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Dream About Lamp Stand meanings

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Example: What do dreams about naga's mean?

ok.my question is on meaning of my dream.

i have some strange dreams and one was about a ''naga man.''

i have never been to india.i am a canadian girl.so this dream was the first time i found out about naga,

do dreams of naga man mean anything?is there any significance to dreams about them?this isnt my first dream that iam in india. but the first with a man who was half snake/man.

what are the beliefs surrounding dreaming of naga or just of naga in general.are they good or bad. thanks.

Hi there,

while I do not know much about Indian culture, I can tell you that "Naga" is a brief description of a misinterpretation of the word "touch" in Genesis 3:3.

It means to lie with someone.

Do you recall the dream? There is nothing within the "story" of the dream that should be taken for granted. Yet, no one particular "symbol" can tell that story. It is a time that has already taken place: "history" - yours! in your own words.

I missed something:

this isnt my first dream that iam in india.

**A recurrent theme. One where the dreamer feels out of place. - Any colors to denote the mood you're in while in this place?

but the first with a man who was half snake/man.

Someone who is half trusted in this perspective by the dreamer. Seen as only half the person she believes is true, yet, the other half, is some part that the dreamer just doesn't trust!

Your sister,
((dream interpreter for over 20 years))

Example: This dream is werid... i dont know if it means anything but it all happened in like glisps. Interpret?

OKay... the first part of my dream is scetchy... i was hanging out with the guy i really like but he was acting werid like hiding behind bushes and ****.
but this part happened right before i woke up. I saw into a photo booth and these two guy where doing thw whole **** i dont wanna do this... then it changed all of a sudden and there like lets do something stuipd. lets act gay! and they started making out in there. sseond glimps, i see the two guys dropping into bed and then i hear "ow dude! haha." you probably figure... then the guy trys again but the other guy jumps out of bed and face plants into the the lamp on the desk and hear the lightbaul shatter, then his head cracks on the side of the bedstand going down and then i see his face covered in blood and no life in his body. HIs other friend still laughing get up and gets a little brown bottle and says " 3 drops for me, 15.3 for him." thats when i wake up. Im pretty sure this is just a random dream... but usually i dont as vivid ones as these anymore.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alright so, I have this friend (and no it's not really me) that had a dream she recently told me about and I was wondering if anyone could help decipher it, thanks:)

Okay here it is. *shes 15 by the way* Shes in a dark room that shes never been in before that is only lit by a tall lamp stand and the light coming in from a window in the door. It's sort of like a hospital room, but also not. She is the one in the hospital bed and is wearing a hospital gown with one of those wrist things. There was also a guy in there that she she has never seen nor met, and assumes is her husband and possibly a doctor but she isn't sure. Anyhow, it's so dark that she can't see very far in front of her. She remembers being pregnant moment and the next her mother is handing her a beautiful baby boy that she just totally falls in love with at first sight. This baby that she's never met that came out of her and she truly loves him. like the feeling she got in her stomach was like butterflies for him that she would do anything for him like a mother would. I can even see that right now as she is being 15. Shes just so responsible and almost like a VERY young adult. So...idk but help with this would be great, she really is wondering what it means. Thanks:)

Example: What does my Tarantula dream mean?

I was in bed then I opened my eyes and saw a big black tarantula crawling on the ceiling lamp above me. My husband was in the hallway, just standing there watching. He didn't come to my rescue until I yelled his name. As he was running over, the spider dropped onto my comforter, but we couldn't find it...then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

A couple of months ago I had a very scary dream. It's been bothering me since then, and I always seem to have very disturbing dreams now.
My dream was that I was at a hotel with my parents, but my parents had just gotten a divorce. My dad was swimming and I was with him. My mom had this angry look on her face like she was mad at me. After that, I ran all the way back home. But, my house was completely different. I had never seen it before. The outside was very small and looked old. The inside had lamps all over the floor and the wallpaper had been ripped. I went upstairs to my mom's room and turned on the tv. I kept seeing shadows so I turned to my side and was watching disney channel. Then, I got so scared I ran out of the house. Something kept calling my name and it was not dark outside. I kept running and running until I reached the road. But, as I reached the rode, a truck driver was speeding and hit an old woman's car. The woman died and he shoved her in a garbage bag. Then, another old woman who saw everything started shooting the man. But, he survived. He saw me and started spinning this sock filled with a rock. He was gonna throw it at me! I kept running along the road to reach my aunt's house and then he threw it. I ran into my bes tfriend (except it wasn't really her, it was Mona from pretty little liars) and we kept running. There was a random table in the road so we hid under it and it hit the table, but not us. Finally, it became daylight and me and Mona started walking along the sidewalk to get to my aunt's house. We met some funny guys and were walking with them. Then, we ran into these Dutch people that were standing around the sidewalk and told me that the Punce was upon us. (i have no clue what that it) Then, an evil figure showed up and i woke up
(Sorry, it was a long, detailed dream)

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means ?

