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Dream About Lab Coat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I know this dream means something, but I don't know what. I remember most of it because it was minutes before I woke up in REM sleep.

The dream starts out with me and another guy. I'm dressed up in a lab coat. The other man is wearing a hard hat with an orange suit on (something that construction people would wear). We're walking to some destination (I don't know where) and we have to walk past a train track with an old rail car placed perpendicular to it (refer to the picture). There's also a building, probably a factory, sitting behind it. Once we round the corner of the rail car we find this very small Asian boy sitting on the side of the rail car. What we do next is the thing that scares me...

We reach for some type of aerosol can and a spray paint can. I then tell the other man to open his mouth. He forces the child's mouth open and I start spraying his mouth with the various cans. The boy obviously dislikes this and starts hitting us, effectively doing nothing because he's a child. His face darkens due to the black paint. I say to the child "Now you have to swallow it" (something along those lines). The child regretfully asks "I have to swallow all of this?" then cries as he swallows it. We then walk away to our unknown destination.

Later (probably the next day), we walk past the rail car again. We find the child's body way darker than before (as if we or someone else kept spraying him with the cans over and over again) with skin similar to a dog's. He looked almost just like my dog (boxer dog). He'd been sprayed so much his skin changed and was suffering from the aerosols we've been spraying on him. He then asks for water but I'm not sure if we give it to him or not. It ends there and eventually I awaken. I was very scared and disturbed when I woke up. So what does this mean? Where was I going? Why was I doing this?

Picture (to create a mental imagine of the setting):
I ------- <<< Asian boy on the side of the rail car
I ^
I ^
Old rail car

That's a really interesting dream. Just throwing out some ideas.

The key event in the dream is that you're spraying this child who is begging you not to. From what you've described of the dream, you didn't mention anything of you having a reaction or feeling about it in the dream. I'm guessing it's just something that happened and you continued doing it, while still feeling the terror of the child that you were inflicting it upon. I'm thinking also of how you were wearing a lab coat...sort of detached, commanding, authoritative?

I feel like the assumption I would make is that the me in the dream (doing the spraying) is me, and the child (being sprayed) is also me. Something I'm doing to myself that is oppressive, where I'm forcing or pushing something onto myself, ignoring my own feelings and objections, and being sort of ruthless and callous about it. The other way you might be able to look at this is if you feel like you've done something like this to someone else. I feel like the main way I try to interpret dreams is just to look at what I was feeling or what happened in the dream, and ask, "does the emotion or general situation I had in this dream remind me of anything going on in my life?"

And dreams have a way of beautifully capturing everything in a very vivid way...sort of like movies in which there's a really complicated situation, but you can understand all of the different characters' feelings simultaneously despite things being so confusing. Like, if I were to assume that the dream's about you suppressing or forcing something onto yourself, then the dream is capturing both sides of that...the horror of the child that is being sprayed, but also the feeling (or lack thereof) that you have as the person doing the spraying. And you're sort of seeing the whole thing in panoramic from every side, feeling everything that's happening in that situation, much like watching a movie.

Example: What does this mean in my dream?

So I took a little nap earlier and I remember me dreaming about how i was staring at these trees at a park and all of a sudden all the trees in the middle just fell down. Then I remember my family and I getting into the car to see the sunset, and i kept telling my dad to go forward but he wouldnt listen to me and instead he started driving sideways. Then as we drove sideways i seen a whole bunch of light colored tombstones, one with my brothers name on it piled on top of another with my friends name on it. I also remember as I got out the car, i was in a flee market my dad put money into a donation box and i went to ask a lady in a white lab coat about why the tree's fell. then i woke up. What could any of this mean? Would it have something to do with college? I plan on being a biomedical engineering so im guessing thats why i seen the lab woat... idk please help

Example: Dream Interpretation: Dogs, Cloning and being chased by men in white lab coats?

My husband and I have been talking about getting another dog.. an english mastiff puppy, when we buy our new home in a few months.. idk if thats important or not. I haven't had a dream (that I remembered) in a very long time.. so I thought maybe (since I remembered this one) it had some meaning.

I can't remember a lot of the dream.. but this is what I remember:

A stranger and I were being chased by a group of people in white lab coats (I think they were some kind of organization). For most of the dream, it was just me and this person running down the streets (at night), trying to hide from them.

Suddenly, my 8yr old female pitbull (Chloe) was beside us.. and I felt really sad (I don't know why). The stranger and I had a mini-conversation (tho I don't remember it) but I remember saying "We have to clone her!" and than magically, there was like 4 newborn puppies in my arms, none of their eyes were open.. and one was Chloe (only she had a big heart shaped spot on her side. in reality, she has a tiny heart shaped spot on her neck). I felt I needed to protect all of the puppies from those people.. than came more running, hiding and trying to hang on to the puppies.

At one point, I (the stranger was gone) was surrounded by 3 very angry pitbulls, growling at me. They were circling me. My dog Chloe (the adult version) started running around them and biting at them. I screamed for her to run away, but she didn't. Than her and the 3 other dogs ran off, and I knew she was dead.

Later on, I lost 2 of the puppies to the men in white lab coats. Than towards the end of the dream.. I lost Chloe (the puppy) and another puppy (which I THINK was a mastiff puppy.). I left them in a room, to keep them safe from the men and was going to go back to get them.. but I couldn't remember what building they were in. I felt totally helpless and lost..

