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Dream About Lamenting meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I've been studying dreams lately, and I've come to the point where I am never scared in my dreams - just really really curious. I even become nosy, and wander into other people's houses (I'm not talking about lucid dreams, FYI). Last night I had a dream that I was in my own house, and there were different rooms that I had never seen (I know what this element of the dream means, so just ignore that). In one of the newly discovered rooms, laid a young woman. She appeared to be in her late 20s, or early 30s. At her bedside was her closest friend (don't ask, I just know she was her friend - dreams can be like that). For some reason, I also knew that they both came from highly educated families - and that her friend had just got off work because she heard that the woman was sickly. She appeared to be in a deep trance, and her friend kept trying to wake her - yet to no avail. When the girl in the bed noticed that I was in the room, she flew into a blind rage. It greatly scared her friend, who fled to the back door exit - via the kitchen. It seemed like she was possessed. I knew that I needed to get out of there. Somehow, I knew that there was no way that she was able to leave her room. So I simply stepped out into the living room, rather than leaving the house. My curiosity got the best of me, and I just stayed there looking at the door - dying to know if I was right about her not being able to leave. Moments later, to my surprise - she stumbled out of the room, tripping over her own feet like one of those zombies in a B horror movie. I did not run, and she fell to the ground at my feet. Screaming at me, and flailing her arms... Almost as if she blamed me for all the pain and suffering in her life. This was a dream that I had after ignoring my alarm clock, and deciding to go back to sleep. When I fell back asleep, the clock said 11:50. In the dream after the possessed woman's lament, I looked at my wrist. Tightly secured to my right arm was a black plastic wrist watch, which read 11:51. When I woke up though - it was actually 3:57pm. For some reason, the only explanations that I can ever find for possession dreams are completely ridiculous. There is either a religious point of view, or an occult one. I do not want any stupid religious dogma involved in explaining my dreams. For I know that it is simply the right hemisphere of my brain attempting to relay information that I have missed in the waking world to my left hemisphere, via symbols, puns, and metaphors. So if you have a stupid answer, or simply have JEE-SUS on the brain - take your illogical heiny somewhere else. =P

I already have a pretty good idea what it means, I am just looking for clarification from someone with more experience than me.

My guess is that a previously unknown room in my own house, which belongs to someone else is pointing to the fact that I don't feel as if I have any claim to a thing in this world - even to my own personal belongings (I am 21 and still live with my parents, I am jobless, and have yet to achieve much). I also believe that the woman's friend represents me. Though she is a female, that is irrelevant to the dream's meaning. She is there for her friend with unconditional support, but as soon as things get hairy - she bails on her. That's a lot like me - I often give up when things become difficult. When the possessed woman is on the floor, cursing everything that I have "done to her" - that is when her friend stops representing me, and she begins to. I believe that this is an indicator of my inability to accept my wrongdoings, and my insistence to blame them on others. Lastly, I am pretty sure that the watch represents my wish that things were easier. Though a few hours had passed, I enlisted some wishful thinking - and thought how wonderful it would be if I were to just wake up and realize that I haven't wasted any time at all. But the truth is that I have.

So, what do you think? Does my interpretation appear accurate? Or does it need some correcting?

It means...Ummm...it seems to me that you've gotta get out on your own. The Korean War saved my asss (misspelled on purpose). I was in the same predicament as yours when I was 18 years old. Absolutely nothing meaningful to look forward to. Jobless, bored, and hanging on with a mother and stepfather that definitely thought that bonding with me and my sister was a total waste of time. The war began, and I enlisted in the Air Force. It was there that everything became clear and relevant. No more irrational thoughts or dreams. If you do not plan to go to college or trade school consider the Air Force as a viable solution. When I was discharged I left with 2 years of accrued college credits, a GI Bill that financed both my Bachelor and Master degrees, and a manhood that put an end to dreams that needed to be interpreted. Yes, there came a time when I needed counseling. Transient depression was my problem. I unloaded that kink in my personality like posthaste.
The Air Force is safe. The ground crew is usually far behind the enemy lines , and they provided all of the funding, materials, and time I needed to further my education. I am not a recruiter, and I positively assure you that I have told you the truth. Go for it. Get a life. Mike

Example: What does this dream mean?

So, this was a weird dream and I had a feeling that it may have been symbolic. I was with the guy I like (we talk daily at the lockers or during math, but we'e not friends) and we were kinda sitting around, chilling and he was being really nice to me. Then I left the house and I was on my skateboard atop a huge hill I know near my house. It was steeper in the dream. I skateboarded down it and then I hit the speed bump at the bottom. Instead of crashing, falling or just skating over it, I flew like 30 feet into the air and landed slightly bruised in a yard maybe 6 yards away. My skateboard was inches away from hitting an SUV.

Info: Me
>I just started liking this guy days ago
>Before I went to bed, I lamented in my journal about how he'd never like me as a gf because he likes the skinny hot girls who are really peppy

Info:The guy
>Charismatic metalhead who makes a lot of jokes and is obsessed with A7X
>Not a jock. You either love him/hate him

Anyone know what it means?

