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Dream Examples

Example: Dream mean?

I had a dream? I went to school, and heard some girl and her friend talk to each other in Russian language. I came up to them and asked if they were Russian? But they were to cool for me they were all like did you just say something in Spanish? I got mad because they were so disrespectful. Then time passes and my older brother decides he wants to marry that girl I met in school who was disrespectful and made fun of me. I told my brother all about her and what she did and said. But he still wanted to marry her? That girl had a brother short and a chubby. He was 2 heads shorter than me. Everybody wanted me to marry him but I didn't want to. I ran away to the bathroom and then came back. When they said do you take him to be your husband I said "no" then I explained to him that my heart belongs to someone else and that he will find his true love, but its not me! Then I turn around and I see Samuil he's looking me straight in the eye! What does this dream mean? I know it has a meaning to it!?!?!?

Ok there's a lot of different things going on in this particular dream. It's not organized in a orderly way like most (not all) are. Therefore, I will break the factors up into sections.


The fact that you were able to specify two languages beside your native tongue, which I'm assuming is English, could mean that those languages are significant to you. I don't know your background but it could be a number of things like you are learning one of the languages, you speak them as an addition language, you heard someone in reality speak in one of the languages, you simply have an interest in those languages, or some event occurred in which those languages came into play.

I can't assume many accurate things since I don't know what exactly is going on in your life or what had occurred.

The Two Girls

You noted that the two, possibly, Russian girls were disrespectful to you. This could reflect any bullying that has happened in your life that made you upset.

Another idea is stereotypical that you were exposed to. I'm not putting labels on Russians nor anyone else but some people view Russians as rude and spread that ridiculous assumption. Maybe you picked that up somewhere and subconsciously incorporated into your own dream.

Your Brother

It seems as though your the type that is very watchful of you brother and wants the best for him. You're upset that he's choosing to marry, in your mind, the wrong girl and the fact that you took the initiative to tell him why he shouldn't marry and he still likes her is interesting. That's a conflict point possibly in the relationship with you and your brother.

The Short Boy

The fact that everyone wants you to marry someone that you're not in love with hints possibly to arranged marriages.

You may be unhappy with your love life or not satisfied by it to dream of that kind of situation.

You mentioned a situation that happens to a lot of people in which someone likes them but they don't like that someone back. Totally normal.


I don't know exactly who this person is since you haven't specified but I will make my interpretations.

If "Samuil" is not a real person but imaginary, he could symbolize the future you want for your love life.

If Samuil is a real person it's hinting to the fact that you long for the person you love the most and wish to marry him over the guy everyone else wants for you.


There's a lot of romance- like things in this dream but it sounds as though you're not happy with situations in your life involving love, family, and also school life. The dream has many negative aspects about it so I would say there is some conflict in your life somewhere.

The dream is more significant and you should pay more attention to it when you dream the same of variations of that dream so take note of that.

I also recommend keeping a dream journal is you're really interested in this.

Lastly, make sure to induce yourself to have lucid dreams. There are many ways you can do this- just research that online.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So, a couple days ago, I fell asleep in class for 45 minutes, during that nap, I had a dream. Here it is:

I woke up on a bench, in the new york zoo. I was wearing what i wore that day in class too. After sleeping on a bench, I wanted an ice cream cone, i wanted chocolate, all they had was strawberry. I went to the monkeys, and watched them as i ate my strawberry ice cream. for the rest of the dream, i was licking my ice cream and staring at the monkeys. The zoo was crowded, and everyone who walked past me were all wearing pink (hair included), except me, and the monkeys were eating hotdogs.

What does this random dream mean? Sometimes I remember my dreams, sometimes i dont. I happened to remember this one. Does it mean anything/ have any meaning?

Example: What is the meaning behind my dream/nightmare?

I dreamt of doing something normally that I do, looking through my friend's blog for his pictures, but I dreamt that he was posting pictures labelled as the body of a teenage girl. The pictures didn't look like anything but a pile of dirt though. Recently, I also went out around my neighborhood to look for a bunch of different structures such as plants for my biology class. I hope this description doesn't sound weird but what does this dream mean for me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream last night. and i was branded with eaither Psalms 7.13 or 9.13 and i cant remember :/

7.13: He will prepare his deadly weapons and ignite his flaming arrows.

9.13: LORD, have mercy on me. See how I suffer at the hands of those who hate me. Snatch me back from the jaws of death.

What would they mean?

Example: Doctor who dream what mean?

So i had a very slightly doctor who dream, it wasn't mainly doctor who, but let me explain the dream thoroughly

So it started with me my mom and my dad in the Tardis ( they weren't my actual mom and dad but I knew they were in the dream)and i apperently had this disease i didint know what it did but we were trying to cure it, first they gave me pills, withc were labels "BAD" and "GOOD" they were labeld that because one day it was angry(bad) and the next it made my happy(good)and they were in a row in a pack, in the pattern "BAD" "GOOD" "BAD" GOOD" in the backround of the words they had red for bad and green for good, theyc were light bron wand they looked like they were something compressed, i dont know what, after we tried the pills they somehow hooked me up to the tardess(wiresly) and there was a window behind a part of the tardis, witch looked like a lot of clumps of things flowwing through what looked like water and my mom and dad told me they were the nutrents inside of me, me mom and dad then started eating them, also they wernt small, but we started eating them and somehow this was suppost to help i didint feel ill at all throught the whole dream...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I had a dream.. it was rather, off to say the least.
Could you please tell me what it could mean?