Well basically its pitch black and im standing in the middle of a really long road , but there is no one around , each side of the road there is two corn fields, but as i look up right at the end of the road there is one lamp post and its flickering and that creepy witch from snow white is just standing there pointing at me !, i have this dream at least once a week and its really beginning to scare me , can anyone tell me what they thing this means ?

Example: Dream: receiving a lamp as a gift?

The day before i had a phone conv with a very good friend of mine which i really like and i saw him recently after 3 years. We live far away from eachother and eventho we spent a lot of talking, we came to the conclusion that we dont really know eachother and that its a bit pointless to talk alot.

Made me sad, and cried.. so the same night i got a dream that i got 2 lamps as a present from this elderly couple i know quite well.

What could this mean, can someone give their interpretation of the dream and maybe a connection with what happend last night?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was at a party and i was sitting in a room with white walls and one bright desk lamp. there was only a mattress with a blanket over it. all of a sudden my sister comes up the stairs and into the room. she was drunk and carrying a whiskey bottle. she then gave me the whiskey bottle and told me to drink and then left. i took the bottle and hid it in the closet that had all the clothes on the floor so i hid it under some clothes. When i got out of the closet some guy was in the room. he had jeans a dark green shirt and a beer in his hand. when i looked out the window my crush was standing outside. i said wait there ill be right down. i went to go downstairs and the guy said she leaving. i looked out the window and she was standing next to the street and got picked up in a black 4 door. i then laid on the mattress and went to sleep. when i woke up sunlight was pouring into the window. i went downstairs and sat on the couch and started playing the wii. i looked to my right and saw the beach through two glass doors. my uncle and my sister were fighting over where the whiskey bottle was and she said she didnt know. i kept thinking about my crush and why she left. then i woke up. what does this mean

Example: What could this dream mean?

Hey guys, I thought I'd add to the large collection of stupid questions on this site with one regarding a dream of mine that happened maybe a couple of nights ago.

In the dream I was standing outside my granny's house (presumably where I was staying that night in dream land) in the large park behind it, it was almost pitch black besides a few microscopic glimmers of light from houses in the distance, or lamps or something, so anyway I started running slowly for a while and then sprinting for no apparent reason, into the blackness, without any fear of bumping into anything, as if I were running through a vaccum, until I just about avoided hitting a naked corpse that sporadically appeared on the ground, I was pretty startled and didn't bother to stop for a second to investigate, instead I bolted back to my granny's house as fast as I could and started thinking about it for a while. This part is kinda vague but the police arrived at my door and started questioning me about the corpse, they asked if I'd seen anything and I mentioned that I almost ran into it, then they started to get suspicious because I hadn't reported it to them and started asking me a more increasingly akward questions ( I can't remember what they asked) as if they were accusing me of murder, which made me feel awfully guilty.

I'm sorry to bore you with that weird slice of my inner psyche, I'm probably just recollecting for the sake of it, I guess I'm just curious as to what the dream might represent? (necrophilia maybe..?)

Example: What does this dream mean...?

Most nights now i seem to be waking up sweating and scared.
It seems more a nightmare then a dream.

It starts of with me standing in a dark, small room with the noise of chains coming from the walls. It's pitch black and you can barley see your hand in front of your face; but it's like these shadows of people running back and forth- some of the shadows are really big, and seem too big to be a human.
Suddenly it's like a group of hands block my vision and there are these guttural screams and cries of men and women. It all then stops and there's nothing but silence for a second or so until a white light over takes the room. The noise and hands stop. But there's still a faint scream. And before I wake up I see a face of a old woman. I sometimes wake up screaming it's so frightening.

It's becoming more and more frequent. I don't even want to reach out and turn on my lamp I get so scared.
What does it mean?

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