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Dream About Lacrosse meanings

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Example: What does my screwed up dream mean?

Just now I woke up from this dream where it was the day of my Aunt Susan's wedding (it's coming up in August). I accidentally walked the wrong way to the ceremony, so when I finally got there, my mom said that they just went on and didn't let me be a bridesmaid. I was really mad, and kind of freaking out, but everything was okay at the reception. Suddenly some woman started lighting the room on fire, but everyone was okay and the entire room never actually burned. But then this man, who looks a little bit like John Goodman (but he is some other celebrity I believe), comes out and starts shooting around the room with a small gun. The bullets started coming really close to me, so I started shooting back at him with a gun that ended up in my hand from nowhere. I shot him many times in the stomach and chest and basically all over, but he doesn't die. He starts shooting at me more and more, closer and closer, and once he hits my leg (but I don't feel pain), I wake up.

I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but what on earth does this dream mean? I am really curious for the fact that it's about my Aunt Susan's wedding, as well as the part when I shoot the man and he doesn't die but keeps shooting at me. Please help; I'd really appreciate it!

And sorry for the running sentences and stuff if I have any. I just woke up and I am still in a sleepy haze. :D

Your dream is about fear. The shooter represents your fears and insecurities. The cool thing about your dream is that you shot back, which means, in real life, you feel in control and will not let your fears keep you from doing what you want. When the shooter shot you in the leg, that means you're afraid fear will stop you (since legs are your way of getting around). Are you a runner? Or an athlete?

The reason all this happened at a wedding is because that is an event that you've been thinking about a lot and it's important to you.

Example: Dream Analysis Help: I often dream I am back on my high school or college sports teams. Meaning?

But I'm a hybrid of myself then and now (with today's wisdom). I'm usually preparing for some "big game" and am an important player on the team.

The sports in the dreams are usually football or lacrosse with all the equipment, though I played other sports.


Example: What could this dream mean?

I asked this before, on a different account, but all I got were people saying it was because they were my favorite books, blah blah, but I actually REMEMBERED this dream. And it was months ago!

It started with some one who was supposed to be me, or the main character, and a very short, round girl with black hair, and some boy. All around the age of 13. Anyway, we were packing things in my big blue duffel bag. All I packed were pajamas and baby books, and the dude packed underwear only (weird). We were going on a quest, like in the percy jackson books, but we were packing in my room, with my bag. We opened to door, and started going out of it, to start the quest, but we looked down in the kitchen and it was dark and there was a monster and we got scared. I actually felt scared. We decided we didn't want to do it anymore, so I picked up a purple (lavender and one shade barker for the border) baby book, I believe I said something about it being from Athena, I opened it, it lit up (Actually filling a few feet with white light) and pressed my face to it, and I basically "saved the game".

The scene changed. It was percy jackson and annabeth or me and my friends, I'm not sure. It was dark, and all the buildings in the city were gray and black. Only, it wasn't a city, the buildings were made of cardboard. Painted. We were running, terrified, and we kept getting lost, in dead ends. A giant jet black hand was chasing us. We finally darted into some place, and big black metal bars came down and blocked the curves, castle door. Inside was brown wooden walls and grey cobblestone floors, or vise versa. Sometimes brick, I think. There were a few people in the long, gloomy halls, but it was mostly empty. After wandering a while, I, alone, came across what I appeared to be looking for. It was a big brown wooden gate with black hinges. But black metal gates on the side, so you could look in. The gate was taller than me. I looked inside, and there was Lavender Brown, from harry potter, and a bunch of hogwarts people. Only, they weren't in their uniforms, they were wearing normal clothes. Lavender was wearing light pink. She stared at me, terrified, giving me a warning look. On the bottom of the gate was a small recktangle hole, I tried to look through it, but all I could see was the ground. For some reason I needed to look at the teacher. A voice, the teachers, said "no one gets into detention without my aproval" or something like that. I turned, and almost got hit in the head by a ball, and saw Draco malfoy and his gang throwing bludgers at Harry Potter, sho's back was turned to me. Draco and his gang were on broomsticks, harry wasn't. They were trowing the bludgers with lacrosse stick things. One bludger hit my head, and I fell. They ran away, and Harry helped me up. We followed them into the halls, and there was a box filled with broomsticks and lacrosse sticks, labled "Quidditch gear". Harry asked me to help him beat Malfoy, and we began playing quidditch. After a while, I hit Malfoy on the head with a bludger, and I either threw my lacrosse thing with it (oops) or started hitting him with it, I can't remember.

Then, I woke up, before it ended.

You will need to know a bit about Percy Jackson, and more about Harry Potter to understand this!

