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Dream About Lance meanings

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Example: Please interperate my gory dream, :S it's really strange...lol?

well, last night i had an awful dream about a zebra and it was tyed up in a lake and its insides were coming out so the lake started turning red from blood and then stuff was coming out of its bum and then so did its intestines and stomach and all of its inside organs :S and even though all its organs had come out it was still slightly alive but dying really slowly. it was horrable! i woke up and was like, omg! lol. please tell me what it means, im not some freaky girl who thinks about gory things so really quite confused, would be great if someone could tell me :D thanks *..x..*

Water is necessary for us to survive. As the contents of the zebra went into the water, it would be contaminated.
Rope or cord can represent hindrances.
Perhaps you have been been hindered by your views on life which have been a bit black and white.You are going to have to take on board that sometimes life is not that clear cut and that grey areas can happen.
On the outside, everything was black and white. No room for compromise. But when the inside of the zebra came out, it contaminated everything around it.
It sounds awful, I know but there is hope. The zebra died and the contamination would be washed away. It's like the lancing of a boil. Once the poison and pus have been cleaned up, the healing can start.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was on a tropical island that had a lake in the center of it. I walked towards the lake and stood in the very middle of it and met a guy name Lance. He had very light blonde hair but i couldnt see his face and he was tall and surrounded by light. He mentioned the number 46 to me and I smiled and then we ran all over the island.

I dont know anyone named Lance and I was hoping someone could tell me what they think this dream means. Thanks in advance. :)

Example: I keep having a dream about Samurai Lance Bass, conquering the rear of my kingdom. He invades between two big hills. what does it mean?

Example: I have a reoccuring dream Clay Aiken and Lance Bass are chasing me with cucumbers. What do you think it means?

Example: Is it normal to experience such a disturbing dream?

It wasn't disturbing as I was actually having it--which, in retrospect, makes it all the more unsettling, because to the average mind this dream seems a bit off.
Before I get to the actual dream itself, some background information might be helpful.
I'm a 17-year-old girl, and I am debatably overweight, but my health is in good form as of the moment. However, I've recently started getting terrible headaches that lance through the right side of my head in throbbing bursts, starting at the back of the head near the base of my skull and arcing towards my right eyeball; I've never experienced such headaches before but, though the pain is enough to make me cringe with every throb, they are sparse enough to ignore.
I never have nightmares: I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of them I've had during my entire lifetime up to this point. Usually I can sense that I'm dreaming, at least on some non-critical semi-conscious level, so if things take a turn for the scary I can whip out a flamethrower or a Harry Potter-style wizard wand or a TARDIS or whatever and set things straight. I don't watch scary films often, and when I do they tend not to affect me. So disturbing dreams aren't a common thing with me.

And now to the dream.
It seemed pretty commonplace as it was happening, and my mood during the entire affair maintained a sort of clinical calm. I was sitting in my mother's bedroom, cross-legged on the floor, and I was experiencing the pain of one of my headaches during the dream (though whether it was actual pain or it was just a ghost pain from the dream I cannot be certain). I remember being vaguely annoyed by the pain.
This is the part that I'm hesitant to tell. It wasn't terrifying or disturbing in the high-octane-horror-and-explosions sense, but it was odd, especially because my next action seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time.

I reached up with both of my hands and, much in the way that one removes the rind of an orange, began to scrape and peel away at the skin of my head. From this point on, my perspective was skewed in such a way that I could see the entire back of my own head, as though from a separate observer standing directly behind and above me.
The skin came off easily, and below it I could see the fine web of blood vessels and tissues beneath. It was oddly realistic. Bits of tissue and vessels clung to my fingertips as I dug away at the skin that still stubbornly attached itself to my skull. It didn't hurt--in fact, it was satisfying in the way that peeling the dead skin off a sunburn is satisfying.
For some reason, the actual cranium itself was either invisible or missing from my dream, because I could see the pinkish-grayish, raw stuff of the brain underneath the various vessels and whatnot covering it.
On the right side of my head, there was an unrealistically thick blood vessel that ran across the side of my head, through the temple, and attached to a little ball of tissue in the back of my head on the same side. There was a matching one on the left side, and the two were connected by various interweaving capillaries and smaller vessels. The little balls of tissue connected directly to what I, after waking, recognized as the cerebellum (it was a dream; it doesn't have to make anatomical sense).
I pinched this vessel on the right between thumb and forefinger and began to peel it away from the side of my head. Again, there was no pain other than that of the headache--rather, there was a stretching sensation in the temple--I remember vividly how it felt, and how strangely satisfying it was. The vessel pulled away easily until the entire right side was hanging off of my head, while the left-hand vessel was still connected. It felt like I was doing a routine dissection--my only worry was being unable to put everything back where it belonged once I was done.
There was before me on the floor a rusty metal bucket brimming with water at a rolling boil. For some reason, I saw it fit to dunk the long artery (vein, possibly? There was no logic in this dream) into the scalding water. Yet again, no pain--contrarily, the headache seemed to subside.
This procedure being over, I tried to stick everything back where it had been, but the little balls of tissue at the back of my head didn't quite match up correctly. After a moment of trying, I gave up with a sense of "oh well," and the dream ended.