Than I woke up.. to see Chloe sprawled out on the bed between my husband and I (lol).

Does this mean anything? Or was it just a silly dream?

Example: My friend had this dream?

she had this dream that her mom and sister were kidnapped by flying pigs in lab coats. LOL she wants to know what this means

Example: Dream meaning...This was a weird dream?

I was walking through a lab with a white coat on and I had the appropriate protection..gloves etc...Vials of blood and needles were all around and one vial exploded and somehow the blood got in my mouth. Even though I followed all the lab safety guidelines! Oh my gosh it was awful..then I woke up. What was that all about? Intelligent answers please. I know its a weird dream but...I cant seem to get it out of my head. Scary!

Example: What do these bathroom dreams mean?

Dream 1 - I had to be somewhere important but was not dressed right for the occasion but fortunately had a big shopping bag with changing clothes and makeup. I entered a woman's public bathroom at a park to quickly change. I was wearing dark brown skinny pants, brown socks and shoes with a short sleeved top I thought was inappropriate but had a long sleeved top to change into and decided to keep the rest on when I saw in the mirror it looked good.

There was a long wait to use the stalls where I needed to go into to change. There were 4 lines side by side and the turns were going not front to back from each line but from the right side to the left row by row. Towards the middle of one of the lines was President Obama. I was in the first row so got to be one of the first to enter the stalls. I got the biggest corner stall which had an adjacent attached stall so a lot of room and a lot of mirrors, was great. As I was about to change I saw that there were two openings, one of which had a lady sitting in front of a monitor from an adjacent stall, so I tried to place my bag to conceal the hole for privacy. I was moving VERY slow and couldn't change my clothes quickly for some reason. I could see others coming and going from the other stalls and was afraid I was keeping the President waiting and he'd be upset to see I was still in my stall. I started doing my makeup, I used blue eyeshadow which I never use in real life but my eyeshadow was done in very dark brown so I was trying to apply the blue over it. Everything was keeping me up and taking a long time!

Dream 2 (dreamt after dream 1)
I was in line to use another bathroom. There were 2 stalls. The one I was assigned to had a man standing a foot in front of the toilet and to the right. I forgot what his job was, but he was in a white lab coat and I was supposed to ignore him while I used the bathroom. At first I closed the door and didn't enter when I saw him there, then I thought that would be rude and I might not be given another opportunity to use the bathroom, so I went back in to use the bathroom but don't remember if I did or not...

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was in some futuristic city, except there were no people around. I was in some underground maze picking things up, when some mutated humanoid freaks started chasing after me. I found a motorcycle and rode it onto the highway outside and I went to rendezvous with this girl and an old man in a parking lot to kill some monster. They gave me a gun and we went to go search for it. Then I saw it standing behind them and we all started running for it. The other two climbed up a ladder into a vent and I tried climbing in after them, but I couldn't fit because I was wearing a huge backpack that got stuck. When the monster was right behind me, I had one of those moments where I'm about to wake up because I'm freaking out, but instead some bipedal horse robot jumped in to fight the monster. The robot got beat down and broke, and there was a cat inside controlling it. Then the monster turned into a dog and these scientist guys in lab coats started showing up. I don't remember ever having a dream like this. What does it mean?

Example: What did my dream mean ?

First, I want to be a doctor when I grown up. Anyway, twice I have drempt that I was on a graduation-like stage, grown up, in a lab coat. Then, this lady who looks just like my pediatrician leads me off of the stage and opens the door to a dark blue modern- Corvette. The thing is, I'm not crazy about Corvettes. Why did I dream this twice ? Does it mean she will be an important part of my college academics? She has gotten a position as a proffesor at Ohio State U.

Example: What could this dream have meant?

Do you guys know how dreams have meanings? Well, I had this nightmare that is seriously scaring me. I remember parts of it, it was like an old film. I was laying in an old hospital bed, I looked over to the right, and there were two dead girls in two separate beds. I looked forward, and there was a doctor. I couldn't make out any features. All I could see was the back of his head, which was pitch black, and the white lab coat. In my hands were a vial with a mysterious clear liquid in it and a key. On the table left of me, was an empty syringe. I grabbed the syringe, and filled It up with the strange liquid. When the doctor came up to me, I stabbed him in the neck. I couldn't hear him screaming, and actually I couldn't hear anything at all. I ran outside which led to a garden. And even though I was asleep I could actually smell this. In the plants, was a dead male with purplish hair, and I could smell his decaying body. I ran to a gate where I saw another dead male body hanging by his feet. He was covered in blood and looked like he had been beaten by something. And the last thing I could remember was seeing a third dead male with a weird contraption on his head and neck. I couldn't tell if they were alive or not. Then, I woke up.

Example: Weirdest dream EVER! help; wat does it mean?

more of the end:
"you will not let anything in this building make you go crazy, understand?" and i like nod or whatever and shes like "ok you are free of the trance but still fallow that order once i snap" and she snaps, and i dont go crazy from the panther-thing's bite, like i should have.
we all [me dee abri] meet up at liike 3 in the morning and are like lets go! and so we run outside and abri hotwires the car and i drive to get us out of there and right when we've gotten out of the ranch-estate-area-thing [like uk wat i mean] than were like good we're safe, and all of a sudden a huge truck shows up behind us and honks at us and we know its then and abri is just like "we're dead."
and then i woke up.

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