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Dream About Lanai meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Every colors used in the house has its own meaning. Therefore what does each color symbolizes when...?

this has something to do with the life of the people living in the said place like: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, lanai etc. Thanks.

CARMINE : Indicates a person who is seeking change
VERMILLION : Highlights creativity
RUSTIC RED : quick tempered
SCARLET RED : Can indicate a person a big ego
CRIMSON : innate creative talents
MAROON : Ability to own ones own self power
CLARET : Tenacious
APRICOT : Indicating thoughtful communication
ORANGE : strongly motivated
PUMPKIN : self-disciplined
AMBER : Indicating individual strength and courage
CARAMEL : Indicating positive occupation changes
COPPER : Rarely seen but usually seen in those of the mining industry
RAW SIENNA : indicates weak thought processes
PALE YELLOW : introversion
PRIMROSE : Cheerfulness and confident
LEMON YELLOW : strength of direction
BUTTERCUP YELLOW : focused on a path of action
GOLDEN YELLOW : Indicates inspirational thought
MUSTARD : May indicate manipulative tendencies
STRAW YELLOW : day dreamer
FAWN : Indicates the end of a period of problems
DOE-SKIN : Indicates methodical and organized people
MUSHROOM : a slowing of destiny
CHOCOLATE BROWN : Indicates links to the earth horticulturalists,
agriculturalists and environmentalist
RUSSET-BROWN : a hard working person
TERRACOTTA : an unconventional individual
DARK BROWN : indicates common sense
PALE GREEN : spiritual advancement
LEMON GREEN : Indicating liars and cheats
IRIDESCENT GREEN : extremely sociable people
EMERALD GREEN : Laying to rest of a problem
JADE : Indicates a benevolent character
VIRIDIAN : emotionally and mentally stress
OLIVE GREEN : can indicate a miser
DARK GREEN : mental stress
TURQUOISE : Often indicates success in life in someone
who has had to fight their way out of hardship.
PINKS - Aura Colour Meanings
PALE PINK : true love
PINK MADDER : indicates faithfulness and real commitment
SALMON PINK : people who have found their true vocation and love it
IRIDESCENT PINK : sexual desire
DUSTY PINK : indicates a foolish person
AQUA : The colour of a healer
PALE BLUE : Indicates sensitivity
SKY BLUE : well developed basic instincts
COBALT BLUE : Indicates intuition coming from the advanced area of the aura
PRUSSIAN BLUE : Indicates harmony
ROYAL BLUE : Indicates someone who has found their path in life
DELFT BLUE : strong principles
ULTRAMARINE : Indicates connections with the sea, sailors, surfers.
NAVY BLUE : Indicates slow, but safe and sure individuals
INDIGO : Great psychic talent
LAVENDER : Indicating the experience of a near death experience.
LILAC : spiritual stability
MAGENTA : Indicating entrepreneurial skills
MAUVE : : Indicating a modest individual
IMPERIAL PURPLE : Awareness of dreams
GRAPE : idleness
VIOLET : indication of a humble person
SILVER GREY : See in people who practice yoga
SILVER : Indicating the individuals connection with higher guidance.
ZINC : Usually seen around the sexual organs during arousal
CREAM : found in individuals who are following their the right path of development.
PEARL : Highly tuned mediums often have this colour in their aura.
GOLD : Indicating an elevated level of awareness.
Colures indicating problems
BLACK : Can often be seen in the auras of abused children,
divorcees, drug addicts and people who have experienced
torture or great trauma in their lives.
GREY : Can indicate a feeling trapped in their life
CHARCOAL GREY : Can indicate Depression

Example: Carnival Dream or Oasis of the seas?

My family is thinking of having our family reunion taking a cruise and we would like to try Royal Caribbean again but our last experience on Freedom of the seas was Terrible. The staff were very rude, The food was bad and the ship was not clean so it was not worth our money. We have never had a problem with Carnival as it is my favorite but we would like to try another large ship. We are curently booked on Carnival Breeze in January but a month after is the family reunion. What do you think?

Example: What does dreaming of running in a tunnel mean?

I had a weird dream last night and the most predominant feature was me running. I was going from the island of Lanai (in Hawaii) and running through a really long underwater tunnel, back to Oahu. (I live on Oahu). I was not afraid of anything, but I remember running and feeling a high, like the endorphins you get when you exercise. The tunnel was lit up and normally had a train running through it, but some reason I wanted to run --I don't know why. I ended up making it all the way back through and into the main center back on land which was in a movie theater. I also remember going UP stairs through an exit to get out. People didn't realize I had run the entire distance, which probably was 30 miles (in the dream anyway). I had a feeling of accomplishment, but I also was really out of breath and in disbelief. I was running as fast as I could, almost like I was running from something, but I wasn't afraid. And then I woke up -- what does this mean?