TL;DR: I had a dream that I was peeling off various parts of my head and dipping them in boiling water; what should I do?

So, I guess my question is in four parts:
First off, is this kind of dream something that others have experienced, or am I completely insane?
Secondly, is this dream merely a subconscious desire to fix my headache through whatever means, or is it deeper than that?
Thirdly, what should I do if I have this dream again?
And finally, what the heck is causing these headaches--are the

Example: What is the actual name of this piano song? It's something like 'Christopher's Dream' by David Lance?

There is piano sheet music for a song called something like, "Christopher's Dream," by David Lance. Does this sound familiar at all? Someone played it at my piano recital, and I really love the piece. Does anybody know the actual name? I really would love to know.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So, yesterday was the year anniversary of my first kiss ever. It was special to me so i remembered the date. Lol(: it was with this guy named lance. We never really talked EVER in 2010, we never dated or anything. Yesterdat i knew it was the year anniversay, and yes i will admit i kinda miss him. Today i took a nap and had a dream. I was in a big soccer mom van with my really close friend, 2 other girls i didnt really know that well, and Lance. Someones mom was driving us around.. Idk who though. I had four concert tickets, 2 front row and 2 suckish seats. I kept thinking to myself, ask Lance if he wants to go. Do it now! And the mom kept saying it was time for me to go home and i kept stalling to make me stay longer. I think i woke up after that, or i dont remember anything else.

What could this dream mean? Do i miss him because of the anniversary thing? Does he miss me? P.S- IVE NEVER HAD A DREAM ABOUT HIM ALL YEAR UNTIL TODAY. ? Help?

Example: What does it mean to dream of kissing a girl if I'm gay?

Okay, so a while ago I dreamed about kissing this girl who used to like me. I am a homosexual and am not attracted to girls whatsoever, but in the dream I enjoyed kissing her, it felt good. When I woke up, I was somewhat attracted to girls, and I stayed that way for a few days. After that I went back to not liking girls at all. She is a major homophobe, if that helps. What does this all mean?

Example: What the hell dose this dream mean?

I'm walking down the road and come to a fork, at the fork is a knight in Green armor with a lance that told me to pick a path, the left would take me to true love, but If I took the left the world would be destroyed, on the right I would NEVER get a girl but the world would be saved.

I took the Left.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream from lastnight?

Okay I'm going to tell a little about myself. I'm college student majoring in computer science,dancer,inspiring model,free-lance photographer,inspiring fashion designer= yeah I stay pretty busy
+ I'm living with my mom who is bipolar & has leg problems & with my brother who is autistic who has panic attacks severly out of the blue which is stressful + I'm in a long distance relationship. I got a lot on my plate.

So lastnight I had a dream that I was in this computer room at my school & to the left of me was the scammer who tried to scam me last month.

(*I almost fell for two modeling scams. They ended up getting my address but I never proceeded with the act because I figured out what they were up to.)

& to the right of me was a girl who I've known since I was in 1st grade,2nd grade,3rd grade. I looked over on his screen & it displayed his email inbox I'm guessing of victims of his scams & etc. It was kinda scary. I remember him telling me something about the ip address & etc. It was to weird. So I looked over at the girl & I was like he is the scammer & I whispered & said "call 911". I had a mental picture of what he looked like but before I could snap the pic of him he walked away with his bookbag into the hallway flooded with ppl. What exactly does this mean? Because most ppl have dreams of being the fraudster or being frauded but I just had a conversation with a scammer who scammed me.

Prior to this dream I've had 3 dreams where someone was trying to break through my door but never succeed. The first home invasion dream took place at my moms , these two ladies who my gma know from church were Tryna open the door but when they opened it they looked at me & laughed and walked away, the next home invasion dream was more of a night terror the dude banged on my door two times and walked away, the last home invasion dream took place at my gmas, this lady who is a friend at the church was tryna squeeze through the door & I woke up. None of these ppl did harm.

Coincidently this past Wednesday around 5/6pm this girl probably age range of 18-25 wearing a black coat started knocking on our door obnoxiously and I think she jiggled the door knob & walked away. I dk if she had the wrong apt or what. because u know how some ppl will just barge in their own homes if they barely lock their door or if they barge in their friends home but my mom was expecting one of those but I been to paranoid trying to tie all my dreams together

Sighh & the last dream after that it was raining & this dude prob in his 20s with a white tee on was trying to shoot me but he never pulled the trigger before I wokeup from that dream all i could see is the gun pointed at me.

I need advice/help/interpretations because its starting to scare me :( :/

Safety means a lot to me !

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