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Dream About Lamp 1 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: WHat does this dream mean..?

well lately i have been dreaming about school but last night for the 1st time i dreamed about something different..

i dreamed about this boy{lets call him J } and one night while he was sleeping he heard some noises and then a ghost boy appeared..and the started talking and stuff...so the boy{J told his brother and his brother got mad..and one night the ghost appeared to his brother and his brother told the ghost that he need to stop tryna take his brother{J stuff{the ghost used to make noises with his jewelry box}and the ghost just stared laughing and kept messing with it

so basically it was about a ghost & for some reason the dream scared me and i was dreaming about it this morning and i turned on my lil lamp and stuff..and i couldnt stop thinking about it

J and a ghost and J's brother and J's stuff. Sounds like you have reason to fear J, but that the thing about J that you should fear is costing J everything of value in his life. His brother wants the fearful side of J gone, but he can't do anything about it.

Example: I Think I dreamt of the devil, I need some help on the meaning of my dream?

Ok so I dream more or less every night, I don't watch T.V and if it is, it's SOAPS and I don't play video games.
My dream started off as myself a young mother taking my young child to school on the back of a motorcycle; after some journey and the police were behind us, my little girl jumped of the bike and her face smashed against a lamp pole, littering myself and the police men with blood. Naturally in my dream, I was distraught; after sorting out what happened with the police men and moving the body, it came to night time, they could tell I was feeling a little lonley and had to walk home...so they said "take this sheep with you" , it had a rope around its neck so I could lead it about, I found it a little strange but took it nonetheless, after some time of walking through this really long alleyway and turning lots of corners, there was lots of forrest around as well, the sheep all of a sudden stopped; it would budge, so I said to it; "common' we gotta go" trying to dragg it, when all of a sudden it started to shake, it looked at me in the eyes and transformed into a very large, black straggly goat, some bald patches and raw skin; it had red eyes and a long down face, with two twisted horns; to other people this may have been terrifying, but to me, I wasn't really scared of it, then out of no were, a third horn burst through the center of its head, very crooked and grey. I gasped and dropped the rope and asked; "your not really a sheep, are you?" and it shook it's head, almost threateningly. I then built up some courage and said; "let's not make this hard, i need to go home" so i got on top of it, and after much struggle I rode it, it was kicking its back legs a little, until it threw me off and left me in one of the dark dingy alleyways; I then decided to take it by foot and walk out of there, so I walked a little until I came face to face with the weird demon goat again, but this time it was accompanied by a tall, dark, young woman with dark billowing hair; she looked very Gothic and threatened to kill me, I decided to run, but there seemed to be some kind of protection over me, we ran through all the corners until I got to a grave yard, I walked right into the grave yard with no fear, but she hesitated with the goat by her side; she threatened to kill me and send a curse my way, until I shouted; "NO, YOUR NOT!" and murmured some kind of enchantment and killed her...the goat remained alive, smiled and walked of, which was weird...then I found myself walking through the grave into the modern urban city...being safe once more; I just want to know what the dream means, I have a feeling someones doing black magic against me...and I am also a Tarrot reader and when I read my cards, for the passed year they have been making no sense, up until now, constantly repeating I have a harsh enemy on my tracks...but I just need some advice...

Example: This dream is werid... i dont know if it means anything but it all happened in like glisps. Interpret?

OKay... the first part of my dream is scetchy... i was hanging out with the guy i really like but he was acting werid like hiding behind bushes and ****.
but this part happened right before i woke up. I saw into a photo booth and these two guy where doing thw whole **** i dont wanna do this... then it changed all of a sudden and there like lets do something stuipd. lets act gay! and they started making out in there. sseond glimps, i see the two guys dropping into bed and then i hear "ow dude! haha." you probably figure... then the guy trys again but the other guy jumps out of bed and face plants into the the lamp on the desk and hear the lightbaul shatter, then his head cracks on the side of the bedstand going down and then i see his face covered in blood and no life in his body. HIs other friend still laughing get up and gets a little brown bottle and says " 3 drops for me, 15.3 for him." thats when i wake up. Im pretty sure this is just a random dream... but usually i dont as vivid ones as these anymore.

Example: Night terrors, bad dreams, what do they mean?

I'v been having night terrors for a few years now and was wondering if someone could tell me what they mean. I'm going to explain the worst 3.

