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Dream Examples

Example: In a dream what does a b l o w j o b mean?

In a dream what does a B ll o w j o b mean?

this is how the dream went: My boyfriend and i were at his house and i turn aroung and ask him that i want to give him a b l o w j ob, he first says no but i kinda convince him to it than he says alright just do it and i give him ablow job what does that mean in a dream.

Was the word spelt out in the dream or said? If it was said it means what it means you should follow your dream. if it was spelled out in the dream dont do it. it's an omen.

Example: What could my strange dream mean?

ok so i had a dream a few nights before that i had killed some people and hid the gun in a shoebox on my computer...its probably easier not to ask :L

a few nights ago (after the dream above) i had a dream that my mum and older sister (from scotland) came home and i was making loads of pasta then because i had cooked pasta my mum started moaning then my sister was cleaning and i had to explain the gun to her then my mum started going off on one at me and came upstairs yelling at me so i hid the gun in the back of my trousers and told my sister to keep quiet my mum stood infront of me and continued yelling at me and then the gun appeared in her hand and she shot me!
does anyone know what this dream could mean?
i have been having loads of weird dreams recently which has caused my sleeping to get bad again.
anyone know how to stop them or what they could mean?
Many thanks.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I had a strange dream, I was sitting eating dinner, and i looked out a window on top of my door and saw an extremely tall pink rabbit, with dark Blue eyeshadow. No one else could see it because they were in two different parts of my house and i was in the middle. My mom suddenly said "I will open the door and slam it so it will fall down!" But she didnt. It opened the door and we shrunk. We ran into a cabnet and hid. but it opened the cabnet and peered in and then I woke up. What does my dream mean?

Example: Meaning of 'LOVE' is : L= lake of sorrow, O= ocean of tears, V= valley of dreams, E= end of life. is it true

Example: What the heck could this dream mean?

I will do the best I can to explain this.

My ex-wife came to pick up my daughter, after she gets her I am walking to my car that wasn't there. So I was walking to the train and saw some people fishing. as I walked over to them, someone was casting their line and caught my thumb, I screamed and as i pulled the hook out, half my thumb fell off. I put it in my pocket and said I needed a ride to the hospital, but as we were going to the car to get to the hospital, we ended up in a mall. I was showing my thumb to alot of people and I was asking them something (I don't know what I was asking them)
From there I was leaving a go go bar through the back entrance, there was a boat ramp and i had my boat there. While I was leaving, someone told me that one of the dancers (who I used to date in real life) had killed one of my kids.
So now I still have half my thumb in my pocket and I am looking for this dancer to hurt her.

Thats about it the best I can do to put it into words

Any thoughts as to what this could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

when i was 14-15 i was friends with this girl in high school (not close friends) we were both in 9th grade and it was a long time ago, i developed feelings for her, it goes from a crush to passionate feelings (i did not under stand at the time) we were friendly and on ocasion we saw each other out of coinsidence at a party or shed invite me to her play at school or something, it was ok plus i was in her lunch and a class too. any ways things went bad because her dad dint quite like me and alot of bad incidents happened. and me n her find our selfs on opposite sides of a court room about a year after meeting her.(due to her dad) no abuse or sexual crap happened mind u so dont think im a predator or sumthing. any ways we parted ways years ago and no contact was allowed by her father at all for sometime. even when the rule was taken out we still never had contact and moved on with our lives. i forgot about her for sometime and im in college doing my thing, but almost five years later shes in my dreams again, not romanticly but its like we meet for the again for the first time in a long time and i apologize for what happened, and we end up talking n stuff, and this dream has been going on at random a dozen times in diffrent places.
what does it mean? i dont like her cause i dunno her all like that (we were not best or close friends) and when things went sour my feelings for her deminished to the point of non existance. what do these repetetive dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

the other night i had a dream about the boy that i love. It was a sex dream, and it wasn't like any normal sex dreams i've had before. This time I had a dream that it was my first time having sex, instead of it being one of those fantasy type dreams. Can someone tell me what this means? Am i susppose to have sex for the first time with him?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so i had this dream.. (duh) Here's what happened... I was with my dog, Toffe, and i bent down, and snapped his tail off. I screamed. Toffe didnt do anything, and he was not gushing blood. What the hell does this mean? Thanks bunches ! :D

Example: What does my dream mean?

first I had a baby and my friend threw me a shower. and one minute the baby was a girl, then it was a boy. then a woman was accused of murder and I was trying to convince people she did not do it. my neice came and brought me necklaces that light up and I gave them to the men and said it will protect them. then my other neice and her mom came wearing christmas decorations and I said they looked ugly and they said no they don't. Then the lady I babysit for said she had to leave before her kids noticed she was gone and I looked at my niece and shrugged and she shrugged back. then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean...>>>?

I am locked in a room with a television and a VCR...there is a woman dressed like a nurse who keeps playing Barney the Purple Dinosaur episodes over and over and I'm dressed in a green g-string... any significance here ?

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