Example: Why do i dream of a lot of spiders.?

Hi All. This is another recurring dream I have. And before I begin I should mention that I do not have a phobia of spiders. I mean I don't like them, but I wouldn't scream seeing one.
I dream that I am alone in my house, my family has gone on vacation. And i have kept a lot of spiders. They are in a huge cage that I built, sort of like an aviary kept out on the lanai. And I am thinking in my dream what possessed me to buy all these spiders and keep them. (its almost as if i thought of giving this spider collection as a present or as a surprise) Then I think that maybe I can just quit feeding them and they will die, and I would get rid of them. I then think that it is also possible that being hungry, they would somehow escape from that cage and then everywhere in the house I would have spiders, and I wont like that. It would make it very hard to kill them, and just closing the door to the inside of the house will not keep them out. I never reach a decision in my dream, whether to feed them or not. I am very reluctant of feeding them, and am very reluctant to not feed them either.
In other dreams, I just see spiders, everywhere. In the living room. Outside. In the bedroom. and I only dream of small, black /brown spiders. They are not tarantulas or anything.

Example: Turtle Bay or Maui .. ... ...?

which is better ?

They are both gorgeous but which will give me a better hawaii expereince, being they are on two different islands ?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about someone you don't know?

I'm like 13 and I had like two dreams that I met someone that I don't know but they seem to know me they also sometimes pop up in my other dreams too

so here's the first one

I was like in a city(i guess i don't know) and was walking with my dad and my brother to a cafe or a restaurant, the place was very modern and the place was blue(my favorite color) so me and my dad and my brother sat down and ordered food and my dad was talking to my brother and I was bored just drinking my water and all of the sudden a group of good looking guys came in(I don't know how many guys came in but I think it's about 5 or 7 guys ),when I looked at them it was really weird, they were like sparkling(lol),I was like "what in the world" but my dad and my brother didn't say anything
so our food came and I was eating and I looked at them for a second ,
(it's going to be a long so I'm going to write a few people that I saw)there was this short brown hair guy who was pulling the blonde haired guy's hair and a guy with short straight black hair with glasses telling them to be quiet and there was a long black haired guy who is just reading and there was this guy with red hair he looked at me and winked and I was like "huh?"so I had enough and woke up

the second dream is this

I woke up in a apartment and it was afternoon and I was like thin I mean that I can see through myself,
so I went look around and saw like 4 people(2 girls were crying and 1 guy was just standing there and the other was smoking everybody was wearing black) out at the lanai and I thought "what are they going?"and I noticed there was this young boy (black haired boy) telling me to follow him, he jumps high that he went to other peoples lanai I followed him and he went to the rooftop from there the apartment started to move and I fell but when I fell there was this game like screen turning backwords(it was like time turning back),so again I woke up in the same place but in the morning and again I looked around, there was nothing unusual but I found this long wood going to next door so I walked over there the lanai was open and there was this boy with grey hair and eyes and pale skin(kinda creeped me out and the place was like all grey and light purple colors),I asked him what he was going he said"I'm going my homework so leave me alone..."(I would never answer a stranger from nowhere lol), so I was like"okay" and went back but like in seconds I went to see the boy again this time I was holding a orange(lol)and I gave to him and taught how to draw from here I don't pretty much remember but that boy and I got along but his mom came saying I should leave and that never to talk to her son again(she was like a rich lady wearing a long purple dress and jewery and a feather hat)so I went back to the room I woke in and it was all ready afternoon from there I woke up

so that the dreams that I had that I really don't know what it mean everybody says that dreams have meaning I pretty much don't know the meaning of my dreams so I hope that you can answer my question

Thank you

Example: Weird Dream!?

I dreamt there was a witch upside down hanging outside in my lanai...what does that mean? she wasnt mean to me or angry she was just there hanging upside down, should I take this seriously or brush it off, and if so what does this mean?

Example: Freezing/Stopping time dreams...?

Last night I had a dream I was sitting on my old lanai (porch) in Hawaii. I heard an OLD B-52 bomber and a helicopter flying nearby. When I got up to look at them flying by, they froze in the air. Rotors, blades, pilots everything frozen and silent. I saw tail numbers, uniforms and all. Can anyone help me?

Example: Does a black snake mean anything?

Yesterday I was out on my lanai and a black garden snake literally fell from the roof and right in front of me. It looked stayed for about a minute and then left. This wasn't a dream, it really happened. Does this represent anything that's going to happen in the future?

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