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Dream About Lamb meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream?...what does it mean?

O.k I had a dream that God and Satan were fighting for me, every time God wanted me i would rise up. and every time Satan wanted me I would go down and scream an ugly low scream. What does this mean?=/ I was listening to music right before this happened. Is it the kind of music I listen to? I listen to metal..

God speaks through dreams and God is speaking to you through this dream. Literally, it is what is happening to your life...God is fighting to have control in your life and be the boss of your life and satan wants the same thing... to be in control instead.

Here is how you defeat satan:

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

The first key to defeating satan is the blood of the lamb. That refers to the old testament system of sacrifices...whenever someone did something bad, they would sacrifice a lamb and that lamb would take that person's punishment before God. We have all done bad things and deserve to be punished. Jesus is our lamb... He died on the cross to take our punishment and rose from the dead. satan only has power through sin, so when we accept God's forgiveness based on Jesus death on the cross, we defeat satan through the blood of the lamb, Jesus.

So if you want to defeat satan and are willing to give God complete control over your life, pray this.

God, I know I've done bad things. Thank you that Jesus died in my place on the cross and rose from the dead. Please forgive me based on the cross. God, be the boss of my life...I give it completely to you. Amen.

To finish off the verse, the other ways you defeat satan is by telling others what God has done, and being willing to die for God and to lay down your life in obedience even in areas you don't want to obey. But the most important thing is to defeat satan with the blood of the Lamb. Otherwise you haven't even begun to win the battle.

Example: Weird dream: 2 talking black wolves, deer-lamb and a "philosopher". What does it mean?

Well, I was in a village and two big black wolves started hunting a deer (but the deer was called "lamb"). A man showed up and said: "there are people born to be lambs, and people born to be wolves". The villagers got very angry with that.
And then, I was in another village and the same man repeated the same sentence. But now, these villagers laughed. So, he said: "Do you see? It's all about the point of view. You are considered wolves, that's why you laughed."
So I started walking to some kind of forest. The same two wolves were hunting the deer (lamb) again. It escaped and I was there, alone with the wolves. They accepted me and we started talking. One wolf went away to hunt the deer again. I talked to the remaining wolf again (don't remember anything important about the conversation). So I suddenly got up, and the wolf got surprised and almost attacked me. After that,it apologized to me saying he got scared with me and the other wolf finally killed the deer (lamb). Then I woke up.

Example: A dream of a baby goat(kid) and a baby sheep (Lamb) beside me, what does this mean?

i had a dream last night that a baby goat and a baby sheep were beside me on both sides. i don't really understand this. i would love an explanation.

Example: What does eatting cooked meat in dream mean?

Hi what does eating cooked meat in dream mean?
What would cause me dream about that?
thank you for telling me

Example: What does it mean to dream of abused lambs?

in my dream there was a farm and the animals on it were abused but it was mainly focused on the lambs being abused, what does this mean?
also in this dream i dreamt of a death of a relative, but i didn't recognize him. i was overwhelmingly sad and this entire dream was pretty much about death and i was just really sad and could feel the entire wrath of death,

Example: MUSLIMS:what does it mean when dream of a baby white lamb?

Example: What does it mean to dream about lambs and oceans?

So last night i dreamed about me being right next to the ocean and i went inside and i felt something tickling my feet i didnt know what it was till i told my brother to go look he came up and brought a little baby lamb with him. He gave it to me, i was scared and didn't know what to do. I held it and started kissing it on the head. I then started trying to get ahold of a animal shelter or something but i couldn't. I was now next to a pool.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a lamb?

In this dream, I dreamt I had a little white dog next to me. I think the dog and the lamb had fought and the lamb was half dead but started re-gaining it's concioussness (hope I spelled that right). The dog wanted to kill it, but I picked up the lamb and I abandoned it in the hallway of an apartment I was staying at (which happened to be my aunt's) and it was raining outside, although the lamb could stay indoors.

Example: What does it mean to dream?

What does it mean to dream about many black lambs that are dead on the ground?

Example: Dream about lambs?

I was in my apartment and arguing with my parents because I wanted to go to my boyfriend's party who, in my dream, lived in the next apartment. I was finally allowed to go and the party went downstairs. I sat at a wooden picnic table when I look over to the lake I see sheep drowning. I get up and start to call for help but no one responded. I wanted to reach for the sheep but I didn't want to put my hands in the water because it was dirty. I ran off into the bathrooms where there were girls pampering themselves but not willing to help. I open the cabinets and get rubber dishwashing gloves which I knew would still allow water to come in over the rim but figured it was better than nothing and ran back out. The lake was deep and the edge was a built cement one. I reach over and look at the sheep and notice they are all plastic cups floating upside down on the water with sheep pictures on them. Then black things came swimming up to me and I had to retract my hands as they were "evil." -

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