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Dream About Lampshade meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help! What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed I was in my room, on my bed (but not asleep). I sleep with my lampshade on. Suddenly, my lampshade began to flicker. Then it died. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there were these replicas of my little sister's porcelain dolls. Millions of em! Then, they started turning into vampire dolls and flew in my direction, endaevoring to bite me and suck my blood. Then, there was one doll on the wall in an arms-outstretched (sort of crucified) position. But it was upside down! And blood was oozing from my walls!

hmm well this seems to be a repressed fear for the dolls as a child and the attacking being the fear returning and the bloody walls is probably a fear of blood your nightmare was an embodiment of hidden fears returning and the doll on the wall maybe your fear of the Anti-Christ hence the reverse crucified position
i am not entirely sure but this is the most i can tell from hat you told me if you want email me and give me ALL the details and i may be able to tell you more

Example: Reaaallyy F'ed up dream. Any ideas?

I had the weirdest dream. I was like in a scary movie and me and a bunch of other people were trapped in a house and I was the only person that knew something bad was gonna happen. I knew everything too, I knew how everyone was gonna die before it happened. but I couldn't tell anyone else or else the people that trapped us would change their plans and I'd be clueless. there was a girl with me, and she was my best friend in my dream. and she was gonna die by them telling her I wanted her to be safe so they put her in a room that they said I said was "safe" and gased her until she died. and they chained me to the wall of the shower so I couldn't go save her. and this one lady died because she wanted licorice so she started eating her veins. and then I was the last one to die. when I was chained in the shower,all of the bad people came and started cutting me up... that was the most messed up dream I've ever had. could it mean anything?

Example: What is is the most silly and out-of-this-world dream you've ever had?

Yea. I think it's kind of fun to reflect back on them cause while you're dreaming it, even the most crazy dreams are SERIOUS STUFF.

...Like this one time I was chased inside a volcanoe by lampshades.

... :|

Example: Soul Sold in a dream?

I love telling this story!; a couple of months ago i was learning immensly about classic greek mythology and i loved it. I thought the stories were so interesting and artistic. Every night before bed I would read fifty pages of this mythology book for next semester and on night i had this crazy dream- I was outside my house and i wa thinking about how much i loved storms and how Zeus controlled the thunder bolt. Then all i remember was that I was asking Athena if she would accept my soul and after i died i would be her servant. during my life she would be like a genie granting my wishes lol. anyway i told her that if she accepted my soul she should produce an extreme thuderstorm. That was my dream. to my amazement the following night there was a ground shaking thunderstorm. For the next month or so there were daily unforcasted storms and showers. anyone will vouge for this if they live in central NY. Crazy dream! its one hundred persent true i love telling my dream story

Example: What does finding a key that breaks in the lock mean?

So, I had a dream last night where I was in a corridor of a hotel, standing outside a room which was next to my own room and I found a key on the floor. I put the key in the lock to the other persons room and the key snapped in the lock, I could see half the key stuck in the barrel of the lock and I was now holding the other end, but I noticed the door was already unlocked when I turned the handle. When the key snapped it seemed soft and bendy, it was not like snapping say a pencil. I opened the door and could see that the apartment looked trashed with a fallen lamp on the floor with a bright pink lampshade on it and some other mess. At the back of the room there was a large window and it was daytime. The room appeared to have been burgled or trashed. I quickly left the room (was only in there for a few seconds, I didn't even step all the way in). I then went to my own hotel room next door and my own key snapped in the look too! I called to the hotel reception who I could actually see down the corridor and explained what had happened. It was as though I was still standing outside my room talking to them on my phone but when they talked back I was at the desk seeing the man on the phone to me - like a remote viewing. I felt worried while I was talking to him that I would be blamed for the neighbours room being burgled but nothing materialized from this worry.

What does this mean? Lets see if someone can interpret whats going on in my life - 5 points if your close :-)

Example: I want to know what my violent ghost nightmares mean.?

I just had a dream that my friend was hurt. It was a dark hotel room. The swat team broke down the door and I kept screaming "She's in the back room". When things settled down I started turning on lights. It was a really pretty hotel room. Every thing was a pretty shade of golds and browns. There were only lamps to turn on. While I was turning on lights a girl who was a lot like Deb from Dexter came out and said "It looks like a f**king seance in here." I said "I know, I know" and started trying to fix the lampshades so they weren't all pointed to the center of the room. When I started to this really pretty silk scarf hanging by one lamp started to move as if some had their hand under it. The girl and I looked at each other and started backing up. Then the ghost grabbed me and put its fingers in my mouth so I was able to bit on then. I tried saying "help me" but it was gibberish and I was biting on my lips. Then the ghost threw me over a old Victorian couch trying to break my back. Everything was upside down. I woke up super freaked out. and my heart beating really fast which I don't usually notice after a nightmare. I fell asleep watching animal planet. Which always gives me nightmares. I can watch anything else to sleep to but animal planet. Can anyone help me interpret this dream?

Example: What does each planet represent?

I know your rising sign is like the lampshade, how you are on first impressions when meeting people.
And I know your sun sign is your true personalty.
But what does: Moon, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, acs node, decs node, Mars, Jupiter, Midheaven, Neptune and Uranus mean?

Example: I dont get Twilight! ?

ok explain to me this part... how is it sexy, or whatever you call it , how is it sexy, romantic, watever, wen the vampire dude is watching her sleep... THAT IS CREEPY man! CREEPY!

Example: I need help designing my new room...?

Me and my family just moved to a new house, which means i got a new room.
Its very small (around 3.5 metres by 2.5 metres) but it has a big closet that will be able to hold all my clothes and any other junk eg. school stuff etc.
Im a teenage girl, very creative and would love some design ideas for my room eg. paint colour, storage tips, where to place furniture etc.

Any advice is helpful!
Please remember my budget is very low.

Example: Restricted colour scheme help please?

I am looking for some help from someone with a good eye for colour... I am absolutely desperate to redecorate my bedroom, but the thing is, I have a gorgeous, huge window that takes up the majority of one of the walls, and because of this, I decided the last time I decorated the room to spend quite a bit of money having curtains specially made from an absolutely gorgeous patterned velvety fabric... in hot, deep pinks and oranges. They are floor length and very dramatic, especially in those colours!

I really can't justify throwing them out, and I do still love the fabric, so I just need to work a new colour scheme in with these colours?

The room at the moment is mainly white, with two walls plain white and one deep pink, and the curtains and window taking up much of the remaining. The floor is a light laminate wood.

I chose the deep pink and orange curtains when I was 17, I'm 22 now and I want something that looks like it's an adult's room, not a teen dream, if you know what I mean? At the moment the room is very innocent, light and bare, I'm looking for more of a boudoir look, with lots of fabric... but still mature? It's just the colour to couple with the pink/orange I'm stuck with! Please help!

Amelia xx

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