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Dream About Labyrinth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

I have a dream where I'm in an old abandoned building and I go through a set of hospital doors and there is nothing in that room. I go through vent shafts and up and down alot of stairs. I'm always by myself but feel as if I'm running away from someone or something.

I have had a lot ot times that dream. And here is the meaning.
The building is likely to be a prison reminding you the high school, because those centers are similar to each other, our brains tend to get the abstract essence of something that bother us and magnifies it.
The dream tries to resemblance a day when you was late to get the classroom or late to finish a test and you were looking for a teacher who talked about giving you another chance, and this created such a n anxiety that would never forget it.

Our subconscious since that days in the past was preparing us to fear loneliness if we weren't fast enough to do our tasks and the mind at the time of dreaming knows that and converts the building into a labyrinth to reproduce our fears in a great extent, trying to prevent us for another situation like a lived in the past, especially when we don´t do our jobs fully, that's why projects that movie once and again.

I'm sure you have some tasks pending to do. By when you do more jobs those annoying dreams fade away. But I must say sometimes are entertained, although not much because of the tachycardia they produce.


Example: What does my dream mean, im scared?

i was dreaming that me & my cousin were in a cemetery/labyrinth. there were skeletons and white bird feathers all over. me & my cousin climbed ladders and kept looking for this certain tomb. i kept pulling my cousin by the hand to hurry her up & for her to keep going since she would occasionally stop and look around. we never did find the tomb.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I always have dreams about secret rooms/places or passageways. I also have a lot of dreams about really weird buildings, huge places that have tons of hallways and ramps and two-way rooms. they kind of remind me of fun houses and lots of times, i'm being chased through those places and trying to hide from whoevers chasing me.

Example: What does it mean when I have a dream about a woman I have a crush on?

I had a dream this morning about a woman I've got a crush on. We're hanging out, and she asks me to go with her to watch her play the cello in a church bell tower (or something ridiculous that I would probably question in real life). So we set off for this church bell tower. Along the way I'm meeting her sister, helping her cross through Indiana Jones style puzzle rooms, etc. She keeps losing me and then calling me to let me know how to catch up, but in the end we just get separated again, and I'm carrying both of our cellphones. The kicker was that within the dream, I "woke up" to a roomful of friends, while I tried to google "What does it mean when I dream about a bad date", or something to that effect.

I'm thinking the church bell tower has something to do with my lack of religion and her (while not being a church-going person, showing some type of identification with faith). I also think that the dream symbolizes her leading me on. I've had similar dreams before about crushes or strange women and I can't say that these crushes turn into meaningful relationships with any consistency. I'm not sure why she's off to play the cello. Maybe it's showing how my dumb self is likely to go with her to the most random thing in the world just to spend some time with her.

All in all, I give the dream 4 out of 5 stars. Tender moments with a cute chick are always a plus in a subdued state. (that's right, I'm a cuddler... wanna fight about it?). Also, I love human mazes. Felt like a combination of the movies Labyrinth, Indiana Jones, and the Eliminator portion of American Gladiators getting to this church bell tower that I never reached. Plus, the wake up bonus dream was pretty cool. The only reason this dream loses a point is because the ending was like the equivalent of "Sorry Mario, your princess is in another castle". I'm an American, but I think this is where I'm supposed to use the word bollocks. Still, definitely worth getting inside my head for this one.

Example: What does it mean to dream of chasing someone through a labyrinth?

It was a very intricate labyrinth and the person was a love interest of mine at a time.

Example: Dream interpretation meaning?

I dreamt of a very handsome man (with wide shoulders) who turned into a white, talking unicorn
that was talking to me. He followed me from my childhood home, to present home.

In reality, when I woke up one of my pets had passed away.

Example: Why do I always dream of labyrinths?

A lot of my dreams involve me finding my way through a labyrinth.
Basically, in these dreams, I'm trying to find the gate to my high school (I graduated), but I get lost instead, & end up somewhere else, usually at another school. So I keep walking around, trying to find my school & I end up in a labyrinth. The labyrinth is silver/grey & looks like the inside of a vent. I can walk straight or go up. When I go up, there's always mannequins there, which I find scary because I've always been creeped out by them. There are also stations with "treats". These stations have money for me to spend on chocolates. These chocolates earn me points. Also, the points go towards blowing up my lantern, that of which (when fully blown up) will get me out of the labyrinth from which I so desperately wish to escape.

So basically, I always dream that I'm in a labyrinth, within which there are video game-like customs. Interpretation? I've had this dream whilst I still attended high school, as well as now that I've graduated.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have had this dream a couple times and I don't understand it.
So basically, I am walking through a labyrinth but the levees on the bushes have fallen so you can sort of see through them. I am trying to follow a shadowy male figure , but whenever I catch up, he disappears and I see him going the other way. I find a hole in the branches big enough for me to climb through but when I do, I get caught up and pushed back.

I would have let this go but I have had it a few times now and want to know what it could mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So in this dream I've had many times is about me in like some kind of labyrinth/maze and I as I walk down it I pass terrifying visions hellish violent disturbing ones me killing my whole family, and I as continue I see more and more and I cant get out. Then theres this woman in all white dress with a veil and for some reason I'm running from her, but she always gets me and I wake up sweating. I wrote a song about this on guitar. It sounded like a good metal song. I seriously don't understand why I would be killing everyone.

Example: What can my dream mean?

So I dream that my house had a horrible past. I dream there was a couple who used to live there along with 2 babies and a toddler. The mom would force the toddler girl to scrape the floor and cruel stuff like that. I found out in my dream that that couple killed both their babies. I dream they were still buried in my basement. I dream about the killing of the babies, they were thrown down a tall height. There was a lot of blood involved. I also dream that my attic was fully decorated with old looking stuff (a rocking chair, teddy bear, kid stuff) and the attic also had like a labyrinth it was really small though. The attic was confusing. I don't know what all this horrible things could mean. I am really scared but I wanna figure out what this could mean. Can anyone help me out?

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