Oh, and one time I had a dream that Ariel and sme other fish, maybe Freddie the fish, were trying to get desert food floating on innertubes to a tempermental fish who exploded things and was sitting across the small lake. Any ideas what THAT means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was at a cross country meet. This was on Sunday/Monday, a and the meet was a conference meet on Tuesday. So the dream started at a cross country practice. The teacher was a substitute, and we were in the locker rooms. I don't know why but we were doing really weird stretches and just throwing bouncy balls. My friend threw one and I didn't catch it, so it went into the bathroom. I got it, then came back and they were playing this weird lacrosse thing. Then the dream changed and I was going to the meet with the friend who threw the ball and we were driving. We got there late, just when it was starting. We ran near a baseball field, but after we only did an 1/8 a mile everyone was stopped. I think it was because we needed to get tags on our shirts, and we were coming in last. Then, we went inside and saw another friend. She was in a line, and we were in a big hall, and my friend was talking to the other friend. I wasn't paying attention, but I saw a guy in a robot costume. It was made of cardboard, and reminded me of one of those Cartoon Network shows with fighting guys or whatever. Then, me and my friend went into the next room. It was an aquarium, with a shark. We were just talking, then the lights turned off. I think she screamed, and then the lights turned on. The robot guy was there and he was terrorizing us. We stepped outside and there was a giant river and it was really windy. We jumped into it, and the dream ended. The next day, I told my friend about the dream. Then, at practice, the coach showed us the course map. It had a baseball field, and a river. It sort of freaked me out, how I had a dream about that just a day before. So the next day, I was going to not participate if there was a robot costume guy. I ended up getting sick and went home. Now, I am still sick, and I think the meet got canceled due to wind and rain or something. I haven't asked my friend about it, but I want to know what this dream meant, or if I somehow saw the future sort of?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I am in college and I think this guy is really cute. I was at a party and we started making out. We have not talked since that night and have had little encounters. The second night that I came home for the holidays, I had a dream and he was in it. In that dream, we were downtown and we were gathered with a bunch of people. Then they started recognizing people who play lacrosse, which was both of us. Once we were done, we were walking off stage and he tapped me on the shoulder and said three words to me, "alpha party basement." This was the place that we started making out that night. He did this multiple times throughout that dream. Then the next night, I was woken up by one of my alarm clocks and there is a 10 minute delay and so during that 10 minutes, I fell back asleep. I had another dream about this guy. We were at subway (which was where we decided to go to lunch that day) and we saw each other and that time we actually started having a conversation about why he was down here (since he lives like 5 hours away from me). I am wondering if anyone knows why this happened or what is means? I thought I was over him but I am not sure that I am now.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok well i was on stage acting. and i completely forgot all my lines.
then i had to run back stage and get my script during the play.then read it right like that in front of everyone. what makes matters worst is that next scene i had a big solo to sing. and i didn't know the lyrics.so i had to do the scrip thing again.then i think my parts in the play were pretty much over. but after we were done we had to do the play again in front of another crowd.my first scene i had on the totally wrong outfit. i was wearing like a huge dress that a queen would wear from back then. when i was really suppost to be wearing a simple dress.after my scene was done i went back stage and the director was like you really need to learn your lines. after she said that i woke up to stop the madness. wow what do you think my dream means?

i think it means im nervous to try out for the play or musical my school is doing.im actually really nervous. considering i've never tried out for anything.besides lacrosse.well actually im giving up lacrosse for acting if you wanted to know.im so confused about this dream.

i just told people over the summer i want to act. and i've been receiving negative feedback.but please tell me what you think my dream means.

Example: What does my dream about this boy mean?

there's this guy that I've never talked to but I think is really cute and he's been showing up in my dreams. he's talking to a girl but he always looks at me from the field during his lacrosse games when they have a break to see if i came to it because i go to almost all of his games. his mom work with my mom too
what does this mean

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream about someone naked?

what does it mean if you have a dream about a co worker and its the opposite sex and you are already married.
what does it mean?
does it mean the person in the dream is insecure?

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

I had a dream the other night of me and a few un-faced girls. From my understanding, we were on our way to go dress shopping. (First off, that already is odd to me, because I'm the type of girl who hangs out with the guys and doesn't enjoy being around other girls). While walking to wherever we were going, a group of guys were walking in our direction. From what I remember, all but one of the guys had a non-distinguishable face. The only guy who's face I was able to see was this blond haired guy who played lacrosse. (I don't know any guys wish such features). All of the girls were scared to talk to the guys though they clearly wanted to. So I took the initiative, saying "I'll do it for you, you wimps," and greeted the blond guy, in a flirty way, smiling and everything. He smiled back and introduced himself as Alan. Seeing how it wasn't too scary, the rest of the girls picked off their own little guy and did whatever. The rest was blurry, but I remember the girls calling me to go into the RV that we somehow/for some reason had. Alan brought me to the RV to say goodbye and this girl pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, handing it to me. I wrote down my cellphone number and gave it to him. He smiled graciously and put it in his pocket. Before saying goodbye, (after all the rest of the girls were in), Alan hugged me, and we (out of no where) kissed passionately and he grabbed my butt and held me tight and then said goodbye. From then on I believe I went through this whole conversation process with him and met up with him and he showed me all these different things from what I remember, but I don't remember them vividly.

I'm very particular about dreams for me. Most times, when I have weird dreams, (similar to this), they come true or have a significance. It's odd, but real.

For me, I'm like, what the... This is pretty random. It definitely wasn't a sexual dream sorta-thing cause from some of the blurry parts, I remember (bits and pieces) of him telling me how he ran away as a baby and grew up on his own which I barely remember. It's odd. And I was wondering if it'd have any meaning/importance to me. Any ideas/comments?

(I am currently dating a guy who is NOTHING like the guy in my dreams and I'm actually pretty damn happy with my boyfriend)

Example: What's this dream mean -- playing a sport...?

I played lacrosse in college a bit, but was a walk-on with little previous experience. I did pick up enough of the sport to start a good number of times. Anyway, I had a dream that I was my age now, 40, and on some lousy team where most of the players were younger. I hadn't started and they didn't have much faith in me. During a practice, the team was trying to find a scorer. Eventually, as all the players were resigned about my (they thought lack of) ability, I get the ball and am shooting on goal. At first, everyone groans that I have trouble picking up the ball and cradling it. But, once I get the ball in my stick's netting, I'm making tremendous shots on goal and everyone is amazed. The consensus is, if I just pick up a couple of basic stick-handling techniques, I could be the team's star scorer. What the heck does this mean?

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