I was in my house and i go outside, and there's this kind of old looking minivan with old ish paint like baby blue but soiled and rusted. It drives by, I can see two little gun tips on one window. (like the end of a gun where the bullet comes out)
He reaches the end of my street (it's a dead end) and returns. Then he comes by again one more time but this time he's shooting and 1 bullet gets up in the skin over my shoulder. I felt it like a thump, and then i could feel it lodged in there under the skin..
All the time somehow I was labeling the car and person that shot me as a 'kkk' redneck type.
(by the way, I'm cuban--aka hispanic. and I live in North Carolina.. so I guess that part just depicts that I'm kind of éhh'about people here)
So I wait for my mom to get home, and she's saying they're going to drop two nuclear or idk what kind of bombs to clear some land out.. So I turn the bathroom light off and hide in there (my bathroom's on the middle of my house with no windows)
So we wait for the two bombs to drop just in case there's a malfunction, then my dad comes home and we go to the hospital.
They do it more like a regular checkup.. They checked my weight, ect. Then I see my friend there and I'm talking to her and instead of the doctor getting it out she just pushed it out (lol) and it was done with and it just had the little hole where it came out through. So I hang out with her for a while then go home to find that Joey (this 'Blood' gang member that I know.)
*random information you might need to know: I'm a Crip, I don't like 'Bloods', but I get pretty well along with Joey and his friend Cedric.
Joey got sent to a boot camp, so in my dream he's returning getting off the car and ggoing across the street.
Cedric, another blood 'friend' of mine, is moving into the house next door. I wave and say 'Whats up slob?' but happily.
(slob = derogatory term for Blood)
and he was going to flip me off but my dad was in the yard watching, so he just waves.
Then I show my mom one of the other bullet holes in the wall from when the car drove by..
Then I woke up. ...?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I ask about my dreams a lot, I know. But I'm horrible at trying to figure them out.
I had a dream two nights ago, and it was really weird.
It started off where my mom was driving through the country to take me to school to take me to musical. We passed by a seemingly abandoned old house, and the chimney was smoking more than as if someone had a fire going. We got to school, and I found out that nearly everyone had become addicted to marijuana. Then, we had to go perform the last show, and the lead male didn't show up so everybody was crying. He came at the very end of the show, and it turned out he had amnesia and was in the hospital. I left and we passed by the house again- this time, the chimney was on fire, and we went to a Wal-Mart to call the fire department. I dialed 911, but it ended up being the number to a pizza place, so my mom pointed out a button on my phone labeled 123 and it was actually meant to call for an emergency. We went back to the house and as it turned out it was an apartment building- the address to this building was 9H Stuttgart Lane. The only thing burning was the chimney, and the fire was apparently not spreading. The police came first along with a random lady who was likely a news anchor or something. But when the firemen showed up, the fire had gone out.

I have a feeling this dream may have been triggered by a situation I'm in with a couple friends (described in my previous ask) and the success of musical (which happened over a month ago), if this would help at all.
If you can help, thanks a lot!

Example: What does this dream mean (IMPORTANT!)?

a few days ago, i converted my boyfriend into a tegan and sara fan. even before he liked their music, he had a crush on both, but sara more. i have a HUGE crush on tegan, but i dont act on it like he does and go crazy when he sees sara. he also likes LOTS of female celebrities.
i had a dream that sara was my best friend and we were hanging out in the living room (odd, because that's the name of tegan and sara's songs, and the most sexual i've seen tegan in a video) at my old house and tegan was asleep in my parents bedroom. i do admire sara and have a crush on her as well, but the whole time i kept my cool and just hung out with her. she was really shy and not wanting to talk at first, but eventually opened up. and at one point, she started flirting with me, and laying her head in my lap. then later she left (i dont remember her leaving; it went straight from my living room to the next scene) and my boyfriend and i were looking for her and tegan at what im assuming was a photoshoot. there were tegan and sara doubles/stunt doubles everywhere! i called sara (somehow i knew her number) and she talked to me but i couldnt make out what she said. then i got off the phone with her, and went out the back door of the studio place, to find a lake/river/some type of body of water with a huge deck. in the dream, it felt as if sara and i had a one night stand, minus the fact that we werent sexual and she left with no excuse or reason or anything. the odd thing is my boyfriend knew about her hanging out with me and everything and was okay with it, and comforting. like i said, we didnt do anything, but my reaction to her in the dream was as if she had been dating me and left without a reason.

like i said, my boyfriend is a huge girl-celebrity crush person, and i even dated two girls while i was with him, because he wanted to see girl on girl. (i was fourteen, and i know now that that was stupid. he was my second boyfriend (we were on and off but at the time we had been together about a year) and i was scared if i didnt do what he wanted, he'd leave me. my first boyfriend left without any reason.

what does my dream mean? :/
btw- my first boyfriend's name is nick, and my boyfriend now and in the dream is justin.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that my crush Katie ...asked me if i like girls? ...and i said yes. lately i have been questioning my sexuality because i have i mean ...katie isn't the first girl i have liked...she isn't ...there were 3 girls before her that i liked...but i still am trying to figure my sexuality ...i have been for 6 months so can someone tell me what this means...in the dream we were in the auditorium

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I went to Mexico, they put a label on my shirt, saying "comida" (which I know means food.) they tied me up to a chair and they asked me to count from one to one hundred and twelve in spanish, I did, and every time I said "cuatro" they kicked me.

Yes, I really had this dream!

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