1) I was in my room (i dont remember what led up to this) but I was tied to my desk chair and gagged on the window side of my room. Someone started cutting into me slowly with a sarated knife across the boney bit at the top of my spine. I could feel each notch of the knife grind across, it was horrible, i remember being scared, when I woke up (in real life) I couldn't move for 20 seconds or so, and i was trying to scream but no noise was coming out.

2) I was working for some kind of strange agency, and I was sent to do some work in an office that belonged to someone else, i remember the office was on the ground floor. While I was in there the building was attacked by another agency (like spy of government) and the room was gassed, I was tied up and shoved under a desk, and semi-consious while people injected me with stuff. I can remember thinking they've got the wrong person. When I woke up I was flustered, and confused.

3) Someone broke into my room at uni and was attacking me, I can't remeber much, but I was dragged across the bed by my leg, and almost as if i was caught between real life and the dream I was reaching for my bedside lamp, I knew i was in a dream and was trying to wake myself up.

Can anyone shed any light on what these mean please?

Example: What does this dream mean? Christians can you ask the Lord?

I was supposed to exercise with my friend at the mall but she bailed out on me... I waited 2 hours for her and during this time I was thinking about how undeniably happy I'd be if I had a husband or boyfriend... and how vulnerable and weak I would feel

Then I had a dream, my cousin was supposed to get married to an indian guy, and she paid for the wedding and invited all the guests and travelled over a thousand miles to go to the place where they were supposed to get married... and then he simply does not show up for the wedding and she was horrified, but this had occured many years ago and now she was just discussing this event with some really rich people at antigua... this really expensive vacation resort on an isolated island that is 1/4 the size of barbados and only has about 70 000 people.

Then my family and my cousin are all dressed in old fashioned clothing, kind of like the bonnets, and dresses, where the butt is shaped unusually high and pronounced, that they had in the victorian age and my cousin wants to leave the house. As they are about to leave, I lose control of my body, and I start stretching my arms out at maximum capacity and holding my two hands at a right degree angle exactly 90 degrees from the horizontal ground... And rotating in circles with my hand outstretched.

Once I lose control of my body, my spirit leaves my body, and I expect to go to heaven or to receive some great revelation, but during this time, I start falling, and then my voice fades away like a computer and I am falling in a bottomless pit... and then I call out "Lord, Lord," as I try to regain control of my body and soul... and I wake up on my bed.

Example: Am I Psychic? What does this dream mean?

I like have dreams and then like a month later my dream will happen like that I get into a water fight and I broke a lamp while in the fight! And then that will happen! But it isn't that often. But today I pictured my grandmother when my mom saw her and my mom told me what she was wearing and I saw exactly the same thing! But I didn't see her at all. Or if I'm not psychic what would you call that?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having the same dream where I've been strapped to a medical table in a dark room and I hear a door open and shut. Then footsteps echoing through the room. I look up and see a dimmed medical lamp then look over and see the dark figure of a person. They are holding a syringe full of some liquid which they place on the table. The person pulls the medical lamp over me and it flashes. Everything goes to dark, but red numbers start flowing upward. It always starts 1,1,2,2,3,3 then random numbers and I eventually wake up. When I wake up I feel a little angry, and sometimes wake in a cold sweat and a headache.

I have pretty good health, a decent sex life, and life over all...so yeah...

Example: Help analyzing this dream? i believe it has some very important meaning (background info on myself included)?

last night i had a very strange dream. there is a few reasons why it was odd to me. first reason is the realness of the dream. second, i had only just fallen asleep when this dream occurred and i was under the impression you must be in deep sleep. Lastly the dream itself kind of disturbed me and i slept with the light on after that ha ha. i fell asleep waiting for a text from my bf saying he was ready for me to call. In my dream I woke up believing i received this text messages but i only read pt 2 of his text. I tried to call him feeling a bit uneasy, when i tried to call i got a recorded message from a women that was quite erie after this phone call i had a small sense of somebody Else's presence perhaps controlling the situation. i turn on my lamp and try to turn my room light on but it wont turn on. i leave my room and hear loud recording coming from the room next to mine where my cousins were sleeping (my cousins were sleeping over last night and this was the same in the dream) i go into the bathroom feeling very uneasy now and consider going into my grandparents room. i decide to go back into my room and try calling again. i try calling again and it still wont work. main light still will not turn on, and now neither will my lamp. I start to lose body control of myself and begin to stumble. I fall to the ground and start screaming for my nana (i did the same thing when i was scared in the night as a child) nobody comes so i stumble my way through the now dark hall with the tape still going. i go into my grandparents room crying and being hysterical and also very scared, telling my nana i am having a night terror and that i need her to help me. my nana acts frightened and even moans terrified. my grandpa laughs at her and i and i get into bed with them. i ask if he can check for my dog ella and make sure she isn't trapped in my room. i was lying in bed with them. i woke up to a vibrating feeling in bed. i was in my bed the whole time and i woke up to my bf steve asking me if i was still awake. I had slept for 1/2 an hour.

