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Dream About Ladder meanings

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Example: What is the meaning of Jacob's Dream with the Heavenly Ladder?

What is your take on "Jacob's Ladder" that Jacob saw in a dream at Bethel where "Heaven's Gate" opened and a ladder descended to the Earth, and angels were seen descending and ascending the ladder? (Please, no weird UFO or alien answers.)

Personally, I suspect that this has to do with a yet future event that will be fulfilled in which Heaven's Gate will open, and the ladder is symbolic of a Supernatural Vibratory Frequency (the Trumpet) released upon a body of people symbolized by the five virgins (sheep) who will be prepared to meet their Groom with their full lamps. It will "transform" and “empower” those prepared in "a twinkling of an eye" fulfilling the symbolism behind Christ’s Transfiguration. It will happen as a “Thief in the Night” and suddenly the Door (Gate) will close, resulting in the five unprepared virgins (goats) not receiving the power to survive the Tribulation and thus they will become the Martyred Saints, while the Transfigured Ones shall be those who will not know death, the Immaculate Bride of Christ. Any thoughts on this?

The plan of salvation was opened to Jacob's mind in this dream. Christ was the ladder that he saw. Christ is the link that binds earth to heaven, and connects finite man with the infinite God. This ladder reaches from the lowest degradation of earth and humanity to the highest heavens. We are to ascend the ladder that Jacob saw, but not by our own strength alone. It is the goodness of God that leads to repentance and reformation. We are not left to struggle on alone

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamt i was lying on rocks and an eagle was pecking my organs out of my body. what could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

OK,m well my dream was I was in this house made of wood near a lake and my mother, and my two sisters and me were dressed up in gypsy eyegyptiony clothes. And there were clothes hanging everywhere of colours pink and purple and lilac. The house was really dim and rickety, it wasn't like a house nowadays it was literally just amde out out wood. Then my mum in real life walked in, wearing completely normal clothes even though it was obviouis my dream was set in a different era. And my dream mum told me and my sisters to get a biscuit for my mum. So we climped a ladder and the upstairs floor was made out of pink cloth! But it held the weight of our beds and that. We opened up this tiny gold case and took out a biscuit to give to my mum. Our dream mum was really horrible, and my sisters were bossy as I was the smallest. When my mum stood up to leave I ran up to her and hugged her because I was only little when the dream happened, and I remember feeling really sad and lost I was with these people not her. And so she smiled and took me home again, to a modern house amd stuff

Example: What does this dream mean?

A little back ground info- I'm in love with this guy from Canada, we both live in towns about 9 miles apart now in the USA and he doesn't like me anymore, he says I'm a good person but he's just not interested anymore

The Dream- I was on a trip to Canada and and I came upon this house/jungle gym. It was a couple stories high and it had a computer system in it that helped you navigate your way through the house. It told me several different ways to get to the second floor but I couldn't manage any of them. The one I remember the most was because I couldn't get off the ladder and on to the platform at the top because the platform was not flat but round. Finally I went around to take the stairs (took me a while) and on the way to the stairs I saw this kid that I used to go to school with back in 3rd to 7th grade. His name is Dave and hes from Canada. So I said hi to him and walked on muttering "D*mn Canadians." Which I tend to say in all good fun just because the other Canadian hurt me a lot and I guess it just makes me feel better that I have one thing to say about him. In truth I love his heritage and I love him. But anyway as I was climbing the stairs I woke up, I think mostly because thinking about canadians got me thinking about the guy I love and my brain started buzzing and woke me up.

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream Of Climbing A Ladder?

In my dream, I was on the beach and suddenly a storm came. So me and a friend had to quickly climb a ladder to escape. After much struggle, we made it. What does this dream mean?

Example: What Does it Mean To Have Dreams About Climbing a Ladder?

last night i had a Dream i was Climbing up a ladder & it wouldnt end & in my Dream i was thinking why am i do this & i was askin god why am i doing this...& i wake up every mornin thinking what am i going to do because im 21yr out of work & who wants to go to school for acting but like i'll call my mom & talk to her about me going to school & she'll tell me to do what i want but goin to school for actng isn'nt thinkin realisticly get down to earth that is hard bussness to get into & really as a child i was always shy to do that stuff & when i was like 10yr i remeber being in a Christmas Musical & we had to sing the song about 24 days of christmas & when i was up there i wanted to be seen & known & make my mom happy but like i was just a bit nurvous up on stage but it was like i still wanted to sing it because it was my favorite song at the time as a kid & at times i think did i really want to be a child actor...because i had a Creative mind & then when i turned 13 i did a skit for my Church...& it felt Chessy to pretend that some one was there

Example: What does it mean that i dreamed jacobs ladder and the rapture came down it?

The angels came down the ladder and began to take the ppl around me to heaven and there wings were small like cupids wings and one took me and when she placed me back down the world was new with no human technolgy of influence

Example: What does my dream mean?

OKay around a couple times in about 4 to 7 months i have had dreams about werewolves, flying with wings and just things like that...in one of then i change into a wolf and rome bout and in another i see a guy from school who transforms into a werewolf...and also a couple of times also i have had dreams where im flying and also i once climbed up a ladder and jumped off and flew down to the ground.
i was just wondering what any of you might think of this...
and please no answers saying that im crazy and stuff..i just want to know that what these dreams mean...

Example: What does it mean to dream of a ladder?

In the dream I really wanted to be a dancer and I was dancing about and men were watching me then I was on a ladder very high up on the ladder but the last step the top of the ladder i didnt want to go on.

The ladder was very high.

Example: What did Jacob's dream about a ladder mean?

12 And he dreamed , and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. Genesis 28:12

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