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Dream About Lace meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

If you get uncomfortable reading things about intercourse. I dont suggest reading on.~
Ok so it was last night we were outside it was bright out and we were in someones backyard and it was me and my crush having sex (and not regular sex) it was GREAT sex very deep gentle etc. But we were surrounded by people but we didnt care... And they were all dressed in nice summer attire like something you would wear to like a classy summer tea party, and I was in a black lace bra and underwear, and he was wearing nothing.

Well as far as I know to dream that you are having sex means that you are going to have success and your love life is good..the black as a color in dreams is that you are going to have dangers in your life, but you are going to get rid very fast from your problems! Hope that helped, hugs x

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night where a bunch of my friends and I were in this castle. There was a mean prince, eighteen or so years old, who was very handsome. He was sending us all to the dungeon, but I walked up (in this dream I was older, maybe sixteen-ish) and leaned into him, sort of flirting-like (I never flirt!). He softened instantly and invited myself and another girl into a hot-tub with him, so we went and I was in my one-piece that doesn't look at all good on me, but I had a white tank top with laced bottom on over it. I said, "I don't look good in my bathing suit..." But he thought the lacey white tank top was my bathing suit and he said, "No, darling, you look beautiful." So I got into the hot-tub, and sat down. He slid from where he sat beside the other girl (who was very beautiful, very slim, and very jealous) to beside me.
Then we were transported to my backyard, with a bunch of people I don't even know, and he really liked me and the girl was jealous. So she somehow banished me from the yard, and I was never to see the guy again.

It was an interesting dream... but what could it mean?
Most of the time my dreams relate to real life somehow, but last night it didn't... or did it?

Example: Odd dream what does it mean?

For the last two months I had a dream of a girl roughly 16. Wearing a corset with red laces over her leather like jumper and a red cape with a hoodie over that a black skirt with red highlights at the bottom and has some sort of a item attached to her black belt she has black hair with light red highlights and silver eyesight have dreams about me and her falling in love with her . she is honest , bravest And a helpful person I can imagine .she has rosey cheeks and a good smile :). In the dream we have done so much stuff all the time but I wake up disappointed what do the dream mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

the dream started out at a lunch table at my school. i was sitting there with my guy friend (which is also my crush) and some of my friends. we were both being ignored by them. then the dream switched locations cause me and him were sitting somewhere. then he touched my hand and shyly pulled back. then he touched my hand again but this time he took my hand and laced his fingers with mine. then he pulled me into his arms and started singing to me. and that's when i wake up.

Example: What does it mean to dream of torn lace?

I lifted up a black skirt and some clothes tumbled out of it,a delicate lace top had accidently gone through the wash and a piece had torn off at the back.

I found the missing bit and thought i could place it back on, but when i put it on the garment that piece grew a hole in the middle.

Example: What does this dream mean?

for the past 5 nights i have had this dream.
i am walking down a dirt road, trees closing in around me, it is black out, no light. then a beam from the moon shines down on the road and i see the earth is stained red. then i am pulled into a different dream. i am in the street outside my girlfriend house and a crowd of zombies run around the corner at me and i am running then i am puled again and am in a world on fire. i have broken wings and am wandering in a fog, i come to a girl in a pink lace dress she is on the ground weeping i walk to her and try to ask how she is but she turns and has black eyes then her face is gone, a faceless girl who becomes a Manichean made of straw. then am pulled, i am then in a cage and outside the cage black dogs are snarling and snapping their jaws. then i am in my room. sitting on my bed, and i am cutting my hair off. i look n my mirror and see a dark shadow where i am. i then pick up a scroll and throw it into a wooded area. it explodes and i see people on fire, burning alive. the end, i wake up and go on with my activities.

Example: Anyone know what this means my dream---

My girlfriend was on a web cam an i was watching her she was in a white lace bra and then took it off and atfer that she was just smiling and throwing lots of money in the air it was cool but wasnt like a sex dream, any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm not into anyone as far as I know at the moment, but one of my friends (I'm a girl, he's a boy) appeared in my dream last night. We're not that close, which is surprising as in my dream he was hugging me tenderly then kissed me- with all my friends watching!
What makes it worse is that my girl friend has feelings for him. I couldn't bear to tell her about it. I told one of my other friends and they say I must be subconciously in love with him, but I don't think that's the case. Even though I am slightly attracted him.
On top of this, he might be moving away. It was after receiving this news that I had the dream.
What does this mean? Do I love him?

Example: What does my dream mean?

so one night, i had a dream i was walking down my school hallways in nothing but a laced pink tank top that i no longer own. i didn't have anything else on besides that tank top. thoughout the dream i realized i didnt have naything on but the kids in school didnt seem to notice. what does this dream mean?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm interested to know what, if anything, these dreams mean...

The first one I used to have a lot when I was younger, maybe in my teens. I'm walking up a road with someone, I don't know who and we pass a white house on our right. I remember it having white lace curtains in the living room windows. As we get past the house, we hear music coming from it, and we look back at it, and it is fully lit up with a warm light. We hear people laughing and talking, and we see the sillouettes of people moving about, standing around in groups. As if it were a party. We turn back, walk toward the house, walk up the steps, open the door...when the front door is open...the people are gone, the lights are out (although it isn't dark inside), and the music is gone. We do not go in, but just look around from the doorway. Inside the house, everything is white. White carpeting, fancy white furniture, white walls, possibly a white fireplace with a white screen in front of it, white dining room table and chairs. There is a wide archway between the living room and dining room. Under this large arch, is a white grand piano. There is a white candleabra on it, white picture frames, maybe a little white ceramic box. We see no one in the house, so we close the door, go back down the stairs and walk up the street. As we walk away...the music starts...very softly at first, then loudly again. We turn, and the lights are on again, and the people are back. The dream ends.

I've had this dream on several occasions, although not for many years. Long after having the dreams, I discovered the road in which the dream took place. Everything was identical. The way the road curved before we got to the house, the houses around it...but where the house in my dream had stood...was only an empty lot.

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