background info on myself that may help:
i live with my grandparents because my mother and i have serious relationship problems and can not get along. i have lived with them before in the past also.
my boyfriend and i have been dating for about a yr. we have been through everything together. we do not fight ever. i feel extremely lucky to be in a relationship with him, we fully trust one another and have a very strong connection. he is one of my closest friends also. i have had somewhat of a rough year though. I got charged and now am on probation. i feel as if i have been very disappointing to my family and there is a huge disconnection in my family life. usually steve is the one to help me through the hard time. im not sure if this extra info will help and im very open to all interpretations of this dream. Sorry for the long post! any help is greatly appreciated because i believe this really does have meaning to it, any question u have just ask and i can answer in details.

Example: Whats the meaning of this dream?

I dreamt it few times already but only 1. time i dreamt it was like this.Other time there was no other people and doors were closed.
It was like this.I appeared in one dark room.Half of the walls were cowered with wooden tiles and the other half was coloured in light yellowish brown colour.There was one big window with wooden bench under it,one chair in the corner and one small round table with gramophone on it.There were 3 small lamps coming out of the walls but light was bad.It was snowing outside and it was foggy too.The doors of the room were open.But what surprised me most was a fact that there was no sound even though gramophone was playing.That mood and everything...it was scary and i was only 8.I walked out of the room and went into one long hall full of doors on bout sides.Lamps were between doors and they were giving one creepy feeling.All of the doors were locked except of the one at the end of the hall.They were ajar ed.Than i got scared and ran back in the first room.I sat on the bench and stared through window while crying.I was such a coward than.Suddenly gramophone record started to skip.Something was behind me and than it spoke with creepy voice:"do you want to be saved?" and pulled me behind.I woke up violently and my vision was kinda messed up and my back were hurting.

Example: Demon Dreams What does it mean?

I have dreams about demons on a constant basis. I can not figure out what they mean. The dreams are so real and scary that it is hard to fall asleep at night. The demon is in almost all of the dreams but difference circumstances. An example of my dreams are:
I am laying in bed asleep and all of a sudden I hear a loud rustling at the end of the bed. I wake up and my eyes try to adjust to the darkness. I catch a shadow by the window. It is over 6ft tall and wide. I can not see what it is wearing. It is hooded around the face. All of a sudden I am feeling fear. I blink and the demon is next to me at my bed. He touches my legs pushing them. I try to turn away from it but it is hard to move and time slows down. He leans down and starts growling in my ear. I wake up for real after this. I am shaking, sweating and close to a panic attack. I decide to sleep on the other side of the bed the next night. I fall off to sleep and again I am woken up by the demon making noise. I know it is just a dream but I can not wake up. He is angry that I have changed bed sides. He starts pulling my legs to drag me off of my bed. I am finally able to move. I try to grab the lamp to hit him over the head but I can't. It is out of reach. I turn around and hiss at it. He yells with a strange shriek and vanishes. I wake up, scared out of my mind. Another time the demon picked up my whole bed. I tried to wake my daughter who was sleeping next to me but I was frozen and could not scream. Alarm went off and pulled me out of the dream. The latest one happened last night. Only I did not start out sleeping in the bed. I was in my living room and said I am sleepy and need to go to bed. I started floating to my bedroom door and then I am in bed. The demon appears by my closet. He knows I have changed back to that side of the bed. I can't move. He pulls hard on my legs and it hurts. His grasp is incredibly strong. He flips me over on my stomach. I try to fight but I can't. He flips me back over on my back this time though. I am at the edge of my bed. He leans down extremely close to my face. I can't see his face. I am thinking of biting him on his chest. The demon starts breathing heavy. I can smell his breath. It is disgusting. Like rotten eggs and decay. I then wake up from the dream. I turn on the light. Still scared. I never have the dream with the light on. But I hate sleeping with it on. I am 29 years old! I'm not afraid of the dark but of the demon that haunts my dreams. I guess I have had probally 20 or more of these dreams. They are getting more intense as time passes. I'm not a very religious person. I believe in God and Heaven and Hell etc.. I do pray at night. I have not had any major life changes. Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

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