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Dream About Lancet meanings

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Example: Scared to die, scared of death?

well, this is complicated for me. :/ Now I've already heard people tell me 'You shouldn't be afraid of death, its unavoidable' and 'Its like sleeping forever but you have no dreams'. You would think that would comfort me but no, it makes me even more afraid what lies ahead of me. I'm only 15, but I have contemplated death many many times, and each time i would come to a different conclusion. I either accept the fact that everything is pitch black after death and thats the way it is, or i just lay there on my bed thinking about the things that comfort me the most (for me, its the thought of there being an afterlife). I know death is a part of life, that its same for every human being. But I don't like thinking about it the way atheists do. I don't know how they/you guys came to peace with eternal darkness, but i know for sure that i will never be able to come to peace with that. I want your opinons, your tips and your advice. :I By the way, I do believe that there is something after life, that we don't just exist for a while and then stop existing. I believe we're here for a reason. I'm the type of person who likes to think about the future, about whats going to happen. I like to plan things out, and not being 100% sure about what happens after death has been scaring me. :II Any advice?

I suggest to you a way of thinking called pragmatism, which is crossing bridges when we come to them.

Pragmatism is not really a matter of belief but operating on assumptions, based on knowledge we know is limited. For example, if somebody says to you, "Your only chance of surviving the plane crash is with this parachute, but it might not work," you would operate on the assumption that the parachute would work. It would be crazy to do otherwise. The smart thing to do would be to jump out and pull the cord as if you were 100% sure it would work.

Atheists will call this wishful thinking, which is immature, like pretending there's a Santa Claus. They like to say, "There's no evidence." The trouble with atheists is that they mix up the words *evidence* and *proof.* Evidence is information that's relevant to a dispute, like an exhibit or testimony in a trial. It might be - but is not necessarily - proof. What the atheist means is that there's no *proof* of an afterlife. That's closer to the truth, although there are scientists and physicians who disagree. In fact, if you look at opinion polls the number of scientists and physicians who believe in afterlife might surprise you.

If you want evidence, I suggest looking up the Pam Reynolds case study and the van Lommel 2001 hospital study, which was published in the Lancet, one of the world's most highly regarded medical journals.

Also, I suggest dealing with death, first, by learning to be a safe driver. That's pragmatism. You probably won't die for a long time, but do your best to forestall it.

Example: Why do Americans tend to be resistant to the idea of universal healthcare coverage?

Example: Will zombies one day walk the Earth.?

Okay the reason I ask this is, because I've been having really weird zombie dreams non-stop.! And I NEVER watch zombie movies are play zombie games. I'm not exactly what you would call afraid of zombies.. just of dying haha. But will zombies some day walk the earth.?

Example: What is the Truth behind drugs?

Does smoking a cigerrete on time lead to addiction?

Does doing heroin one time lead to addiction?

It Pot really less dangerous then caffeine?

Ps: no preachy stuff please, i will never do illegal drugs(excluding antibiotics, etc...you get what i mean)

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