaper Saturday of a similar event happening to a different grocery store( I hadn't read any such article in real life) and that it appeared someone was stealing buses for the purposes of crashing them into grocery stores. . We got to our car and took off, but after getting only a few blocks away we decided that the incident was over and we should go back to shopping. Instead of parking the car in the lot we parked several blocks away and walked to the store. When we got there all the entrance and exits were cordoned off and there were several police units there, making it look like the store was closed while the incident was initially being investigated. We began walking back to the car. After crossing the main road and entering the residential side streets I noticed several of the houses were on fire. We increased our pace and i noticed more and more houses beginning to catch, not from the previous burning buildings, but spontaneously from their own interiors. Although I had no physical evidence i had the vague impression that the houses were catching fire due to natural gas leaks. We turned and entered a walled walkway the air in the walkway appeared hazy and, a short time after entering , a gout of flame began traveling up the corridor my wife made it out, but I was caught by the fireball as I was just about to exit. It hurt mildly and it felt as if my hair might have gotten slightly singed. In the next few moments i somehow got separated from my wife. All this time more and more houses were combusting, I tried to find my way back to the car, but couldn't seem to remember how to get there i figured my wife was already there as she has a far superior sense of direction to my own. I turned down more and more side streets and I was unable to spot any familiar landmarks. i came to another walled walkway and suddenly there were other people behind me forcing me to move with them down the walkway in order to avoid being trampled. another ball of flame formed at the far end and everyone ran for the entrance I was just about out again when i saw there was a woman at the mouth of the entrance staring transfixed at the fireball I embraced her and felt a similar result to the first one as it struck my back, The group and iI continued down several more streets surrounded by burning houses. We stopped as we caught sight of a police helicopter. The helicopter appeared to be armed with twin machine guns and rocket launchers the helicopter turned and fired. Bullets pierced the pavement ten feet in front of us and traveled until they struck a liquor store (not on fire) with a destroyed roof. a few seconds later two rockets flew out of the liquor store. I'm not sure if they struck the helicopter or not. It was then that several of the people in the group recognized their vehicles. I got into a minivan with and older couple and we sped off. They got on the highway and I realized they were heading the opposite way from my home. I asked them if they could drop me off at my house. I hoped that my wife was either there or heading there. Somehow I ended up at my in-laws place. My mother-in-law and father-in-law (both who have passed in the last few years but I didn't remember that in my dream) were there as well as several members of her extended family ( all still alive). Shortly after I arrived my wife entered through front door. I hugged her and began talking about or ordeal but she shot me a look telling me she didn't want to discuss it in front of her parents as to not worry them. I wanted to go home immediately but she wanted to stay for a while to not appear rude. I woke up shortly after.

Example: I dreamt that my brother was murdered. Details below. What could it mean?

This was a few nights back, but I dreamt that Mum, brother and I were driving to see my cousins.

I remember we were in a log cabin in the East Midlands of England (I don't even know if it was an actual area but the landmark my brother was killed and/or found by had the word Devil in it.)

The woods by the cabin were dark with lots of tall thin confer-type trees (pines?).

I remember seeing a Bichon Frisée dog (my cousin has one) and seeing a dark wood wardrobe (Not necessarily in the same place).
The 'camera' gave a bird's eye view of the wardrobe, which was ajar and I could see cream and mustard-coloured clothes/fabric in it.
I think the wardrobe had some shelves by it too, which were 'climbed up' by the 'camera' or a brown mouse.

A couple (or maybe three) people came to take my brother out of the cabin. Brother was wearing white shirt, black V-neck jumper with black trousers and shoes.
I think he tried to struggle, but didn't manage.

Example: Repeat dreams of flying. What does this mean?

I have been dreaming of flying for a couple years now. Almost every single night, I dreams of flying to get around. Sometimes the dream has a storyline, and I fly as a mere way of transportation. Sometimes, I spend the night just peacefully gliding around grass fields, forests, over waters, cities, etc.. I almost never walk or run in my dreams. I always glide, float, or fly around. Two nights ago, I was flying around with my arms and legs as wings. I could feel the wind hitting my skin and I was controlling direction with my hands and feet. Last night I dreamed that I was flying like superman low and high and quite fast. I saw vast landscapes and landmarks. I am 23 so I dont think this is a part of a growth spurt of any kind. Any ideas? Anyone share similarities?

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