Example: What my dream mean can any one tell me?

Last year I had this dream.Lucas is not filming any movies about zombies
why do I dream about Lucas dieing.Then I see him chasing by zombies and he died in front of me .I was crying please any one tell why I had this dream

Example: What does the sentence, "Life, believe, is not a dream so dark as sages say" mean?

Its the first sentence from the poem Life by Charlotte Bronte

Example: What does it mean when they ask of the "American Dream",im reading DEATH OF A SALESMAN...?

I have to pick a character and choose one of thier quotes on what truly matter in their life
please list examples...
thank you

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been fostering ups and downs all Summer, because I had a fight with my mentor. We had a crush on each other, but we never had a personal relationship. I was very obsessed with him and he told me he had a lot of anxiety about this. He apologized via e-mail, but I used things as an excuse to get him off the hook with me since he would worry about me a lot. Anyway, I called him up one day and left a message on his answering machine at work and bitterly told him that I did not hate him and made it really short.

I really appreciate him and I lament not being psychologically mature about all my emotions and handling the attraction issue. I think that he and I did pretty well.

So, my dream was that I called him up and said with a childlike enthusiasm "Hi!" and he said Hi back and said my name. He was in a very peaceful mood and his voice was not all lovy-dovy or heartbroken. In fact he was not afraid to talk about his personal life which is not like him. He said that "We went to see relatives and we got sick." (He confuses me sometimes because I don't know if when he says "we" he means him and I or him and someone in his personal life.) Then, I said "What you got sick?" And then I woke up.

He's a Scorpio and I'm an Aquarius, but we are very much alike in some ways.

Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream of my crush who i didnt see for a long time we were in the schoolyard and i tapped his shoulder but he ignored me, so i tapped it again and his friend yelled at me to leave him alone. so i walked over to the school and its weird, but i went into this tunnel or something and fell into a different dream
It was about my dad ;
my mom took me to go visit his house looked like a blue small cartoon house we couldnt find my dad so my mom left me but i didnt want her to but she just ignored me, i went to go find my dad and i found him in his office and i said ' dad can i go check the other room ?' which was bright and had yellow flowers' so he said yeah, but that wasnt part of his mansion tho.. i went into this blue room instead of white.. it was like a stage with people singing, there were 5 doors to different stages. i went to every one . but i left there and there was these royal steps which i snuck into and some royal man told me to follow him, he thought i was a model.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt about a girl that I used to like couple of years ago. First I dreamt I was gonna crush her with my car then I found out she moved out to my neighborhood and I went to her place. In my dreams we kissed (only) and it was very sweet. This dream woke up a part of me that died a long time ago. I never dated this girl. I wanted to but for some reasons it did not work out. I know it seems silly but it was a very enjoyable dream especially now when I am going thru a lot of problems. Anyone of thoses dream experts outthere can tell me what this dream means? Thanks in Advance

Example: Thoughts as to what my dream might mean?

I had another dream about the girl I used to like in high school. Except this one was a little different; my dreams used to be more or less about us in school, but since we've graduated the dreams no longer take place in school. The last dream I had about her was about a week ago, and this is an odd occurrence (For me) because usually the dreams I have about her happen once every few months. Anyway this time the dream took place in a store, I remember walking around, by myself, and looking down. When I looked down I had seen a phone. Without really thinking about it I picked it up and hit the display button, of course it had a lock so I couldn't call or text someone to return it that way. As I was standing there a familiar voice was calling to me. I turned and (un)fortunately it happened to be the girl I had a "crush" on all of my senior year. And it wasn't as if she was/is some unobtainable goddess of a person, no, her and I were indeed friends, not very close, but friends non the less. Anyway, I digress, it was her phone and she was elated to see that someone she was familiar with had found it. "Fast Forward a little," Her, some friends, and myself were all sitting around in a circle, her and I next to each other not really paying much attention to the group, and just talking among ourselves. I'll admit, not really recalling the exact contents of our conversation, I do remember it being a little flirty, which again is rather unusual in the dreams I have about her. Someone then blurted out "You two look cute together, why don't you go out?" Of course I had turned flush for a few seconds, then almost immediately went pale. As I was about to answer or ask, not sure which, my alarm had woke me up. Anyway, I don't usually have dreams about her, and they most certainly are not this involved, but they are all rather vivid and feel very real, however I find it weird that I still dream about her since I haven't seen her for almost a year now. And trust me I wish I had someway to get a hold of her, but sadly I do not. So this could just be chalked up as a simple "maybe I miss her" sort of thing, but I "missed" her a while ago, and now the only time I think about her is when I dream about her and for a short time after I've had a dream about her. Anyway, any thoughts as to why I am still having these dreams, or perhaps what they, this one in particular, may mean?
Sorry for the inconvenient length, I know people hate reading!

Example: Wtf did this dream mean...?

So acouple of nites ago I dreamed that me and the guy I love(we used 2b fwb now we don't even talk) lived in my late Grandmas house which is only 1 story but was 3 stories and him,my mom,her bf, my lil bro and I lived there and I was pregnant with twins(the guy is a twin)

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